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How to get rid of hamsters

How to get rid of hamsters

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How to get rid of hamsters that settled on the site and have been devouring onions, peppers, berries for several years. I tried poison - they don’t eat, traps carefully bypass, burrows burrows with water, I tried with a smoke bomb - it's useless! Maybe someone knows a real way to get rid of unsolicited guests - KHOMYAKOV!


I'm afraid I won’t be able to please you, since a reliable 100% way to get rid of it has not yet been invented. Each gardener uses all sorts of ways to deal with variable success. Hamsters are an “evil rump”, that's what they are called for their evil nature, absolutely not to be afraid of people. The most effective way is to get a rat trap. Even scattering on the burrows of the used contents of the cat’s tray scares away the animals. Surely you noticed that home hamsters do not like the noise of the refrigerator and the washing machine. You can take advantage of this, buy ultrasound systems: anticrot Tornado, etc.