Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Raspberry Empire, its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Raspberry Empire, its yield

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The raspberry-colored Empire tomato is a truly wonderful vegetable that can bear fruit for a long time, despite unstable weather with rains and temperature fluctuations. Growing tomatoes, sweet, tasty, is an easy task for both an experienced gardener and a beginner. It is necessary to pay attention to the conditions of keeping the vegetable plant, the rules of caring for it.

Distinctive features of the hybrid

Among the early ripening varieties, the Raspberry Empire is distinguished. When composing a description of a vegetable crop, it is noted that the variety has:

  • the bush reaches a height of one and a half meters and above;
  • fruiting occurs after 95-110 days from the day the first shoots appear;
  • up to ten or more pink fruits without a green spot are formed on the brushes;
  • the mass of heart-shaped tomatoes reaches 100 - 150 grams;
  • high resistance of the hybrid to apical and root rot, brown spot;
  • the yield of a tomato is from eighteen to twenty kilograms per square meter of planting.

Tomatoes of the Raspberry Empire variety are grown in open and closed ground. But the hybrid bears fruit better and longer in greenhouses or greenhouses, under a film covering.

Growing requirements

Many people choose hybrids bred by breeders for cultivation because they always give high-quality fruits, and they have one hundred percent seed germination, and they have excellent taste.

Growing tomato Raspberry Empire F1 is safer in a greenhouse. To do this, in late February or early March, tomato seeds are planted in special containers or boxes. Hybrid seedling care is ordinary. It consists of:

  • glaze;
  • top dressing;
  • picks.

Planting of 65-day-old seedlings in greenhouse conditions is carried out in late April - early May.

Elongated tomato seedlings are placed in the holes obliquely, putting the stems on the ground, sprinkled with earth. If the greenhouse is low, then this method of planting tomatoes will also work.

Necessarily tall varieties are tied to pegs, and preferably to a horizontally stretched wire.

In order for the bushes to bear fruit better, no more than five to six fruit brushes are left on the plant. After that, you can pinch the top of the main stem, leaving two or three leaves above the upper brush. This will help the fetus receive adequate nutrition.

It is advised to observe the following rules for caring for tomatoes of the Raspberry Empire variety:

  1. Watering the tomato abundantly should be infrequent. And to reduce evaporation from the soil, a layer of straw or peat with a thickness of two centimeters is laid around the tomato bushes.
  2. Every ten days, the Raspberry Empire tomatoes need feeding. It is prepared from a mullein diluted in a 1: 5 ratio, adding ten grams of ammonium nitrate to a bucket of solution, fifty grams of superphosphate, fifteen grams of potassium salt. During the ripening period, the amount of potassium salt is increased to eighty grams, ammonium nitrate to thirty. A bucket of solution is added per square meter of tomato planting.
  3. When growing tomatoes, it is mandatory to control the air temperature in the greenhouse. It should not rise more than thirty degrees Celsius, otherwise the flowers will fall off due to the sterility of the pollen.
  4. The maintained humidity in the room is optimal for the vegetable in the range of fifty to seventy percent.

The hybrid tomato variety has good growth dynamics after planting in a greenhouse. Fruiting of tomatoes will increase if an indeterminate bush is formed in one, as well as in two stems.

Formation rules for one or two stems

To increase the yield of sweet tomatoes Raspberry Empire, it is necessary to carry out, in the tenths of June, pinching of a varietal vegetable. Excess shoots on the stems of the plant are removed, leaving three leaves above the last inflorescence. The procedure is then repeated every ten or twelve days. If only the main stem is left, then all stepchildren are removed.

Forming a bush into two stems, a strong lower shoot is left for fruiting. The procedure, carried out on time, will allow you to get raspberry fruits two weeks ahead of time.

Remove unnecessary processes by breaking them out. For tomatoes of the Empire variety, this is painless if the stepsons reach a length of three to five centimeters.

The first in line for pinching are healthy tomato bushes. Weak, diseased plants break off later. This sequence will stop the spread of fungal and viral diseases, which are transmitted through tomato juice during pinching.

Reviews of gardeners

The Raspberry Empire variety gets only excellent characteristics from those who grew the hybrid tomato. The versatility of the tomato crop is especially noted. Red fruits, sweet as raspberries, are loved by both children and adults. They are used to prepare canned food for the winter. Some people eat raspberry tomatoes fresh. They are stored for a long time and withstand long-term transportation. They make delicious sauces and pastas. Sweetish tomatoes are suitable for making tomato juice. They are distinguished by a sufficient mass of dry matter, a small amount of seeds, and also juicy pulp.

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