Description of the variety of cucumbers Balcony Miracle, features of cultivation and care

Description of the variety of cucumbers Balcony Miracle, features of cultivation and care

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Cucumbers are versatile crops that are grown outdoors, in the greenhouse, and even at home on the balcony. Cucumber Balconnoe Miracle F1 is just one of those varieties that are suitable for cultivation at home in winter.

Description of the variety of cucumbers Balcony Miracle

The cucumbers of the Balkonnoe Miracle variety belong to the first generation hybrids, which were bred by crossing two varietal cucumbers by breeders.

The variety is parthenocarpic. This means that bees and any other insects are not required to pollinate the inflorescence. The flowers of the bush are mainly of the female type. Thanks to this property, the Balcony Miracle is suitable for cultivation in greenhouses and loggias or balconies.

After planting the seeds in the soil and before the mass harvest, it takes from 45 to 50 days. But the first cucumbers can be harvested 5-10 days earlier than the manufacturer's established date.

The lash of the cucumber grows up to 1.5 m. Lateral shoots on the plant are formed abundantly, so pinching is necessary for them. The leaves are small, with a rich green hue. A large number of nodes are formed, and on each node there are 2-3 ovaries.

The plant has a high yield. More than 9 kg of cucumbers are harvested from 1 m2 per season. Another advantage that makes Balkonnoye Miracle cucumbers more attractive in comparison with other varieties is the undemandingness of lighting. Even growing in the shade, the plants produce a stable harvest.

The root system develops in such a way that seedlings are grown without damage in small boxes or pots at home. It is unpretentious in care and is immune to most diseases of agricultural crops.

Characteristics of cucumber fruits

Balkonnoe Miracle cucumbers are a real find for those who prefer to grow them at home on the balcony. The taste of the fruit does not get worse from this.

Fruit characteristics:

  • Gherkin type fruits.
  • In length, zelents reach from 7 to 9 cm.
  • The skin is thin, covered with tubercles and black thorns.
  • The average weight is about 70 g.
  • The pulp is crispy.
  • A versatile culinary use.
  • Various salads and preparations for the winter are prepared with a cucumber, and whole for the winter.
  • Strong cucumber aroma, no bitterness in the taste.
  • The pulp is sweet, juicy.

All these characteristics make the Balkonnoye Miracle cucumber varieties a real boon for summer residents.

Advantages and disadvantages

No significant shortcomings were found in the Balkonnoye Miracle variety.

Advantages of cucumbers:

  • Drought resistance.
  • Suitable for growing at home.
  • Rarely get sick with powdery mildew, gray mold, olive spot and fusarium wilting of the bush.
  • High taste of zelents.
  • Self-pollination.

Since the plant belongs to parthenocarpic varieties, when growing seedlings in a greenhouse, you do not need to think about artificial pollination of inflorescences.

When growing seedlings, do not forget about the rules of agricultural technology. Before planting seedlings in a permanent place, fertilizers are applied to the soil for growth. It is recommended to feed the plants throughout the season. Properly organized watering is also important.

Overflowing plants, or, conversely, waiting for the soil to become too dry, is not worth it. This is bad for the yield.

Reviews about the variety Balcony Miracle

Most of the gardeners who grew the Balkonnoye Miracle variety were satisfied.

Margarita, 27 years old:

“My acquaintance with this variety began 3 years ago. Then the first time I tried cucumbers at my grandmother. I immediately liked the variety. I decided to plant it in my country house. The seedlings sprouted quickly. During the transplant, I quickly got used to the new place and did not get sick. A few weeks later, the first cucumbers began to appear, which look more like gherkins. They were not used for salting, if only fresh. Delicious, juicy cucumbers, do not taste bitter. "

Olga, 67 years old:

“The neighbors praised the Balcony Miracle so much that I also decided to plant it in my garden. In winter I tried to grow at home. Cucumbers have a pleasant taste, the pulp is aromatic. There is practically no difference between balcony and street cucumbers. But the yield was not up to par. I wish there were more cucumbers. "

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