Instructions for use of the fungicide Benorad and consumption rates

Instructions for use of the fungicide Benorad and consumption rates

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The cultivation of grain, garden, horticultural crops is associated not only with proper care, but also protection from pathogenic microorganisms. Under unfavorable climatic and weather conditions, plants are affected by fungi. Planting material and crops can be protected with the Benorad fungicide.

Composition, purpose and form of release of the fungicide "Benorad"

The one-component preparation consists of the benomyl class of benzimidazoles. A kilogram of the product contains 500 grams of a white crystalline substance with a mild irritating odor.

When benomyl breaks down, it releases the substance butyl zocyanate, known for its fungicidal properties. After processing the plants, the active substance is preserved for a long time without washing off.

The value of the drug is that it is used for:

  • dressing the seeds of conifers to avoid mold growth;
  • processing tubers and bulbs of flowers, indoor and garden;
  • spraying grain crops from diseases caused by the causative agent of gray rot, fusarium, dust smut;
  • treatment of powdery mildew, phomosis of sugar beet.

The drug is produced by the firm "August" in bags of 12 kilograms. The wetting powder is used to prepare the suspension.

The mechanism of action of the agent

Benomil (foundazol) gets inside the cells of the plant. After its transformation into carbendizim, it begins to be active against fungal infections. The fungicide acts on the surface of the leaves, protecting against the spread and growth of spores. Protection is created by the penetration of pathogens into plant tissues.

The main function of the foundation is to suppress the activity of the reproductive system of the pathogen on the growing parts. The effect of the drug does not apply to the new leaves that have appeared.

In addition to fungicidal properties, the main component of "Benorad" suppresses spider mites and melons aphids. The development of the buckwheat leaf beetle stops under the action of the drug. It also affects the spread of nematodes inhabiting the soil.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of using Benorad are that the product:

  • has a systemic effect;
  • heals and protects plants, seeds, tubers;
  • effective against a wide range of diseases;
  • combined with other drugs to enhance the fungicidal effect.

The disadvantage of the drug is that it fights against fungi in those areas that are etched. It does not spread further on new leaves and stems, therefore it is necessary to use the fungicide several times. It should be noted that the drug is highly toxic to humans.

The period of the protective action of the agent

After spraying during the day, the action of the fungicide against pathogens occurs, blocking their growth and reproduction. 3 hours after spraying, the preparation remains on plant parts without being washed off by rain.

Seeds and plants are protected by the basic substance for 7-10 days. The suppression of the activity of pathogenic fungi manifests itself in the first 3 days after spraying.

Possibility of emergence of resistance

If the agent is used constantly, then the resistance to it in pathogens begins to manifest itself significantly. If you replace the drug with a similar one, then the resistance disappears.

Fundazol does not work at all on rusty species of fungi, bacteria. The effectiveness of the agent against the pathogen of downy mildew is low. Are not amenable to the action of benomyl sclerotinia, alternaria.

Preparation of working solution for different plants

The preparation of the working fluid should take place on a separate site. Water is poured into the spray tank. 5 liters of water are poured into a special dish, then the amount of powder is poured into it. After thorough mixing, add water to the desired amount. Pour into a spray bottle and spray the plants.

It is necessary to observe the concentration of the product for different plants. For 10 liters of water, take for:

  • beets - 6-8 grams of powder;
  • wheat, barley, millet - 3-6;
  • cabbage - 15;
  • dressing seeds and tubers - 2.5;
  • berry bushes - 10;
  • flower crops - 10;
  • fruit trees - 10 grams.

The consumption of the drug is different for each culture. Usually for young trees, shrubs, 5 liters of liquid is enough, and for adults - 2 times more.

Instructions for use of the drug

Use a fungicide while watering. The number of treatments differs depending on the crop.

Before planting cabbage, spill the soil with working fluid 1 time, saving it from the keel.

Vegetable plants: cucumbers, tomatoes - processed when signs of powdery mildew, spotting appear up to 4 times. The last procedure is 10 days before harvest.

Preventive measures with grapes, gooseberry bushes, currants should be carried out before flowering. The second time is after picking berries.

As soon as the spots appear on the rose, the bush requires spraying with Benorad. You can completely get rid of the disease with 4 treatments.

When potato tubers are prepared for planting, they are pickled with a chemical solution, a liter for 20 tubers. The amount of funds is taken for breeding in 20 grams.

Gladiolus bulbs are soaked for 3 hours in a solution prepared from 10 grams of pesticide per 2 liters of water.

Safety precautions when using a fungicide

Given the toxicity of the 2nd class drug for humans, you need to work with it only in protective clothing, rubber gloves, a mask, and glasses. It is forbidden to cultivate crops near a river, lake, pond.

They choose such a time for spraying so that there is no summer of bees: morning or evening, and the wind speed is within 3-4 meters per second. The distance to the nearest apiary should be 2 kilometers.

When a person is poisoned with a drug, an ambulance team is urgently called. Only systematic treatment will save the patient.

Compatibility with other products

"Benorad" is used in tank mixtures with other pesticides and fungicides. It is combined with mineral fertilizers, which are used for foliar feeding.

The effect of the drug is increased if it is mixed with products based on triazole and mancozeb.

Expiration date and storage rules

The storage of the powder must comply with the rules and regulations. Store the fungicide in:

  • a special room, separate from animal feed, human food;
  • closed containers;
  • a place inaccessible to children, animals.

Spilled or spilled chemical must be disposed of. Store it for 2 years.

Similar drugs

Active against pathogenic fungi, acting like Benorad, are drugs such as Benazol, Benamil, Fundazol, Nor-Bi. They are based on the same active substance, which has a wide spectrum of action.

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