Description of the Subarctic tomato variety, its characteristics and cultivation

Description of the Subarctic tomato variety, its characteristics and cultivation

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Summer residents plant early varieties in the plots in order to feast on their favorite vegetable in early summer. These include the "Subarctic" tomato.

Basic ideas about the variety

Several characteristics of the tomato are especially important for the gardener. Because, on their basis, the selection of types of crops for cultivation is made. The description of the "Subarctic" variety will help to facilitate this task. Disclosing in detail all the necessary data.


  • Determinant type of bush.
  • 40-45 cm high.
  • The inflorescence is simple.
  • One plant has 15–25 fruits.
  • Ripens actively on days 82–89.

A tomato:

  • Rounded shape.
  • Weight 40-50 gr.
  • Color: red.
  • Cameras: 3–2 pcs.
  • Density: medium.
  • The taste is ordinary tomato.
  • It is transported perfectly.
  • Lies for a very long time.

Planting and leaving

To grow a tomato of the "Subarctic" variety, you do not need to use any special techniques. Manufacturers and summer residents claim that there is a possibility of growing by direct sowing into the ground.

But it is better to use the seedling method. Sow tomato seeds 2 months in advance. Only the term is calculated for each region separately. Depending on weather conditions.

Seedlings of this variety must be well looked after. The foundation laid will give a solid foundation for the harvest. When 2 real leaves are formed on the tomatoes, they need to dive. This will help avoid curving the stems.

The tomatoes are hardened 10 days before being transferred to a permanent place. The first day is 15–20 minutes in the air and the sun, the last day is up to 8 hours.

When transplanting into the ground, a scheme is calculated so that for 1m2 up to 9 plants were located. There is no need to tie up and tie up. Watered only with warm water, preferably after sunset.

Weeding is necessary to prevent the attacks of pests that parasitize their roots.

Hilling, loosening is needed by the plant to ensure the supply of oxygen to the roots. Tomatoes are fed with organic fertilizers and mineral compounds.

Use in home cooking. Harvest volume

Eat vegetables for any purpose, as they are versatile. Suitable for whole-fruit canning and other winter preparations. Can be used for cooking:

  • Sokov.
  • Sauces.
  • Tomato paste.
  • Ketchupov.

Those who planted them on their site claim that they are suitable for absolutely everything. Tomatoes are especially tasty in fresh salads in summer. When the body especially needs vitamins.

The yield of the variety is 8 kg from 1 m2... If you grow it correctly and perform all the necessary techniques on time, you can slightly increase this indicator.

Disease susceptibility

The variety is especially appreciated for the fact that it has time to ripen even before the widespread development in the area of ​​late blight. For other diseases, preventive treatments are required.

Key advantages of the variety

Particular attention to the variety is caused by the presence of positive properties. On this basis, the selection of species for cultivation is carried out.


  • Fruiting does not depend on adverse conditions.
  • Not susceptible to late blight.
  • Tomatoes lie for a long time and do not spoil. At the same time, they tolerate transportation well.
  • Doesn't require much maintenance.

What summer residents say about the "Subarctic" variety

For specific care and growing tips, visit the tomato websites. Gardeners' reviews contain opinions, recommendations and other useful information.

  • Antonina. He has been working in the garden for a long time. There is a small plot. I grew the variety "Subarctic" and liked its compactness and unpretentiousness. You don't need to shape. The fruits are small and very tasty.
  • Natalia. The crop is planted in a greenhouse. It takes up very little space. A lot went to banks for the winter. If you like the taste, they will plant even more next year.

The very early Subarctic tomatoes are perfect for those who love fresh vegetables.

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