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Why did the tomato turn yellow top leaves

Why did the tomato turn yellow top leaves

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Tell me, please, what happened to the tomato in the open ground? 1 bush has yellowed leaves on top, green below. Is it late blight? Processed Profit Gold 2 times. The rest are all normal.


Delicate leaves burnt in the sun.

Thank you so much

It’s not a bit like a viral mosaic. Gold Profit - from late blight

Thank you very much, but what to do now? It wouldn’t have switched to others, is it my only one, can it tear up with the root?

And this bush that turned yellow, is it yours alone, or is there still such a variety and are they healthy?

There are still such varieties, and it seems that everyone is healthy. There are definitely no yellowing yet)

Pull out and process the earth, it is from thickening. Landing, or were mehan. Damage. It looks like Gray rot, a fungal disease. Switch, Fundazol, Tomato Rescuer.

Thank you very much, I will pull it out tomorrow morning. But this bush is not in a thickened planting, it is the very first, from the edge, it is well ventilated. So all the rest need to be processed?

Only the land where pulled out, if they no longer get sick, it is better in the fall.

Sick plant must be removed.

Thank you very much, I’ll do everything tomorrow