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How to treat the site from pests

How to treat the site from pests

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Hello! I ask experienced gardeners for advice! On our site is full of ants, a bear, aphids, and other pests can not be counted. Soil in the imported area (marshy place, the soil level was raised). I would like to properly cultivate the land in the fall, so that it lives peacefully in the spring. What do you advise? Ready to generously process the entire plot of 10 acres and dig everything under the shovel. Just fall asleep? What to pour for digging?


I listen

I have to deal with ants for a long time, a lot of various means, for example, tobacco dust helps me. From aphids on shrubs to fight is to wash in the autumn and early spring with some kind of wintering insect repellent, they’re called so directly) I won’t tell you from the bear, many people plant it by making a rim from a plastic bottle)

from aphids on trees it helps us to make rims with glue from rodents. You make two circles right at the bottom, and above the second circle. Ants stick and do not smother aphids. And if aphid appears, I use the tool “Green Soap” I like, it helps a lot)

burn well!

If it were all so simple, I watered and everything was ok))) You won’t be able to do it in one autumn) From the bear, make hunting pits in the fall and spring. In spring, you can put a tin or just near the moves, the bear comes out to bask here, then you catch it.

and into the soup!

well, it’s better for the fishermen, and let them catch catfish

But how exactly does tobacco dust help from ants? What to do? Pour into an anthill? Or everywhere?

I dig out the anthill and roll it in, I see the tracks in it too

I see ... I have the whole garden in the ants. I don’t even know where they are ... Everywhere !!! But I’ll also take note of this method 🙂

Well, yes, to launch such a beauty into the water, the fish themselves out of the pond out of fear