When and how many cherry blossoms

When and how many cherry blossoms

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Bird cherry, or Prunuspadus L., is a fairly deciduous tree in our country, less commonly a shrub, from the family Rosaceae. This fruit and decorative culture is unpretentious and becomes a real decoration of the garden. When the bird cherry blossoms, the garden is transformed, and the flowering itself is accompanied by an incomparable aroma.

Botanical features

Cherry blossoming in the garden in recent years is increasingly common. Like other stone fruit crops, bird cherry flowers consist of five sepals and five rose petals. The pollen of a plant, ripening in anthers, at the stage of blooming of flowers consists of many pollen grains. The main advantage of bird cherry is considered to be the extraordinary beauty of the snow-white flowers of this deciduous perennial plant. In fact, the flowers of bird cherry are not white, but completely colorless. All petals are made up of colorless cells and voids that are filled with air. The light of the sun is reflected from the voids, resulting in the effect of snow-white flowering.

As a rule, bird cherry blossoms in the early spring. The flowers have a characteristic and strongly pronounced odor, which can cause an allergy in people prone to allergies. Also, the smell of bird cherry often causes headaches, and in some cases fainting. White cherry flowers late in the day have a strong smell, so the plant is very much in demand as a decorative in home gardening.

Flowers have healing properties. They must be harvested during the mass flowering of decorative berry culture. The average shelf life of correctly collected and prepared raw materials is one year. Using flowers for medicinal purposes, it is very important to strictly observe not only the rules for collecting plant materials, but also the dosage. It should be remembered that the flowers contain amygdalin glycoside, which can break down to glucose and hydrocyanic acid, which is very toxic.

Bird cherry: useful properties

Features and timing of flowering in Siberia, the Urals, in Ukraine

Blooming bird cherry is a real luxury of nature, an explosion of the dizzy aroma of white hanging flower brushes. To activate the flowering process, bird cherry needs a cool temperature, therefore, the timing of flowering bird cherry in central Russia, the Urals and Siberia can vary significantly.

The Ukrainian spring has significant differences from Russian weather conditions, which somewhat shifts the flowering time. In the middle zone, the flowering period lasts from the last decade of April to the first decade of May, depending on climatic conditions in the cultivation region. In the Siberian region, the plant blooms closer to the last decade of spring.

Usually, bird cherry in the suburbs begins to bloom in the early spring. The earliest flowering of bird cherry is observed in early May. The latest flowering occurs in late May. Well-known cases of flowering bird cherry in March or April, as well as a shift in flowering in June.

If this year the flowering was early, then this does not mean that all subsequent years the plant will bloom in the same time. There is no data on how long the flowering period will last. The ornamental culture blooms most abundantly in areas well-lit by sunlight, and fruiting very often depends on weather conditions at the stage of ovary formation.

What is the beneficial and harmful smell of bird cherry

The flowers of bird cherry, although they are small, but very fragrant, they are collected in a decorative kind of brush. A branch of blooming bird cherry indoors can destroy flies and mosquitoes. Bird cherry brushes are widely used for the purpose of aromatizing linen and preventing the appearance of moths. The smell of bird cherry reminding bitter almonds very effectively scares away ticks. The strong smell also repels flies well, that's why very often bird cherry was planted in the front gardens by the window. The flowers of this decorative berry culture are characterized by a huge number of volatile production, which are capable of destroying pathogenic microflora.

In the flowers of bird cherry, in the bark, seeds and foliage, a significant amount of amygdalin glycoside is present. As a result of the breakdown of this glycoside, a toxic substance such as hydrocyanic acid is formed. The aroma is capable of exerting a poisonous effect on almost all living organisms, so a bouquet of bird cherry is not recommended to be placed in residential premises.

Superstition and Signs

In most regions of our country, bird cherry blossoms with the arrival of nightingales. A large number of Old Russian and Slavic signs are associated with bird cherry, the knowledge of which passes from generation to generation:

  • when the bird cherry blossoms, a significant cooling should be expected;
  • if the buds burst, and the flowering is very plentiful and lush, then the summer will be rainy and cold;
  • if bird cherry blooms early and blooms long, a warm summer is expected;
  • the longer the flowering period of bird cherry, the hotter and drier the summer will be;
  • it is preferable to plant potatoes at the stage of mass flowering of bird cherry;
  • if the plant does not fade for a long time, then the yield of any cereal crops will be very rich;
  • the flowering period of bird cherry is the best for sowing wheat and millet;
  • at the stage of active flowering, a wonderful bite of such fish as asp, pike and bream is observed;
  • a plant that has grown from under the foundation of the house promises troubles and troubles in family relationships;
  • if the cattle scratches itself to severe wounds, then a wreath of fresh bird cherry branches with swollen buds or fresh flowers should be worn on the neck of the animal.

How to plant bird cherry

Bird cherry is considered to be not a very good plant for home economics and family well-being. It is for this reason that you need to land it at some distance from home. However, with proper cultivation, bird cherry can become a real decoration of the garden and a storehouse of healthy fruits.