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Strawberries "Capri" - a high-quality variety from Italian selection

Strawberries "Capri" - a high-quality variety from Italian selection

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Strawberries "Capri" - is one of the newest varieties of repair strawberries neutral daylight, bred by experienced Italian breeders. This variety is successfully cultivated under industrial conditions in Europe, Russia and Ukraine. It was obtained as a result of work on crossing the variety of garden strawberries "CIVRI-30" and the popular hybrid form "R6-R1-26". The description assumes that the variety has the best qualities of the parent pair.

Description and advantages of the variety

Garden strawberries "Capri", or Capri Strawberry, forms mid-sized plants with average leaf thickening. The bushes have erect peduncles, on which a significant amount of pollen is formed. The flowering phase is quite long and characterized by stability.

In the conditions of early spring planting of strawberry bushes, mass harvesting begins in the last decade of June and lasts until mid-November. To obtain the full disclosure of the potential for fruitfulness and the earliest formation of the crop, it is advisable to apply a film cover for strawberry plantings.

The berries are distinguished by their regular conical shape, quite large and very attractive. The average weight of marketable berries reaches 35 g. Achenes are significantly submerged in the pulp, which is covered with a strong shiny skin of bright red color. The berries are evenly colored. They have very tasty, sweet and aromatic pulp.

The value of this variety is continuous fruiting, sufficient frost resistance, high resistance to the most common diseases. The variety compares favorably with good transportability, large and dense berries. In addition to early flowering, a stretched flowering is a definite plus.

Harvested crop is suitable for short-term storage. Berry yield reaches 2 kg from each strawberry bush. The implementation of competent and timely care can significantly increase productivity.

Strawberries "Capri": features of the variety

Landing requirements

The Italian variety of Capri strawberries from the selection of the Consortium of Italian nurseries is easy enough to grow, but you must follow the basic rules of landing:

  • it is best to grow strawberries on slightly acidic soils, and for cultivation, mainly sandy and loamy soil containing nutrients and humus soil are suitable;
  • it is not recommended to use for planting strawberries plots on which crops such as strawberries, raspberries, potatoes or tomatoes were previously grown;
  • ridges in areas where groundwater comes too close to the surface should have a height of up to 40 cm;
  • organic fertilizers are preferably applied for digging the soil in the form of well-rotted humus or high-quality compost;
  • the optimal distance between the strawberry bushes should be approximately 15-20 cm, and the aisles should not be already 30 cm.

When planted correctly, the apical kidney should remain on the surface. Immediately after planting strawberry seedlings on ridges in open ground, the entire area around the plants is necessarily mulched, this will reduce the percentage of moisture evaporation and inhibit the development of weeds.

Care Tips

Care for strawberries of the Capri variety in the spring has significant differences from the events held in the summer or autumn periods:

  • after the snow melts, a careful inspection of strawberry plantings is carried out and, if necessary, old foliage and dried flower stalks are removed;
  • thorough and accurate loosening of the soil around strawberry bushes is carried out with the introduction of nitrogen-containing wood ash;
  • Podkuchivanie bushes gives a good result, in which the upper kidney, or the so-called heart, remains above ground level;
  • as mulch it is allowed to use sawdust, peat or small straw, which will stop the growth of weeds and provide free access of water and fertilizers to the root system of garden strawberries;

  • in the spring, plants with insufficient soil moisture require the most abundant watering;
  • as the main spring top dressing, it is recommended to add about 500 ml of mullein or bird droppings under each strawberry bush;
  • Before the formation of flower buds, it is necessary to carry out preventive treatment of strawberry bushes with a standard solution of copper sulfate.

If care for strawberry planting in the spring was correct and timely, then young bushes go to the flowering phase about a month after rooting. Care for strawberries in the summer consists of regular watering, mulching, weeding ridges and timely harvesting.

Of great importance is the competent care of garden strawberries in the autumn. Experts recommend compulsorily during the preparation of plants for winter pruning strawberry bushes, which contributes to the improvement of strawberries and a smooth transition to the dormant stage. It is optimal to trim plants at a height of at least 10-12 cm from the ground.

Before the onset of severe cold weather, planting should be re-mulched with straw, hay or sawdust with a layer thickness of at least 5 cm. As a more reliable shelter for the winter, you can use spruce branches or modern covering material spandbod.

Gardeners reviews

Owing to the presence of a very large variety of repairing strawberry varieties, gardeners of our country now have the opportunity to make a good choice. However, Italian strawberries of the Capri variety belong to a rare category of berries that almost all gardeners like. According to lovers growing this variety, the berries have a market appearance and have a very regular, beautiful shape.

How to plant strawberries

In addition to good marketability, the collected berries have high transportability. Excellent taste qualities, the presence of very tasty, sweet pulp are also appreciated by Russian gardeners. Drop watering, top dressing, timely processing, multiple removal of peduncles are the key to a good harvest. Thus, a consistently high yield and excellent external data make it possible to cultivate this repairing variety of strawberry, not only for its own consumption, but also for the purpose of marketing.