Instructions for use and composition of the fungicide Kumir, dosage and analogues

Instructions for use and composition of the fungicide Kumir, dosage and analogues

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One of the effective methods of preventing diseases of vegetable, fruit and ornamental crops are preparations based on copper. Summer residents use the fungicide "Kumir" to protect the future harvest. The tool provides quick results. To prevent plant ailments, it is necessary to process the planting material in time and correctly calculate the dosage.

Formulation and composition of the product

The active ingredient in the preparation is tribasic copper sulfate. The tool has a contact effect. When processing different crops, the fungicide "Kumir" suppresses pathogenic microorganisms, enhances the protective properties of trees, shrubs or flowers.

In small doses, copper increases the ability of plants to produce chlorophyll, activates metabolic processes at the cellular level. The use of the drug increases the amount of protein produced in the grain, promotes the formation of sugar in fruits and various berries.

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Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

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Fungicide "Kumir" is made in the form of a suspension concentrate, which facilitates the use of the product. The drug is produced in cans with a volume of 10 liters.

Spectrum and mechanism of action

The remedy acts on different cultures. Gardeners use a preparation with copper for processing vegetables, fruit trees. Fungicide protects potatoes and tomatoes from Alternaria. Fruit trees protects against scab, affects moniliosis. A common disease of the vine - mildew - also lends itself to the "Idol".

The fungicide "Kumir" begins to suppress bacterial spores immediately after it enters the foliage. The protective functions of the drug appear until the crescent. The effectiveness is influenced by the weather and the degree of damage to plants by bacteria. After 1-2 weeks, the processing of horticultural crops is repeated.

Consumption rate of the drug

Be careful when using fungicides. Exceeding the consumption rate specified in the instructions leads to:

  1. The accumulation of copper in the soil.
  2. The withering away of the leaf cover.
  3. The formation of lateral shoots of the root system, which slows down the development of plants.
  4. Poor absorption of iron.

To protect against diseases, use:

Plant nameAilmentThe amount of solution (l) used to treat an area of ​​1 hectare
Tomatoes, potatoesAlternaria or late blight5
Pears, apple treesMoniliosis, scab5

Before processing, the fungicide is stirred in a canister and the required amount is poured into a spray container. The tank is filled to 50% and then refilled with water. The prepared solution is not stored, the drug is used immediately.

Instructions for use

Fruit and vegetable crops are sprayed during the growing season. Agronomists advise you to follow the instructions:

Type of cultureType and term of the first treatmentQuantity per season
Starchy plants and nightshadesPreventive spraying3
Fruit treesIn the phase of the green cone3
VineBefore flowering4

The action of the fungicide "Kumir" lasts from 1 to 2 weeks. The suspension is used immediately and the uniform distribution of the composition on the leaves is monitored. For processing, choose clear and calm weather. After rain, additional spraying is organized.


The drug is not highly toxic. But when in contact with the fungicide "Kumir", as well as with other copper-containing agents, you must take precautions:

  1. When working, use protective clothing, preferably waterproof.
  2. Protect the organs of vision and breathing, wear gloves on your hands.
  3. Do not allow the drug to enter waterways or sewers.
  4. Trees and shrubs growing next to the apiary are advised not to spray.
  5. Exclude the presence of children or animals in the treated area.
  6. Use special containers for the solution. Household utensils are prohibited.
  7. It is very dangerous to store the drug together with food.
  8. Choose calm weather for work, without gusts of wind.
  9. Do not exceed the application rates developed for the fungicide.

If all the rules are followed, the fungicide will not become a source of problems.

First aid for poisoning

If the drug gets on unprotected parts of the body or inside the body, help the victim:

  1. When the state of health worsens, they leave the territory where the plants are sprayed. Work clothes, goggles and other protective equipment are removed, avoiding contact with open areas of the body.
  2. Accidental swallowing of the product is especially dangerous. In this case, they take activated charcoal or another sorbent and try to rinse the body with plenty of water, and then with artificial vomiting.
  3. Rinse the skin if the fungicide has come into contact with an unprotected area or when clothing is wet.
  4. If eyes are injured, rinse them with running water, keeping the eyelids open.

After urgent measures, the victim is sent to the hospital or a doctor is called. Self-medication is dangerous.

Storage conditions and shelf life

Fungicide "Kumir" in an unopened package will not deteriorate within 2 years. In the conditions of a farm or a personal plot, a special room is allocated for storing the drug. The warehouse is regularly ventilated and kept at a temperature of 5 to 35 ° C. Freezing will significantly reduce the beneficial properties of the drug.

The remains of the fungicide must not be discharged into the sewer, on the ground or into water bodies. Waste is taken to the landfill or to another area, on the recommendation of the local department of Rospotrebnadzor.

Drug analogs

In the absence of the fungicide "Kumir", you can use other drugs:

  1. The most popular, Bordeaux liquid, is used by many gardeners to combat fungal spores that cause plant decay. The tool accelerates the development and increases the immunity of fruit and berry crops.
  2. Seeds are usually treated with "Cuproxat" before being applied to the soil. The product is very toxic, dangerous for both humans and animals. It is marketed as a common pesticide.

The action of the funds is based on the properties of copper sulfate.

Fungicide "Kumir", subject to the recommendations for use and storage rules, is a safe and effective remedy. The drug will allow you to avoid problems during the growing season and to collect a good harvest as a result.

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