TOP 8 recipes for making walnut jam for the winter

TOP 8 recipes for making walnut jam for the winter

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An exotic delicacy made from walnuts has gained great popularity due to its unusual taste and a number of useful properties. There are many recipes for making walnut jam, which allows you to satisfy any taste wishes.

Secrets of making walnut jam for the winter

To prepare a tasty and healthy treat, you need to take into account the various tricks that experienced chefs resort to. As a rule, it takes a lot of time to cook jam due to the need to remove bitterness from nuts.

Subtleties of product selection

For jam, you need to select large kernels at the stage of waxy maturity. An important selection criterion is the absence of any flaws, including cracks and dents in the shell.

At the beginning of July, walnuts have a middle formed, but the shell remains soft.

If the nut can be easily split with a knife or pierced with a toothpick, then it is suitable for adding to jam. The middle should be firm, but not jelly-like.

How to prepare containers correctly?

Proper preparation of containers helps to ensure the safety of workpieces for a long time. To sterilize cans at home, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  1. The containers are thoroughly washed and checked for chips and other defects. You also need to inspect the condition of the covers - if they are twisting, then it is desirable that they are used for the first time.
  2. For sterilization, the jars are placed upside down on a metal sieve mounted on a pot of water. The water will boil and steam from the inside of the cans. Sterilization takes about 15 minutes, after which you need to put the jars on a clean cloth without turning them over.
  3. An alternative sterilization method is roasting in the oven. The washed containers are placed in the oven and turn on the heating of 160 degrees. You need to heat the jars until they are completely dry.
  4. The screw caps are boiled in water for 10-15 minutes immediately before use. In order not to burn yourself, you should take out the lids with boiled tweezers.
  5. Using containers with glass lids and iron clamps, you can prepare the lids along with the jars, and keep the seals in boiling water.

The benefits and harms of the product

Walnuts have many beneficial properties, so the consumption of delicacies has a positive effect on the state of the human body. The main beneficial properties include the following:

  1. Strengthening the immune system. The product contains particles of iron, zinc and cobalt, so nuts make up for the lack of vitamins, which is especially important in autumn and spring.
  2. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The presence of vitamins A and E in the composition has a beneficial effect on the work of organs and clears blood vessels from cholesterol and toxins.
  3. Improving the functioning of the digestive system. Walnut kernels contain a protein of plant origin, which optimizes the functioning of the intestines and stomach, and also prevents the development of dysbiosis.

You can only face harm from eating walnut jam with excessive use. The product is high in calories, so if you are prone to obesity, you need to correctly calculate the amount of the product. You also need to be careful with chronic inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

How to cook walnut jam at home?

Depending on your taste preferences, you can choose a suitable recipe for making jam. By experimenting with the addition of different ingredients, you can get an unusual taste of the treat.

The classic green nut recipe

The top layer of the peel of immature nucleoli is cut off and the ingredient is poured over with water. The nuts are soaked for three days, changing the water twice a day. Then the nuts are transferred to a soda solution for 3 hours.

Soaked nuts are thoroughly washed and re-poured with water for a day.

The prepared product is placed in boiling water and boiled for 10 minutes, after which it is poured with cold water. Cooking is carried out again after 8-10 hours. The next day, prepare syrup, add nuts to it and cook according to the standard recipe for making jam - mixing 2 kg of sugar and water.

In armenian

When preparing jam in Armenian, you must first soak the nuts in clean water, and then in a mixture of liquid and slaked lime. The soaked product is pierced with an awl and boiled for half an hour, first in water with alum, and then in simple boiling water.

When cooking syrup, in addition to the main ingredient, spices are added inside, packed in a gauze bag.

Then the jam must be cooked until tender - first for 4-5 hours over medium heat, and then, after cooling, until the syrup is thick. At the end of cooking, add citric acid.


To make Bulgarian jam, you need to follow the classic recipe. The difference is the use of cloves and cardamom as additives.

In Ukrainian

The Ukrainian recipe involves the use of young nuts. They are poured in water with citric acid, and then boiled in syrup with the addition of cloves.

With chocolate

The addition of cocoa powder gives the jam a chocolatey flavor. Cocoa is added 15 minutes before the end of cooking, the rest of the steps are done according to the classic recipe.

With citric acid

Citric acid can be added using any of the recipes. The ingredient allows you to make jam with a more delicate consistency.

Lime-free nut jam

Plain baking soda can be used as a substitute for lime. In this case, the soaking period does not change.

Gooseberry recipe

For 60 g of nut kernels, 0.4 kg of gooseberries are used. Nuts are prepared according to a standard recipe, and cuttings and tails are removed from gooseberries and soaked for 2-3 minutes in boiling water. The further recipe is classic.

Terms and conditions of storage

The average shelf life of the jam is 1 year. The treat should be left in the refrigerator or in a dark cool room.

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