Strawberry varieties "Florina": description and growing technology

Strawberry varieties "Florina": description and growing technology

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The restanting large berry strawberry "Florina", or "Florina", is a relatively new variety that was bred by Dutch breeders. Garden strawberries of this variety adapt well to open ground conditions and are suitable for cultivation in containers, greenhouses and flower pots. "Florina" is a variety with high productivity and a great future.

Grade characteristics

Description of strawberries of the Florina variety was very interested in gardeners in our country. The bushes are medium-sized, compact, quite well leafy. The leaves are light green in color. Peduncles powerful, upright.

The berries are bright red, shiny, large. They have an elongated conical shape. The pulp is of excellent taste and very fragrant. Berries do not fade over time and have good keeping quality, as well as portability. The adult plant "Florina" practically does not form a mustache.

The variety is distinguished by sufficiently large berries with an average weight of 35-40 g, sweet and sour, very gentle and pleasant taste. Strawberry Florina enters fruiting at the same time as other early-ripening varieties and only ends in late autumn. The variety is characterized by a very high resistance to disease and has excellent winter hardiness.

Strawberries: variety selection

Features of planting seedlings

Strawberry refers to berry crops, quite demanding of the growing conditions, so it needs to be planted in certain places. Garden strawberries "Florina" are most often planted with seedlings, which are recommended to be purchased in special nurseries.

When buying strawberry seedlings of the Florina variety, attention should be paid to the quality of the plants. Well-developed and healthy seedlings become a guarantee of a high yield. When planting, plants bloom in the same year, so it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  • strawberry seedlings are planted in early spring, on a cloudy day or in the evening;
  • it is impossible to plant garden strawberries in areas where solanaceous crops were grown before;
  • strawberries are recommended to be planted in well-lit areas where garlic, onions, root crops or legumes were previously grown, and grown in one place for a maximum of four years;

  • in order to successfully grow strawberries on a personal plot and get high yields, the soil should be prepared a month before planting seedlings;
  • strawberry seedlings need to be planted at a distance of up to 30 cm from each other in a single-line or two-line method;
  • you can not deeply close up seedlings of garden strawberries, and the heart of a strawberry outlet should be located on the same level with the soil.

Before planting seedlings of garden strawberries, it is recommended that the plants be kept for several days in a cool place, in wet conditions. Straw seedlings need to be planted in moist soil, carefully spreading the root system of the plant along the planting hole. After planting, warm water is irrigated and the ridges are mulched.

Growing technology

A strawberry variety called Florina is responsive to good, complete care throughout the growing season:

  • in spring, top dressing should be done immediately before the start of active plant growth with organic or special fertilizers for strawberries;
  • It is possible to feed and water garden strawberries at the flowering and berry formation stage only under the root, and before flowering, the bushes should be irrigated several times;
  • during the growing season, you can also feed strawberries with nutritious mixtures prepared independently from grass, or nettle infusion;
  • to obtain a larger berry, the mustache is systematically removed on the plants;
  • strawberry ridges should be weeded regularly and shallow loosening of the soil.

In late autumn, preventive measures against diseases, removal of damaged peduncles and leaves, mulching and sheltering of berry culture bushes during severe frosts are carried out.

Gardeners reviews

Strawberries, or garden strawberries, of the Florina variety do not fade in the hands, and there are very few mustaches on it, and the berries are tasty and fragrant. "Florin" grows on any type of soil, but productivity depends on fertility. Best of all, according to gardeners, this variety grows on light and medium-sized soils with neutral acidity. Experienced gardeners advise in the preparation of the plot for each square meter to add 5-6 kg of organic matter and about 30-35 g of non-chlorine fertilizers.

Strawberry: preparing for planting

Variety "Florina" - this is the best choice for gardeners who personally grow berries in personal plots. Throughout the summer period and in autumn, abundant flowering with bright pink fragrant flowers is observed. Many gardeners grow this variety not only on ridges in greenhouses and open ground, but also in a cache-pot or as a container culture.