Characteristics and description of the Konigsberg tomato variety, its yield

Characteristics and description of the Konigsberg tomato variety, its yield

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Anyone can cultivate a Konigsberg tomato. A golden colored vegetable will help to decorate any festive table. This variety lends itself to cultivation in the open field, as it adapts to any conditions. This is what distinguishes the variety from other similar ones.

Golden Konigsberg originates in the Kaliningrad region. But the variety itself was bred in Siberia to adapt to the harsh climatic conditions. The tomato stands out for its incredible fruit taste and good yield. The vegetable will bring a novelty to the lives of those people who are accustomed to red tomatoes.

What are the features of the variety

The characteristics and description of the variety give all the detailed information to people who seek to grow tomatoes on their own. Königsberg gold can be attributed to mid-season varieties. Designed for planting in open ground and is absolutely not afraid of cold weather. To adapt to new conditions, he will need a small amount of time.

The main features of the tomato:

  • resistance to most diseases;
  • takes root in almost any area;
  • a variety of fruits that differ in color;
  • high productivity.

This variety can be grown by both a beginner and an experienced gardener. A big plus is that the culture tolerates both high and low temperature drops. Based on this information, you can plant it in early spring and not worry about frost. The Golden Konigsberg tomato will yield a good harvest in dry climates or heavy rains.

This variety gives the summer resident the opportunity to grow pepper-like and heart-shaped tomatoes in the garden.

Red fruits

The technical characteristics make Königsberg red similar to other medium-ripening varieties. Culture is distinguished by a number of the following properties:

  1. Bushes can grow up to 2 meters in height.
  2. The tomato is suitable for greenhouse and outdoor cultivation.
  3. You can enjoy it from July to the end of August.
  4. The bushes of the plant are hung with beautiful and juicy fruits.
  5. One fruit can weigh about 300 g.
  6. The elongated shape is somewhat reminiscent of eggplants.
  7. Tomato variety is distinguished by fleshy pulp, dense skin and few seeds.

Plucked tomatoes can be stored for a long time. They are eaten fresh or preserved for the winter. They are distinguished by incredible taste.

Golden color

Konigsberg gold differs from similar species only in color. All information about the variety remains unchanged. Due to its bright color and shape, the fruits are usually called "Siberian apricots". This fact is also explained by the fact that Golden Konigsberg contains a lot of carotene in fruits.

Planting is possible both in open ground and in greenhouse conditions. In the first case, the plant height reaches 1.5 m, in the second - 2 m. The bushes are not heavily covered with leaves, in turn, they have a rich green color.

Late blight does not affect the variety in any way:

  • the largest tomato by weight can reach about 320 g;
  • from each square of the site it is possible to collect somewhere 40 kg.

Proper cultivation allows you to achieve the maximum result - a rich harvest. This is achieved by forming bushes into two stems, where they try to take the second one as much as possible from the initial stepson. Although the yield of the variety is slightly lower than its congeners, it is also quite good.


During the creation of this crop variety, breeders tried to get mid-ripening tomatoes that would be distinguished by increased productivity. Königsberg heart-shaped is resistant to various diseases. The culture can withstand any whims of the weather, up to early frosts. The one who planted this variety knows firsthand about a similar fact.

It is worth emphasizing once again that the plant is distinguished by excellent immunity to common diseases and large fruit sizes.

Heart-shaped fruits grow quite large. Some specimens reach a weight of about 1 kg, are juicy and fleshy. Tomatoes are used in salads. They can be salted or covered for the winter.

Pink tomatoes

The newest variety is Königsberg pink, since it appeared much later than the others. It takes an honorable place among mid-season plants. The description of the variety can be started with its yield: all the bushes at the time of ripening are simply strewn with pink fruits.

It looks like a pink pepper, as the shape is slightly elongated. The weight of one fruit fluctuates around 200 g. The peel is notable for its evenness and density. Thanks to this property, they can be transported over long distances. Stored for a long time when torn off.

Adequate attention should be paid to the soil before planting. If you prepare a place in advance, then soon the plant will thank the gardener with 2-3 buckets of juicy fruits from just two bushes.

"Striped" tomato

Königsberg striped is most often grown in greenhouses, because they receive consistently bountiful harvests.

The main feature of the fruit is as follows:

  • when the fruits are not yet ripe, they are colored light green, and there are dark stripes throughout the peel;
  • if the tomatoes ripen, they turn red, and the stripes themselves turn yellow.

Here is such an interesting description of the features that a tomato has. The fruits of Konigsberg are also appreciated for the fact that the tomato can withstand many pests. The high yield allows you to eat the fruits fresh or use them as pickles. This view is similar to the Golden Konigsberg.

Threat to fruit

As many reviews testify, the main problem due to which you can lose crops is top rot. Unfortunately, this attack appears on unripe fruits. Dark spots cover the entire underside of the fruit. A person will not wait for a new harvest, since the tomatoes will dry out as they ripen, shrink inward.

This misfortune appears in various varieties, no matter what color of the fruit - golden, pink or red. There are several reasons for the appearance of the problem:

  1. Excessively high temperature in the greenhouse. To this is added an insufficient amount of water.
  2. The soil is poor in calcium.

If the grower finds that the tomatoes are covered with spots on one bush, they must be removed. This will preserve other fruits and help preserve the harvest to some extent. The culture loves to be watered in the evening. You need to try not to get on the fruits and leaves of the plant themselves.

No matter how much strength a person gives in growing a new crop, in any case the gardener will be satisfied. Königsberg tomatoes will decorate not only the plot, but also the table. This variety contains a lot of carotene and is beneficial not only for adults, but also for children. Acts as a strengthening agent for the immune system.

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