TOP 12 simple recipes for winter preparations without sugar for diabetics

TOP 12 simple recipes for winter preparations without sugar for diabetics

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If sugar is prohibited, then this does not mean at all that you cannot eat canned food. There are many recipes with sweeteners or no sweets at all. And preparations for the winter without sugar for diabetics may well be used by those who suffer from obesity and simply monitor their weight. Who said canning should always be sweet or sweetened? Today, there are many ways to preserve foods using other preservatives.

Features of preparations for the winter for diabetics

Homemade vegetables and fruits without added sugar are popular among diabetics. Such preservation is definitely not harmful, and there are several cooking methods. Diabetic blanks have their own characteristics and different methods, let's name the main ones:

  1. Freezing. Retains a maximum of vitamins and is suitable for laying vegetables and fruits with virtually no restrictions.
  2. Drying. Greens and fruits are usually dried, but some vegetables also need to be dried.
  3. Preservation without sugar in its own juice. A simple way to prepare fruits and berries by simple sterilization.
  4. Cooking puréed fruits and berries, vegetables without sugar with heat treatment.
  5. Use in the preparation of sweeteners.

How to replace sugar?

Sugar substitutes are actually enough to avoid making the life of a diabetic a restrained flour. The most common sweeteners are sorbitol, xylitol, there is also a thickener for diabetic jam "Sladis". All of them allow you to make delicious and sweet preparations. You can make jams, preserves, compotes with them.

Of particular note is the natural stevia substitute. It is also called honey grass, while it is not only sweet and replaces the forbidden sugar, but also healthy.

It is recommended to use it in jam even for healthy people and those who want to lose weight, because stevia has no calories at all, although it is 300 times sweeter than sugar. The only thing to remember when using stevia is that it has no caramelizing property. In other words, it does not give the jam thickness, it will be more liquid than usual.

Canning recipes without sugar

Now there are several recipes for preparing tasty and harmless preparations for diabetics with and without substitutes. All recipes involve high-quality processing of containers - sterilization of lids and cans.

Pickled cucumbers and tomatoes with stevia

In one jar, you can simultaneously pickle tomatoes and cucumbers, it is both tasty and convenient. It is also important that there is no acetic acid in this workpiece.

For preservation, you can use stevia extract, but it is more convenient to use ready-made pharmaceutical tablets with this plant.


  • fresh cucumbers;
  • fresh tomatoes;
  • greens - dill, parsley, you can add tarragon, other greens if desired;
  • a few cloves of garlic;
  • currant leaves;
  • for the preparation of the marinade for 1 liter of water 1 tbsp. l. salt, the same amount of lemon juice and 3 stevia tablets.


  1. The consumption of vegetables depends on the number of cans. Typically, a 3 liter jar can hold 1.5 kg of vegetables, although the packing density may vary.
  2. Put currant leaves, vegetables in a jar, do not forget the sprigs of herbs and garlic.
  3. Pour with boiling marinade and leave the contents of the jar to warm up for 10 minutes.
  4. Drain the marinade and immediately boil it again. Immediately pour into the jar and roll up immediately. Such preservation is stored in a refrigerator or cellar.

Strawberry compote

Strawberry compote is prepared with stevia. Here's what you need for a liter jar:

  • Strawberry;
  • stevia syrup (prepared in advance at the rate of 50 g of herb infusion per 0.25 l of water).

We do this:

  1. Put the washed and dried berries in a liter jar to the brim.
  2. Prepare syrup by combining stevia infusion with water. Pour it into a jar and sterilize for a quarter of an hour.
  3. Roll up the lid and leave to cool.

By the same principle, you can prepare compotes with other berries and fruits. For example, with apricots (infusion of stevia is taken 30 g), with pears and cherries (15 g), with apples and plums (20 g).

Dessert "Fruit in its own juice"

A very useful vitamin product, which is prepared by the old folk method of sterilization in a jar with the addition of berries. The only drawback of such a spin is that the berries, being sterilized, lose their original appearance and color.

You will need:

  • apples,
  • apricots,
  • cherry,
  • raspberries,
  • plums.

The essence of the preparation is as follows:

  1. Put some berries and chopped fruits in a jar and splash a little with boiled water. Place in a pot of hot water with a cloth under the jar.
  2. As it warms up, the fruit or berries will sink, you need to add new ones until the jar is full to the brim.
  3. Sterilize the jar for a quarter of an hour, then carefully remove it without opening it and roll it up.

Blackcurrant and apple jam

The preparation is completely sugar-free, and for those for whom it is not contraindicated, you can add it to the ready-made jam afterwards.

Would need:

  • 0.5 kg of currant, peeled from twigs;
  • a couple of large apples;
  • 1 glass of apple or currant juice;
  • for flavoring a sprig of mint.

Everything is prepared simply:

  1. Peel the apples from seed pods, you can also remove the skin, but it is better to leave it - it contains pectin, which contributes to the thickening of the product.
  2. Put the apples in a saucepan, pour out the juice and let it boil.
  3. After boiling the apples for 10 minutes, put the berry and let it simmer again over low heat for another quarter of an hour.
  4. Put sprigs of mint in a saucepan and hold there for five minutes. Remove mint.
  5. Pour jam into prepared jars and cover with lids. To be sure, transfer them to a weak water bath for five minutes. Twist.

Folk recipe with viburnum

The simplest folk way of harvesting viburnum without sugar for the winter is the sterilization method. This is done like this:

  1. Put the berries freed from brushes in clean glass jars.
  2. Shake the jar well to tamp the viburnum.
  3. We put on sterilization on low heat.
  4. The berries themselves are juicy enough to give juice when heated. They will gradually settle in it, and then you need to add new ones. A fully filled jar must be closed with lids, but not twisted and kept in the bath for an hour. After that, it can be sealed and stored in any cool room.

Jam without added sugar or sweeteners

Any jam can be cooked without sugar. It's just that the role of a thickener will not be sugar caramelization, but simple evaporation of the liquid, that is, thickening of the juice. And here's how it works in practice:

  1. We take any berry or fruit. Let it be, for example, plums.
  2. Put the halved and pitted plums in a non-stick saucepan. We cover with a lid and turn on the minimum heating.
  3. As soon as the juice goes, open the lid and boil the fruit. To thicken the jam without sugar, we use the multiple boiling method. Cool down - again on fire, boil and turn off again. So until the mass thickens and begins to move away from the walls of the pan.
  4. Is it done? Then we put it in the banks and roll it up.

Cherry jam

When preparing this jam, any substitute is used, in this case the consumption of the steviazide sweetener is given. Would need:

  • 600 g of cherries (you can even use frozen cherries, there is no difference);
  • 15 g pectin;
  • 1-2 tablespoons of sweetener (for those who like sweets, take two, usually one is enough);
  • some water.


  1. Put the cherries in a saucepan and add a little, literally a quarter of a glass, water, so that it does not immediately burn, until it gives its juice.
  2. When the cherry juice appears, put the sweetener in there and cook for five minutes.
  3. Sprinkle with pectin. It is better to add pectin little by little, stirring the mass so that no lumps form.
  4. We boil just a little, otherwise the pectin will lose its binding property.
  5. We close the cans and store in the refrigerator.

Sugar-free apricot jam with apples and pears

To make the harvest tasty and sweet, take very sweet, ripe fruits. The number is arbitrary. It is necessary to grind on a food processor and very slowly cook the mass until tender, stirring constantly so that it does not burn. In total, keep on fire for no more than 5 minutes, and then put in jars and roll up.

Sugar-free strawberry jam with honey


  • 1 kg of strawberries, peeled from sepals;
  • 1 kg of liquid honey.


  1. Place strawberries in a saucepan, pour honey over it and put on low heat.
  2. As it boils, turn it off and wait until it cools down.
  3. Bring to a boil again and only then put in jars and seal.

Mandarin Jam

We prepare tangerine jam with fructose. We take:

  • 2 kg of fruit;
  • 200 ml of water;
  • 500 g fructose.


  1. The longest thing here is to clean the tangerine slices of veins and connective fibers. Pour the peeled pulp with water, cook for 40 minutes and beat with a blender until smooth.
  2. Pour in fructose.
  3. Boil to achieve the desired thickness.
  4. Transfer to storage containers, close.

Sugar-free apricot jam in its own juice

  1. Peel a kilogram of apricots, remove the seeds, divide into halves.
  2. Punch with a blender until smooth.
  3. Put on the smallest heat and boil for five minutes.
  4. Put hot jam in jars, close, roll up.

Raspberries in their own juice

  1. Arrange the purest and most ripe raspberries in small jars and put in a saucepan in a water bath. Do not forget to put a napkin under the bottom!
  2. Put on fire, wait for a boil.
  3. While the water is boiling, add the raspberries, which will settle during the cooking process.
  4. Boil everything together for 10 minutes in a water bath and, after taking out the cans, twist.

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