Characteristics of the tomato variety Honey heart, its yield

Characteristics of the tomato variety Honey heart, its yield

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The new work of Siberian breeders - the Honey Heart tomato - will delight lovers of yellow tomatoes. It is not at all necessary to wait for summer: a compact plant can grow and bear fruit on a loggia in a beautiful flowerpot.

Description of the hybrid Honey heart

Honey Heart is a first generation hybrid. Bushes are compact, low (maximum height 70 cm, height may be lower). According to the ripening period, the hybrid is included in the group of early tomatoes - Honey heart enters the fruiting season 90 (95) days from germination.

The F1 hybrid shows good performance. More than 8 kg of fruits (8.5 kg / m²) are harvested from a unit of area (1 m²). In the south, a hybrid of the determinant type grows well in open ground, in temperate climates it is recommended to grow it in a greenhouse or in a container, lead in one stem.

The fruits are not large, round, elongated heart-shaped. The tip of the fruit is not sharp, smoothed. The color of the skin and pulp of ripe fruits ranges from a delicate yellow shade to a brighter, yellow-orange color. Average weight - 120 - 140 g.

The characteristics of the composition of the pulp will delight lovers of diets and healthy eating. In summer, the yellow Honey Heart fruits will become the main source of beta-carotene. For the high content of sugars in the pulp and the sweet taste, yellow-orange tomatoes are loved by children.

The fruits can be removed from the bush unripe - tomatoes ripen perfectly in boxes, accumulate the required amount of sugars. The fruits are stored for a long time, eaten fresh, and healthy juice is prepared.

The main valuable qualities of the hybrid

Description of the variety, the main advantages, disadvantages are summarized in the table.

High yield declaredNeeds high fertility soil
Good taste rating
Beneficial pulp composition with a high percentage of beta-carotene and healthy sugars
Immunity to pests, diseases of tomatoes
The bushes are easy to care for, you can do without pinching the stepsons and forming a bush

Growing features

The timing of planting seeds for seedlings is extended due to the early maturity of the variety: tomatoes can be sown from early March to early April.

Before sowing, the seeds must be treated against diseases and pests with a solution of potassium permanganate, and the soil must be treated with it. When sowing seeds into the substrate, do not embed them deeply. A 1.5 cm layer of soil is enough. It is necessary to pinch the seedlings of the Honey Heart, when it reaches 5 - 7 cm and two leaves appear. Seedlings respond well to fertilizing with fertilizers containing magnesium and potassium.

Disembarkation at a permanent place is made from mid-May to the first ten days of June. The soil must be fertilized with organic matter and mineral fertilizers. Adhere to a planting scheme of 40 by 70 cm. In the summer, tomato care is standard. The peculiarity of the variety is that the stepsons can not be removed.

Diseases and pests

Tomatoes show good resistance to late blight, all types of root rot, tobacco mosaic virus.

Presowing seed treatment for the health of tomato bushes is enough. In extreme weather conditions (heat, prolonged bad weather), the bushes are treated with phytosporin or another low-toxic fungicide.

Reviews of summer residents

Olga, Moscow region:

“I have been planting Honey Heart in my dacha for several years. The care is simple, the taste suits, most of the tomatoes are eaten in salads, some are used for juice for summer use. Weighed the fruits - all in the region of 70 g. The bushes are about 60 cm high. I put the support, the stems are not very thick, I tie the branches. "

Tomatoes for novice gardeners - this is how you can characterize the Honey Heart hybrid, unpretentious in care. For those who do not have a summer cottage, Honey Heart is a real find, it can be grown in an apartment as a container culture.

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