Features strawberries varieties Gourmand

Features strawberries varieties Gourmand

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Hello! I heard that there is a variety of strawberries Gourmand. I didn’t know about him before, therefore, being an amateur gardener, I immediately became interested. What is this variety? Is Gourmand suitable for breeding for sale? Thanks.

Good day! The Gourmand strawberry variety was bred relatively recently - in 2000. Its creation belongs to G.D. Alexandrova.

This strawberry, like other strawberry varieties, is a very tasty berry. Its distinguishing feature is large fruits, which already in the first season grow to 34 g. In the future, however, it is possible to collect a slightly smaller crop - 14 g each berry, which is also a good application.

As for the cultivation and breeding of this species, this berry is loved among gardeners. Like other strawberry varieties, it requires care. Interestingly, this variety can be grown from seeds, while it is well known that most strawberry propagate mustache.

The author of this variety managed to develop a berry resistant to frost and various diseases. She takes root well in the garden, feels great on neutral soil. Moderate watering will contribute to a very high yield. A species does not degenerate until 10 years in a row, those. unlike most varieties, Gourmand can not be transplanted during this time, and productivity will not decrease.

As for breeding for sale, it is quite suitable for this. In general, the variety is universal: this strawberry can be used for compotes and preserves, as well as eat fresh and frozen. After all, the aroma that spreads in the air when biting Gourmands is unlikely to be compared with anything else.

This means that it is just right to go to the store, acquire seeds and after the end of the season (late summer - early fall) sow them. And in the spring it will already be possible to harvest a good crop.