Composition of compound feed for quails and how to feed them, how to do it yourself

Composition of compound feed for quails and how to feed them, how to do it yourself

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Poultry farmers pay great attention to the nutrition of the winged livestock on farms. The mixtures, made taking into account the needs of birds in minerals and vitamins, affect the performance indicators. Therefore, increased requirements are imposed on the composition of compound feed for quails. Adults and chicks require different ingredients for proper development.

Advantages and disadvantages of compound feed

The basis of the compound feed is grain, in which nutrients are added.

Ready-made kits have their pros and cons.

Complete sets of products do not require additional preparation steps, which saves time

Convenient to store and give out to birds

Quails receive a balanced diet, which leads to the rapid achievement of planned performance indicators

Easy to control the daily rate

High price

The shelf life of compound feed does not exceed 3 months

The advantages of the finished compound feed outweigh the disadvantages, such as the short shelf life and the cost of the product.

The composition of the product

Manufacturers include all the elements necessary for growth in food products for quails.


Proteins are the most important component of compound feed. Depending on age, quails require a different amount of substance:

  1. For normal development in the first month of life, chicks consume foods, the protein content of which is at least a quarter of the total amount of useful components.
  2. The next 14 days, the amount of protein is reduced to 17-24%.
  3. In a mixture of adult quails, 16% of proteins are added.
  4. 21% is the calculated limit for hens.

Agronomists calculated that such a distribution of the substance is most optimal for the bird at different periods of life.


The motor activity of quails is influenced by carbohydrates. Cereals are the main suppliers of energy reserves. Cereals such as wheat and barley are usually included in ready-made mixtures. The composition is also supplemented with millet or corn.

Oats are used in mixed feed in small quantities, especially unprocessed ones. The shell is dangerous for chicks. The gastrointestinal tract of young animals is not adapted to the processing of solids. Such a product can block the esophagus and kill the bird.

Other nutritional supplements

Useful amino acids, as well as minerals and vitamins, are included in compound feed to ensure rapid growth of poultry and prevent the occurrence of diseases. A deficiency of some elements leads to a malfunction of metabolic processes in the body. Popular supplements:

  1. The need for vitamins E and B is provided by sunflower seed meal and cake.
  2. Yeast, salt and green food will serve as a source of various nutrients.
  3. Flour (bone or fish) as an additional protein supplier.
  4. Calcium is supplied by chalk and powdered shell rock.

Chicks are often given dry skim milk. Other useful types of mineral supplements:

  1. Pre-crushed shells.
  2. Ash.
  3. Calcium preparations.
  4. Sprouted cereals - in winter.

To maximize the benefits, feed is provided strictly on schedule.

Industrial type of compound feed

Ready mixes are especially common among novice poultry breeders. Manufacturers have provided different sets for young stock and quails that have reached puberty. At different ages, mixtures with the PC marking are used, from 1 to 6.

For chicks

Self-mixing takes a long time, and dosing errors will affect the growth and health of the chicks. The "Start" line has been developed for young quails. The compound feed takes into account all the needs of an immature organism in nutrients, and for the convenience of babies, the product is crushed.

It is useful for chicks 1 month of life to use cereals 3x3 mm in size, enriched with the necessary additives. Such a diet helps to gain weight and strengthen the immune system. Farmers consider the mix number 5-41 to be the best.

As the quail grows up in ready-made sets, the protein content and the dosage of other elements are adjusted.

For an adult bird

Poultry foods of reproductive age are less nutritious, but contain a lot of ingredients that can help you gain weight faster and keep you healthy. A set of PC 1-24 is considered universal for laying hens. The composition is selected in such a way as to strengthen the shell and increase the productivity of producers. For quails of the egg direction, it is also advised to purchase kits marked DK-52, and for meat breeds - DK-53. All types of industrial compound feed are diluted with water before use.

How to make compound feed at home

For feeding quails, experienced farmers prefer to independently select food mixtures. The cost price of do-it-yourself formulations will be lower than that of industrial kits.

Kits are usually based on crops. Seasonal vegetables and fruits are used as additives, different elements are selected. Stages of preparation of products:

  1. The components are cleaned from damage and rot, washed.
  2. Cook for 45 minutes.
  3. The resulting composition is kneaded to a puree consistency.
  4. Eggshells or shell rock are poured over with boiling water, then crushed.

When creating quail sets, it is advised to observe the norm of proteins and carbohydrates for different age groups.

How to give correctly

To feed the chicks for the first time, the food is not placed in the trough, but on the floor or on a brightly colored cloth that will attract the attention of the little ones. In the future, they adhere to the recommendations:

  1. Give the quail food at room temperature.
  2. The first 7 days, food is divided into 5 parts every day, gradually transferred to a 3-time diet.
  3. The remains of products from the trough are removed after 2 hours.

It is also important to monitor the purity of the water. For disinfection, quails are soldered with a solution of potassium permanganate of low concentration.

Each farmer independently chooses the type of compound feed for quails. Poultry farmers are advised to combine factory and homemade mixtures. It is better to use industrial kits for feeding chicks. The volume of feed is small, but the composition contains vital elements in the correct dosage. Adult birds will more easily tolerate deviations from the norm.

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