Recommendations for gardeners for 2021 according to the lunar sowing calendar

Recommendations for gardeners for 2021 according to the lunar sowing calendar

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The lunar agricultural sowing calendar for 2021 helps to determine the optimal timing for agricultural activities. The end of winter can be considered the start. First of all, crops are planted for seedlings. Closer to summer, a vegetable garden is planted. Throughout the warm period of the year, agricultural activities are carried out according to the Lunar phases.

The influence of the moon on plants

It is recommended to carry out work in the garden and in the garden, taking into account the influence of the moon on the vegetation. This planet, being in close proximity to us, affects gravity, as well as the movement of water, that is, the ebb and flow. Revolving around the globe, the Moon is moving away, then approaching the Sun, illuminated by it to a greater or lesser extent. Of course, all these processes affect the life of living organisms.

During the month, the Moon has time to go through four phases. In each, only one week is delayed. A new lunar month usually begins with the New Moon. During this period, the Moon is between the Sun and the Earth. In the first phase, the growth of the root system of plants weakens. In the second, the influence of the moon increases, which leads to the intensive development of the aboveground part of the plants. This phase ends with the Full Moon. During this period, the moon shines in full force at night. True, it is located at the maximum distance from the Sun.

Every month until the 15th, the Moon grows, in the second half of the month, on the contrary, it decreases, and at the end it grows again. On a Full Moon, the Earth's satellite is completely illuminated by light, so photosynthesis continues even at night. In the conditional third period, the night illumination gradually decreases. These days, a waning phase begins. The growth of the aboveground part of plants slows down. In the fourth phase, it becomes even darker at night. Accordingly, energy and fluid rush downward.

This feature is usually used when carrying out agricultural work. The fact is that in the growing phase, the aboveground part of the vegetation grows well, and in the decreasing phase, on the contrary, everything that is under the ground develops intensively.

Moon in the signs of the zodiac

The moon passes through all the signs of the zodiac every month. In each it is delayed for 2-3 days. A zodiac sign is a sector of the celestial sphere where the stars are located, forming a specific zodiacal constellation. The celestial bodies and the Moon, which is in their field of vision, affect the vegetation of the globe.

Fertile (positively affecting the leaves in the growing phase) are such signs: Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces. Average fertility (affecting fruits during lunar growth): Sagittarius, Leo, Aries. Infertile (only affects flowers in the growing phase): Gemini, Aquarius, Libra. Affecting the roots and roots only in the declining phase: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

Lunar sowing calendar of the gardener and gardener for 2021

Taking into account the phase of the moon and the passage of this planet according to different signs of the zodiac, you can draw up a calendar of agricultural events. True, when starting sowing or harvesting, first of all, you need to take into account the climatic characteristics of your region. For convenience, the calendar is presented in the form of tables by days of the month, where "Y" is the waning lunar phase, and "P" is the waning lunar phase.

For january

Agricultural action planning table:

Types of jobs1 to 6 (U)7 to 12 (U)13


14 to 21 (P)22 to 27 (P)28




Put the seeds in the coldSow tomatoes for seedlings for the greenhouse,


Planting, transplanting indoor plantsTransplant indoor flowersSow indoor flower seeds
Planting bulbous crops on greensPlanting onions, garlic on herbs
Sowing seeds on leafy greensSow foliage seeds on greens
Garden workRemove snow from branchesThrow snow on the beds

For february

Agricultural activities planning table:

Types of jobs1 ... 4 (U)5 ... 10 (U)11


12 ... 19 (P)20 ... 26 (P)27


Sowing seeds for seedlingsSowing greenhouse crops (tomatoes, peppers) for seedlings
Sowing seeds on greensSowing leafy greenery in a greenhouse
Planting bulbs for green massPlanting bulbs in a greenhouse

on the greens

Planting, transplanting indoor flowersIndoor flower transplantSowing indoor flowers
Garden workRemoving snow from branches

For march

Agricultural activities planning table:

Types of jobs1 ... 6 (U)7 ... 12 (U)13


14 ... 21 (P)22 ... 27 (P)28


Sowing measures for seedlingsSowing early ripening for the greenhouseSowing tomatoes peppers eggplant for the garden (late varieties)
Sowing seeds on greensSowing dill, cilantro, lettuce, parsley for the greenhouse
Planting bulbousPlanting leeks for the garden
Planting, transplanting indoor flowersIndoor flower transplantSowing indoor flowers
Garden and vegetable garden workCleaning snow, branches

For april

Agricultural activities planning table:

Types of jobs1 ... 4 (U)5 ... 11 (U)12


13 ... 20 (P)21 ... 26 (P)27 (Full)28 ... 30 (U)
Sowing measures for seedlingsSowing early ripening seedlings (peppers, tomatoes)Sowing seedlings of cucumbers, zucchini, melons, watermelons
PickingPicking seedlings of tomato pepper eggplant
Sowing annual flowers for seedlingsSowing seedlings of petunias, carnations, asters
Planting bulbous

crops in the ground

Landing on a flower garden of gladioli
Sowing on a bed under a filmOnions, beets, carrots, radishes, garlic, parsley, dill
Transplanting seedlings into a greenhouseTransplanting tomatoes, peppers, eggplant to the greenhouse
Garden and vegetable garden workSanitary pruning of dry twigsTop dressing in the soilPlanting fruit trees, strawberry whiskers

For may

Agricultural action planning table:

Types of jobs1…3




(New moon)

12 ... 19 (P)20 ... 25 (P)26

(Full moon)

27 ... 31 (U)
Sowing seeds in the gardenSowing all vegetable crops

(cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers)

Sowing dill, parsley, peas, beans
Planting bulbs and root vegetables

to the garden

Planting onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots, beetsPlanting potatoes and bulbous crops
Transplanting seedlingsTransplanting grown seedlings (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants) into a greenhouseTransplanting seedlings to the garden
Garden and vegetable garden workDigging and loosening the soilFertilizationTreatment

land and trees

from diseases

Sowing and planting flowersTreatment


from pests

For june

Table of events for the first month of summer:

Types of jobs1 ... 2 (U)3 ... 9 (U)10


11 ... 18 (P)19 ... 23 (P)24


25 ... 30 (U)
Sowing seedsSowing carrots, radishes, beetsReseeding of vegetable crops that did not sproutSowing lettuce, arugula, Peking


Transplanting seedlings into open groundTransplanting tomato, cabbage, pepper seedlings
Removing stepchildren from greenhouse cropsDeleting




in the greenhouse

Work in the gardenLoosening the soil,


Hilling potatoesTreatment






Garden and flower garden workDig in layering for propagationInsect treatmentHay makingDig up the bulbous flowers that have faded

For july

Agricultural activities table:

Types of jobs1 ... 9 (U)10


11 ... 17 (P)18 ... 23 (P)24


25 ... 31 (U)


fruits, berries

Salads, sorrelEarly tomatoes, cucumbers,


Early potatoes
Work in the gardenWeeding



root crops


pest control

Top dressing
Garden workWatering trees in dry weatherTop dressing with potassium and phosphorus,

inoculation by budding

Lawn mowing

For august

Agricultural activities table:

Types of jobs1 ... 7 (U)8


9 ... 15 (P)16 ... 21 (P)22


23 ... 31 (U)


Harvesting potatoes and root cropsCollection of vegetables, fruits, berries
Work in the gardenWatering the soil in dry weather
Garden workInstallation of props to branches with fruitsTransplantation and reproduction of peonies, irises, phlox
SowingSowing siderates

(mustard, rye, phacelia)

in free beds

Sowing perennial bulbs for the winter

For september

Agricultural activities planning table:

Types of jobs1…6



(New moon)






(Full moon)



HarvestDigging out


root crops

Collection of vegetables, berries, fruitsHarvesting late cabbage
Work in the gardenMowing potato topsSowing siderates for fertilizationPlanting winter garlic,

winter sowing of onions, carrots, radishes

Garden workCut off old shoots of remontant raspberriesCut off the stems of flowers that have faded, dig up the bulbs of gladioli, dahlia tubersRemove overgrowthFeed the plants


plant seedlings of fruit trees

For october

Agricultural activities table:

Types of jobs1…5













late cabbage

onions, celery

Harvesting Jerusalem artichoke tubers
Work in the gardenPlanting winter garlicCleaning garbage from the bedsWinter sowing of dill, carrots, radishesDigging the earthFertilization
Garden workPlanting purchased shrub saplingsHarvesting leavesHilling flowers with soil and compostMoisture charging irrigation,


shelters for the winter for trees

On November

Agricultural activities table:

Types of jobs1…4












Sowing seedsWinter sowing of onions, radishes, carrots, parsley
Work in the gardenCleaning the remaining fruit in the bedsMowing green manure and embedding them in the groundDigging a site without breaking lumps of soilPreparation of soil for seedlings
Garden workCleaning leaves, planting tulips, hyacinthsWhitewashing of trunksConstructing shelters for trees and flowers

For december

Agricultural activities table:

Types of jobs1 ... 3 (U)4


5 ... 11 (P)12 ... 18 (P)19


20 ... 31 (U)
Sowing seedsPlant onions on a windowsill on a green featherSowing crops in the garden that require stratification
Work in the gardenPull snow to the place where the winter sowing was carried out
Garden workShovel snow to trees and bushesSowing flowers requiring stratification

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