6 easy homemade strawberry wine recipes

6 easy homemade strawberry wine recipes

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Today, there are many homemade strawberry wine recipes. There is a classic recipe based on berries, sugar and water. There are also more complex options with the addition of raisins, strawberries, raspberries. You can also make a drink based on fermented jam. This will help you use the spoiled product and make delicious wine.

Technology features

The drink is allowed to be made from garden or forest berries.

In this case, the following rules should be observed:

  1. The fruits must be fully ripe and of good quality. Overripe berries will not work.
  2. Strawberries should be sorted out, get rid of the stalks, rotten and spoiled berries. You also need to remove moldy fruits.
  3. Before preparing the drink, the fruits are not washed. There is natural yeast on the surface of the berries, which are necessary for fermentation. If the fruit is heavily soiled, it is allowed to wash it a little.
  4. Garden strawberries have a juicier pulp and contain more sugar. Therefore, it requires less sugar.
  5. Strawberries contain a lot of sugar. Therefore, during the manufacture of the product, there is a risk of a large amount of sediment.
  6. It is important to control the process during cooking. Fermentation can take longer than fruity.
  7. A large glass container is required for the drink.
  8. After a while, the product will not become pale pink, but amber.

How to make strawberry wine at home

To prepare a delicious product, you should strictly adhere to the recipe. There are many manufacturing options.

Classic recipe

This is a simple recipe that requires the following ingredients:

  • 5 kilograms of ripe strawberries;
  • 1.5 kilograms of sugar;
  • 3 liters of water;
  • 5-7 grams of wine yeast.

First, the berries should be kneaded and covered with sand. Remove to heat, pour water in a day and mix.

Then pour the mass into a glass container and close it with a water seal. Remove to a dark place. Insist for a couple of months. The contents should be mixed periodically.

When the product is fermented, remove the odor seal and filter the drink. Pour into glass containers, close and store. It is recommended to keep the product cool.

Better to choose a dark place for him.

Using raisins

To make a product this way, take the following:

  • 4 kilograms of strawberries;
  • 2.5 kilograms of granulated sugar;
  • 3 liters of water;
  • 100 grams of raisins.

First, the berries are crushed to a puree state. Then 2 liters of water are mixed with 1 kilogram of sugar and boiled for 5 minutes. Then you should mix berry puree, syrup, 1 liter of water and raisins.

Cover the dishes with gauze and leave for 5 days. During this period, fermentation will begin. Every 9 hours, the mass should be stirred with a wooden spatula. Then it is recommended to strain it and add 500 grams of sugar. Put on the odor trap and fasten securely.

Leave for 5 days. Then add 500 grams of sugar and put on a glove again. After 5 days, add the remaining granulated sugar. After a couple of months, pour the wine. This is done with a thin tube so as not to touch the sediment.

Pour the finished product into bottles and keep cool. This is done for 3-4 months. This will help improve the taste of the product.

From strawberries and wild strawberries

For such a wine, take the following:

  • 4 kilograms of wild strawberries;
  • 10 kilograms of strawberries;
  • 3.2 kilograms of granulated sugar;
  • 20 grams of tannin;
  • 2 grams of sherry yeast;
  • 700 milliliters of wine alcohol - its strength should be 70%.

The berries should be squeezed out to get juice. A total of 8 liters of liquid should come out. If there is too little of it, it is worth pouring in water. Add half of granulated sugar to the resulting liquid and mix. Pour the drink into a glass container and close it with a water seal.

After 3-7 days, the stage of quiet fermentation will begin. At this stage, it is worth adding yeast to the mass and stirring. After 3 months, it is recommended to drain the wine and add wine alcohol, granulated sugar and tannin.

Liqueur wine made from strawberries and raspberries

This product will require the following:

  • 5.5 kilograms of raspberries and wild strawberries;
  • 43 grams of tartaric acid;
  • 30 grams of tannin;
  • 2.5 kilograms of granulated sugar.

It is recommended to combine the fruits with a quarter of sugar, cover with gauze and leave until fermentation begins. Then squeeze out the juice and mix it with tartaric acid. Pour into a glass container, put a water seal. Add 100 grams of granulated sugar per 1 liter of liquid weekly.

When the composition brightens, strain it and add the remaining granulated sugar. Mix thoroughly and pour into a glass container. Insist 2 months. This should be done at a temperature of + 10-14 degrees.

Sparkling strawberry wine

This drink will require the following:

  • 5 kilograms of garden and forest strawberries;
  • 3 kilograms of sugar;
  • 2 liters of water;
  • 2 grams of sherry yeast.

The berries need to be chopped and combined with 2 kilograms of sugar. Cover with gauze and wait until fermentation begins. Then the juice must be drained, and the pulp must be wiped. Pour water into the wort and heat. This is done up to 35 degrees. Stir in juice and strain.

Pour into a glass container and install a water seal. After 3-7 days add sherry yeast and mix thoroughly. After the end of fermentation, drain the wine. It is recommended to pass it through the filter several times.

Add sugar and pour into glass bottles. Close the dishes with plugs and secure with wire.

To reactivate the yeast, the drink must be kept warm. This is done at a temperature of +22 degrees.

From fermented jam

This drink will require:

  • 3 liters of thick jam;
  • 5 liters of clean water;
  • 50 grams of raisins.

Bring the water to a boil, combine with jam and add raisins. It should not be washed. Mix and cover with gauze. Place the container in a warm place for 10 days. Remove the remaining berries from the jar and put a glove on it. Fermentation lasts 1 month. Then strain the drink, pour into bottles and close tightly.

Further storage of the product

It is recommended to pour the finished drink into glass containers and keep it cool. After a while, the aged wine will change color and taste. It is better to keep the sparkling product horizontally. In this case, it is worth observing the temperature regime at +14 degrees.

Strawberry wine is a popular drink with excellent taste. For its preparation, the technology should be strictly observed.

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