Description of the tomato variety Hawaiian cigar and its yield

Description of the tomato variety Hawaiian cigar and its yield

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Due to its shape, the tomato "Havana cigar" justifies the name given to it. Gardeners love it for its harvest volume and excellent taste.

Basic ideas about the variety

A detailed description of tomatoes will help a young and inexperienced summer resident not make mistakes, which are most often pursued on the way to growing new varieties.


  • Bush: liana-shaped.
  • Height: 2 m.
  • Number of fruits in a cluster: 5–7 pcs.
  • Ripens within: 105-115 days.


  • Color: red.
  • Shape: cigar-shaped.
  • Weight: 150-200 gr.
  • Density: high.
  • Skin: firm.
  • Transportability: excellent.
  • The shelf life is 1–1.5 months.

Planting and leaving

You don't have to do anything special to grow plants. It is important to carry out all standard agricultural techniques in a timely manner. And the plant will thank you with a high yield.

Suitable for greenhouses and open ground.

A seedling growing method is used. Tomatoes are planted 60 days before planting in a permanent place. The term is calculated individually, the later the heat comes in the region, the later the seedlings are planted.

Mandatory techniques:

  • Picks on separate containers.
  • Hardening before planting in the ground, getting used to the sun and other natural phenomena.
  • Top dressing with drugs that stimulate growth.

When all the requirements are met, strong seedlings grow, which experiences less stress after transfer to the ground.

1 m2 have up to 5 plants. Water them in the evening, the water should be warm. Hilling and weeding is necessary for the prevention of various diseases.

Harvest volume and application

Criteria for choosing a variety, not only external signs and characteristics, but also the yield of the species. From 1 m2 you can get up to 12 kg of fruit. One plant produces about 2 kg.

The area of ​​application is extensive, since the fruits are universal. They are used for:

  • Whole fruit canning.
  • Preparation of juices, sauces, ketchups, tomato paste.
  • Fresh salads and table decorations.

The Hawaiian Cigar is the champion of the pickled fruit flavor.

Disease susceptibility

There is no immunity to disease. Therefore, timely prevention is required against various viruses, fungi, pests.

It is possible to process with chemicals only before the flowering of tomatoes. After, it is best to use folk remedies, soapy water, decoction of husks and other methods.

Positive and negative characteristics

For the convenience of the gardener, the description of the properties of a tomato is divided into positive and negative. After examining this information, he decides whether to plant a plant on his site.


  • Productivity.
  • Excellent taste of pickled fruits.
  • Tomatoes do not crack, they are stored for a long time, retain an excellent appearance during long-term transportation.


  • Treatment for disease is required.

What summer residents say about "Havana cigar" tomatoes

To get more complete information about the variety of tomatoes, it is better to look for reviews of gardeners. They share their impressions and give advice.

  • Nina Alekseevna. I planted tomatoes for the first time. Mainly to see if they are as delicious pickled as others say. Will show next year. Then a decision will be made about whether it is worth growing them.

Cigar tomatoes attract not only with their shape, but also with the excellent taste of pickled fruits.

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