Description and characteristics of the French bunch tomato variety, its yield

Description and characteristics of the French bunch tomato variety, its yield

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If you come across a French bunch tomato, be sure to buy a bag, you will not regret it. Many varieties of Siberian selection have been tested in summer cottages by hardworking gardeners, this variety is one of them.

Graceful, elongated fruits live up to the name. Beautiful clusters adorn compact tomato bushes from mid-summer to autumn.


For those who grow seedlings on their own, a characteristic is important - the ripening period. Knowing it, you can easily determine the timing of sowing seeds for seedlings. Judging by the description of the tomato, the French bunch of flowers is universal. It can be planted with equal success both in the ground and in the greenhouse.

In the greenhouse, this can be done after April 20, and in the ground not earlier than mid-May. If there is a threat of frost, you will need a temporary shelter (PVC film, spunbond). A new Siberian tomato variety in the ground ripens at the end of August, according to the ripening period it can be attributed to the group of mid-late varieties.


The description of the variety contains the growth parameters of the bush from 1 to 1.5 m. Such a spread is easy to explain. Determinant tomatoes grown in soil rarely grow above 1 m. In a greenhouse, with good care, they are not inferior in height to indents. Some specimens are up to 1.7 m long.

Summer residents will like the fact that the bushes do not have to be formed. You can limit yourself to tying branches once a week. Removing stepchildren really takes a lot of time from summer residents. Tomatoes of the French grape variety will save you from this work.


The fruits are the decoration of the bush. Beautiful clusters of 10 to 20 lined fruits begin to turn red in August. The shape of tomatoes is elongated, oval, red.

Average weight - 90 g, individual specimens can weigh up to 100 g. The peel on tomatoes is dense, ideal for whole-fruit canning.

The fruits are versatile for their intended purpose, but they should only be grown for canning. For juices and sauces, more juicy varieties of lettuce tomatoes are better suited.

Advantages and disadvantages

The French bunchy tomato variety has advantages that must be taken into account. The main advantage is productivity. A low, by and large, bush with proper agricultural technology can please with a rich harvest. For experienced gardeners, one bush gives up to 20 kg of tomato.

Do not forget about other advantages of the pickling variety:

  1. Keeping quality.
  2. Transportability.
  3. Presentation of fruits.
  4. Tomatoes can be ripened.
  5. Does not require the formation of a bush and pinching.

The variety shows the best results when grown in a fertilized bed. Demanding on the fertility and structure of the soil can be attributed to varietal disadvantages.

Summer residents about the variety

When choosing a variety, it is always interesting to know what summer residents say about it. Reviews can influence the choice.

Oleg, Mezhdurechinsk

The first season planted a French bunch tomato. It took little time to leave. Black polyethylene was left from last season, I closed the aisles with it. I put a drop under it, and all summer I did not know grief. Weeds do not need to weed, tomatoes are watered evenly, stepchildren do not need to be removed - a gardener's dream. The harvest is good.

Simple tips for planting and grooming

In February, you need to prepare boxes for seedlings, purchase soil, or bring the soil prepared at their summer cottage into a warm room. Seeds hatch faster if the soil is loose, so 1 part of peat and 1 part of humus should be added to the garden soil.

Pour the soil with a solution of phytosporin. This drug kills a fungal infection in the soil. After processing the soil, the black leg does not threaten seedlings with a tomato. To guarantee the seeds, soak them in a solution of potassium permanganate right on the day of planting. You do not need to keep it for a long time, 15 minutes is enough.

On the day of sowing, water the soil with warm water, cover the seeds with a 1 cm layer of earth. Cover the boxes with foil, put them in a room where the temperature is constant and not lower than 25 ° C.

Transplant seedlings at the age of 60 days into the ground (greenhouse). Further care will consist of several activities:

  1. Glaze.
  2. Weeding.
  3. Top dressing.
  4. Garters.
  5. Airing.

Airing is needed for tomatoes planted in a greenhouse. On sunny days, the temperature is high there. Airing and watering helps to reduce the temperature of the soil and air. A slight draft stimulates pollination.


Plant a few French grapevine bushes in the greenhouse, and there will definitely be jars of pickled tomatoes in the cellar. Enjoy not only the taste, but also the look of the blanks.

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