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Characteristics of fruitful varieties of blueberries

Characteristics of fruitful varieties of blueberries

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The characteristics of blueberry varieties are needed so that every gardener who wants to grow this berry on the site can choose a variety that suits him. Today, American blueberries are considered classic. It can be grown in plots. But in the forests grows exclusively forest blueberries.

All varieties of blueberries are conventionally divided into tall, medium and stunted. Each of these groups, which includes many subspecies, has its own characteristics and needs some care.

Tall Blueberry Varieties

Tall blueberry varieties have long been famous for their large harvest. As a rule, you can collect about 10 kg of berries from one adult bush per season! The fruits are extremely juicy and large in size. And tall blueberries are very sweet, which allows the active use of berries in cooking.

Tall blueberry bushes can reach impressive size with proper care. But unfortunately, they are completely unsuitable for cultivation in regions where winters are frosty and severe, and summers are very rainy and not very warm.

Blueberries: growing and care

Varieties Elliot and Bluecrop

Elliot is considered popular.. Bushes of this kind are of great height. Under favorable conditions, they can reach 2 meters. The branches of this variety are erect, so you do not have to spend a lot of time creating circular supports around the plant.

Eliot variety is distinguished by light blue fruits of medium size. They have a small perianth. Although the berries of this variety are not very large, but they are extremely juicy. An important condition for obtaining a good crop is moderate soil moisture. It is not recommended to water such blueberries too often. Harvest in September and October. Among all tall blueberry varieties, this species is the most frost-resistant.

Most agronomists consider Blucrop to be one of the best varieties of tall blueberries. The fruits taste a little tart, but at the same time quite sweet. Many gourmets appreciate them precisely for these qualities and use them for cooking all kinds of exotic dishes. The variety is characterized by high productivity: even from one small bush per season it is quite realistic to collect about 9 kg of large or medium dense berries.

But most of all, this kind of blueberry is most valued because the bushes can withstand frost, heat, waterlogging and even drought of the soil! They are often grown in regions where the summers are dry and hot, it does not differ in frequent rains, and there are constant problems with water, which makes it impossible to provide garden crops with proper watering. The only thing that this variety of blueberries does not tolerate is a strong overmoistening of the soil. Therefore, it is better not to water the bushes than to overfill. Then the probability of fungal diseases will be minimized.

Variety Spartan

Variety Spartan was bred artificially for a long time - back in 1977. Shrub in height can reach 2 meters or more. The berries grow large, which is so popular with many gardeners. Harvest can begin to be harvested relatively early in July.

One of the main advantages of this variety of blueberries is resistance to many diseases. Especially dangerous are the mummification of berries and the death of branches. But this is not at all scary for the variety of Spartan. The bush is also resistant to other diseases and pests, although there are cases when, with improper care, blueberries begin to hurt.

As for the taste characteristics of the variety, the taste of the berries is sour. Not everyone likes this, but it is these fruits that perfectly quench your thirst. They are considered very useful in medicine, so most nutritionists and other doctors recommend eating fresh Spartan berries of this variety. Besides, the fruits are distinguished by an unusually delicate aroma, which is not characteristic of every variety.

Undersized species of blueberries

Low-growing varieties of blueberries are considered the most popular among summer residents and suitable for growing in constantly changing climatic conditions. Shrubs normally tolerate even frosty winters, and only some species need to be covered with twigs or special garden material for the winter. Consider the most popular varieties of undersized blueberries.

A great variety is Notrland. This blueberry differs from others in that it yields fruits already in mid-July, if the shrub is properly looked after. In height, the bush can reach 1 meter. But it grows quite sprawling, has a huge number of branches. Therefore, care must be taken in advance to subsequently organize circular supports for him.

Harvest from Northland can be obtained very good - about 8 kg of berries in one season. At the same time, the berries have a long shelf life, have a mild sweet taste. This makes the fruits as suitable as possible for the preparation of jams and preserves.

Goldtraube and Bluegold are also considered quite popular undersized varieties of garden blueberries. This is a very frost-resistant variety of shrubs. Such blueberries are often grown even in the northern regions, as plants can easily withstand 35 ° C frost.

The blueberry fruits of these varieties have a sweet and sour pleasant taste and, if stored properly, can remain fresh for a long time. But it is only necessary to collect the berries correctly. Considering the fact that when the fruits ripen, they begin to quickly crumble to the ground, it is necessary to harvest the crops on time.

Berries ripen almost at the same time. It is recommended to collect them from the bushes only by hand, but in no case by a mechanized method. Agricultural experts advise cutting thinning shrubs and pruning semi-sprawling branches as often as possible, so as not to provoke congestion in the fruit. After all, berries grow very abundantly on branches.

Medium-sized varieties

Mid-sized varieties of blueberries are more preferably grown in the northern regions of the country. The fact is that these shrubs are specially bred for harsh climatic conditions. But in warmer areas, such blueberries also grow well and give a good harvest.

Chandler and Darrow varieties are considered popular. The berries in these varieties of blueberries are rather large or medium (a lot here already depends on the conditions for growing). Bushes in height can reach 1.5 meters. Harvest can be harvested from August to October.

The fruits of Chandler and Darrow are greatly appreciated for their dense structure. This allows you to pick berries and not worry too much about the fact that they are crushed or rumpled. Harvest in the collection process, you can immediately safely fold not in a bucket or basket, but in a bag or bag. Even in such conditions, the fruits will be stored whole and fresh for a sufficiently long time.

Darrow is suitable for almost all climatic zones of the country. This variety is quite resistant not only to frost, but also to severe waterlogging of the soil. Darrow is distinguished by large and very dense berries, on which a layer of fruit wax coating is usually visible. Harvest Darrow can safely begin to harvest already in the second half of August. Just at this time, the berries fully ripen and do not have time to ripen.

It should be noted that in the Darrow variety (the Blue Bird variety also has the same feature), the branches are very dense. And if they are not thinned out in a timely manner before flowering begins, small fruits will grow in large numbers on the branches. But it’s better to collect a little less berries, but large or at least medium ones. Then they can be stored longer, and their taste will be much more pleasant.

Patriot is one of the well-known mid-sized varieties. Bushes do not grow very high. A characteristic feature of them is that the branches are slightly raised. The berries are flat in shape and have a rich blue hue, which sometimes fades slightly due to the abundant fruit wax coating.

This plant is also valued for its high degree of resistance to many dangerous diseases, especially fungal ones. The variety also tolerates cold and drought, which allows not to pay too much attention to caring for such blueberries. Patriot in many regions is considered one of the most popular and common varieties.

Blueberry: variety selection

Of course, one can also consider the description of many varieties of blueberries. Indeed, recently such species as Rabbit's eye, Pink Lemonade (pink blueberry) are also gaining popularity. You should know that pink blueberries, Pink Lemonade, and Rabbit's eye are valued for their delicate, not very sweet taste, which is very rarely seen among wild forest berries.

Whatever the crop variety is chosen for growing in the garden, the main thing is to provide the necessary conditions for the development of shrubs and from time to time to carry out preventive pruning and top dressing. Then blueberries will certainly thank you with a delicious and plentiful harvest of berries.