Instructions for use of the remedy for the Colorado potato beetle Sonnet

Instructions for use of the remedy for the Colorado potato beetle Sonnet

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For more than a dozen years, farmers and summer residents have been fighting an insect that destroys entire fields of nightshade crops at great speed. The sonnet from the Colorado potato beetle does not work like many insecticides, to which the striped pest quickly gets used and continues to multiply. The larvae that have appeared are no longer afraid of poisons, they intensively eat the tops, leaves of potatoes and eggplants.

Description of the tool

Sonnet is produced by Technoexport in the form of an emulsion packed in ampoules or plastic bottles. The active component of the insecticide is hexaflumuron, which destroys the upper cover of adult insects, kills larvae, and destroys eggs. Subject to the safety rules during the preparation of the product and the treatment of plants, the drug is harmless to humans.

The active component of the insecticide helps dissolve the wings and abdomen of the beetle, prevents the formation of a chitinous cover, destroys insatiable offspring. After eating the leaves sprayed with the Sonnet, the insect stops growing and multiplying. The eggs laid by the female do not hatch into larvae.

The secret to efficiency

The main component of the insecticide retains its properties at high temperatures; after rain, the emulsion is not washed off with water. One treatment is enough to destroy a huge number of adult Colorado potato beetles and larvae. The drug works for a month and a half. The poison is absorbed into the leaves in just three hours. Insects are not addictive to this insecticide.

The secret of the Sonnet's effectiveness is that it has a negative effect on pests at all stages of their development, is resistant to changes in humidity and sharp temperature jumps.

What insects does it act against?

One spraying saves the potato bed from destruction by arthropod leaf beetles. Processing must be carried out until the plant begins to bloom. The remedy for the Colorado potato beetle copes well with other pests:

  • lily hoverfly;
  • moth moth;
  • potato lady.

Quickly adapted to the chemicals of the redfly. The insect, which mates in early spring, devours the leaves and buds of the lily. When processed by the Sonnet, it dies. To destroy the moth, an insecticide is combined with neurotoxic drugs.

It is not advised to spray strawberries with a solution from the invasion of weevils, the emulsion impairs the taste of the berries.

Instructions for use

Before using the drug, you need to carefully read the annotation, which contains a detailed description of how this tool works, how the solution is prepared. Shortly before processing the plants:

  1. The contents of the ampoule or 2 ml from the vial are stirred in water.
  2. Another 10 L of liquid is added.
  3. Sprinkle potato leaves.

This amount of insecticide is enough for a hundred square meters of a garden. It needs less for the processing of young bushes. It is easier to deal with pests when they first appear. Unlike other preparations, Sonnet copes with insects in one spray. The beetles die completely after 4 or 5 days, but the treatment should be done in the morning and in dry weather.


The active ingredient of the insecticide penetrates into the leaves, which insects eat. Despite the statement that the product is not dangerous for humans, you should not ignore the rules for its use. In order to prevent the negative effects of the Sonnet on the body:

  1. Do not increase the dosage prescribed in the annotation.
  2. To reduce the release of toxic substances, you need to stop spraying plants in the heat.
  3. Insecticide treatment must be carried out with gloves and a respirator.
  4. The emulsion must be diluted in a special container, and not in a bowl for food.

When spraying potatoes before flowering, the drug does not enter the tubers, it acts more efficiently, and does not pose a danger to bees. Colorado beetles have not yet developed the ability to adapt to an insecticide that destroys the chitinous membrane.


Many chemicals are produced to combat insects. Fights with moths and ticks, sawflies and cabbage scoop, kills the Colorado beetles with Karate insecticide. The main component of the product is lambda cyhalothrin. The emulsion is mixed with water, is consumed sparingly, but protects plants from pests for no more than 2 weeks, so re-treatment is required.

The drug Inta-vir, which is produced on the basis of cypermethrin, causes seizures, affecting the nervous system:

  • potato lady;
  • moths;
  • bedbugs;
  • carrot fly;
  • Colorado potato beetle.

Some pests develop resistance to this insecticide. Another disadvantage of the product is that it destroys insects that pollinate vegetables and fruit trees.

Aktara acts on the digestive tract of the Colorado potato beetles. After processing the leaves with the drug, these arthropods stop eating them and die after a day. The tool is not only sprayed with potatoes, but also a composition is introduced under the root of flowering plants, currant and raspberry bushes in order to destroy scale insects and aphids.

For 2 days it copes with adults and larvae of the Colorado potato beetle Tanrek. Pests do not get used to imidacloprid, which is an active component of the insecticide; the agent does not have a negative effect on potatoes and other vegetables.

The drug is not washed off with water, does not respond to a decrease or increase in temperature. Protects from insects for three weeks. No need for reprocessing.

Some summer residents do not want to use chemicals to combat the Colorado potato beetle, preferring biological agents. The striped pest does not like the smell of tansy, calendula. He does not like dill, garlic, onions. If you cannot defeat the pests in a gentle way, you have to select an insecticide. The sonnet is safe for humans, animals and beneficial insects, acts for a long time, protects potatoes at an early stage.

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