TOP 10 recipes for boletus marinated for the winter in a hot and cold way at home

TOP 10 recipes for boletus marinated for the winter in a hot and cold way at home

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Mushrooms with a leg up to 15 cm long, with dense white flesh, grow in the deciduous forests of Eurasia and America and are even found in the tundra. They love light, prefer clearings, forest edges and ravines. Boletus boletus is second only to boletus in taste. Mushrooms, which are also called grandmas or blackheads, are harvested until October, sometimes they appear in May. They use boletus mushrooms in pickled, fried, boiled form, salted, dried, put in pies and pizza.

The usefulness of mushrooms

Forest gifts are rich in dietary fiber, thanks to which they absorb and remove toxic substances from the body. They contain nicotinic and phosphoric acid. Vegetable proteins in boletus are:

  • arginine;
  • glutamine
  • tyrosine.

Mushrooms, which function as a natural antioxidant, normalize blood sugar levels, calm nerves, have a positive effect on the skin, and improve the condition of mucous membranes. There are about 20 calories in 100 g of boletus boletus, they can be consumed by those people who dream of losing a few pounds. When collecting blackheads, it is important not to confuse them with a gall fungus, which is similar in appearance, but cannot be eaten.

Preparing boletus for pickling

Grandmothers from the bolet family are perfect for dietary nutrition, they are added to salads, sauces, pickles. However, they have features that those who are going to pickle boletus should be aware of.

Before harvesting, the mushrooms brought from the forest must be sorted out, young and dense should be left, it is better to discard the wormy ones and certainly not close them in jars.

If the grandmother grew in the forest, you need to remove the leaves, sand and clean them. Boletus, found in a clearing or forest edge, must be soaked for 20 minutes. Rotten flesh is removed from forest noble mushrooms, the lower leg area is cut off and washed using a brush. Small specimens are taken entirely, large ones are divided into parts.

Marinade recipes

Boletus mushrooms should not be overcooked, as they quickly turn sour. For preparation for the winter, they are kept in boiling water, after which they are placed under the tap with cool water. If this is not done, the solution in which the mushrooms are pickled will turn black. To prevent mold, sunflower oil is poured into the jars. You can eat the dish no earlier than after 10 days.


Which marinade to cook depends not only on the recipe used for harvesting, but also on the type of mushrooms. In order for them to be stored for a long time, you cannot do without vinegar, you also need spices that give a peculiar aroma, improve the taste of the product. The classic marinade recipe is suitable for both boletus and boletus. To prepare it, per liter of water is taken:

  • sugar and salt - according to Art. spoon;
  • dill - umbrella;
  • horseradish;
  • Bay leaf;
  • pepper - 3 peas;
  • vinegar - 120 ml;
  • garlic.

Cinnamon, celery, odorous herbs and other seasonings are added as desired. Water is put on the stove, salt and sugar are poured into it. After the solution boils, vinegar is poured.

Marinade with cloves

Boletus mushrooms go well with aromatic spices. Some housewives diversify the classic recipe with additional ingredients, change the ratio of the main components, which gives the mushrooms a special piquancy, a pleasant smell. To prepare the marinade from a liter of water you will need:

  • vinegar - 200 ml;
  • sugar - 2 tablespoons;
  • ground mustard;
  • cloves - 4 or 5 pcs.;
  • salt - 80 g:
  • allspice - 6-8 peas;
  • Bay leaf.

Having picked up all the components, you can put water on fire. When it boils, spices and seasoning are poured there, the composition is boiled for 3 minutes, vinegar is poured and the container is removed from the stove.

With citric acid

To make the boletus boletus less pungent and have a delicate taste, when preparing the marinade, vinegar is not used as a preservative, but it is replaced with citric acid. A kilogram of mushrooms is boiled in a liter of salted water and a marinade is cooked from the following ingredients:

  • allspice - 10 peas;
  • sugar - st. the spoon;
  • bay leaf - 3 or 4 pcs.;
  • cinnamon - tsp;
  • citric acid - 4 g;
  • salt - 20 grams.

All components are poured into a liter of water, put on fire for 2 minutes. Mushrooms are placed in the marinade and boiled for another quarter of an hour, after which citric acid is added. Rolled up jars with boletus mushrooms are stored in the refrigerator or taken to the basement, cellar, where it is not higher than 8 ° C.

With vinegar essence

You don't need much experience to preserve mushrooms for the winter. Cope with the preparation of the marinade within the power of any housewife. After boiling one and a half kilograms of blackheads, spices and spices are put in boiling water:

  • hot pepper - 10 peas;
  • sugar - 3 tsp spoons;
  • mustard beans;
  • salt - 45 g.

The marinade must be boiled for 20 minutes, then pour 10 ml of vinegar essence. However, one must not forget that such an ingredient can cause burns, poisoning, so it must be used with special care.

Step-by-step recipe for making pickled obobok

On the edges and glades, in young birch groves, mushroom pickers love to collect aspen and blackheads. They are much more nutritious than champignons, they smell like forest. These gifts of nature are called stumps, pickling such mushrooms is a pleasure, since neither small nor large specimens lose their shape, they perfectly absorb the aroma of the seasoning.

For home conditions, a recipe for harvesting for the winter is suitable, which involves the use of both boletus and boletus. Take as ingredients:

  • onion;
  • bay leaf - 3-5 pieces;
  • sugar - 1/2 cup;
  • cinnamon and cloves;
  • pepper –15–20 peas;
  • salt - 120 g;
  • vinegar - 250 ml.

You can get a real culinary masterpiece from these mushrooms, because they do not boil over, retain their elasticity, but for this it is necessary to follow the sequence in preparation:

  1. Small butterflies are not cut, but large specimens are divided into parts, folding the legs and caps separately.
  2. Boletus and boletus mushrooms are placed in water for soaking for 3 hours.
  3. Boil with onions for 10 minutes, then filter.
  4. Salt is poured into the solution, the mushrooms are boiled in it for a quarter of an hour and the stumps are taken out in a colander.
  5. Sugar, spices, salt and, after boiling a little, cloves, laurel leaves and cinnamon are added to a liter of water.
  6. The main ingredient is sent to the hot marinade, set to cook for half an hour. Before the end of the process, pour in vinegar.

The stubs together with the liquid are placed in jars under nylon lids, taken out to the basement or cellar. The appetizer turns out to be incredibly attractive, it is used not only as a side dish, but also as an independent dish, served on a festive table.

We prepare mushrooms for the winter in jars

There are different options for keeping boletus mushrooms for a long time. Some housewives salt the grandmothers in a barrel with a hot or dry method, others freeze them, and still others roll them into jars.

In a cold way

To cook pickled blackheads, they are first boiled until the mushrooms fall to the bottom, after which the water is drained. You can simply boil the stubble in a solution, then cool and close in jars. The cold rolling method is characterized by the absence of a sterilization process; the housewives have been able to salt the barn using this method for a long time.

Having collected 5 kg of mushrooms, cleaned and prepared, they are boiled in 3 liters of water mixed with 50 g of salt. After 20 minutes, the boletus is washed.

To get the marinade you will need:

  • vinegar - 2 cups;
  • sugar - 25 grams;
  • cloves;
  • Bay leaf.

Young peeled mushrooms need to be boiled in salted boiling water for about 20 minutes, then rinsed under the tap.

Pour vinegar into a pot of water, add sugar, put 6 pieces of cloves and a bay leaf. Boletus mushrooms are thrown into the boiled marinade and boiled until softened. The cooled workpiece is transferred to jars, poured with sunflower oil.


Not all mushrooms are suitable for this method of salting, but only boletus, boletus, boletus, boletus are suitable. Their legs are cut off, which roll up from their hats. To prepare a solution, half a glass of water is poured into a saucepan, a 50-gram stack of salt is poured. When it boils, they throw mushrooms. During the cooking process, which should last 25 minutes, you need to collect the foam and put in the solution:

  • on currant and laurel leaves;
  • 3 carnations;
  • dill seeds;
  • pepper - 4 peas.

Ready boletus settle to the bottom, the brine becomes transparent from cloudy. The cooled mass together with the solution is transferred to jars and covered. Mushrooms are salted for at least one and a half months, after which they are served on the table as an appetizer.

With garlic

There are different options, using which you can quickly get a fragrant and tasty preparation from boletus boletus. Salting is done in a cold way, there is no need to soak the mushrooms, but you definitely need garlic - at least 3 heads. For 1 kg of fresh attendants, you need to take:

  • leaves of currants and cherries and horseradish - 3 or 4 pieces;
  • dill - 2 inflorescences;
  • parsley greens - 2 bunches;
  • table salt.

Mushrooms are placed in a barrel or saucepan scalded with boiling water, its bottom is covered with horseradish. Boletus mushrooms are placed with their legs up, then a layer is made of chopped garlic and herbs, after which leaves and blackheads are laid again, sprinkled with salt.

Cover the container with mushrooms with a plate, set the load. Boletus mushrooms are taken out to a cool place for 2 weeks, where they are salted well and evenly.

With tomato paste

Both guests and family members will be able to appreciate the harvesting of noble mushrooms in winter. The boletus snack is suitable for everyday use and for a festive table. If you salt the blackheads with tomato paste, you get an excellent side dish for meat or mashed potatoes. For 3 kg of mushrooms you need to take:

  • water - a glass;
  • ground pepper;
  • sunflower oil - no more than 400 ml;
  • 5 onions;
  • tomato paste - 200 milliliters;
  • carrots - 4 or 5 pieces.

Peeled boletus mushrooms are crushed into pieces and sent to salted boiling water for half an hour. Having welded, washed, laid out on a sieve. When the water drains, the mushrooms are fried in a skillet, pouring oil into it. Cut vegetables, add to boletus.

The whole mass is stewed over low heat for about 20 minutes, add pepper and salt, pour in diluted tomato paste and continue to cook on the stove, stirring constantly, for a little less than an hour.

Ready-made mushrooms with vegetables are laid out in jars and closed, after which they are wrapped in a warm thing. Containers with a fragrant snack are taken out to the basement or cellar.

How to store workpieces correctly

Fresh or boiled boletus mushrooms do not lose their taste, smell, or useful components if they are in the freezer for no more than a year. Dried mushrooms are wrapped in paper or material and kept in a cool, ventilated area with low humidity. To prevent blackheads from absorbing an unpleasant odor, they are stacked where there is no garlic, celery, or seasonings.

Pickled boletus mushrooms are taken to the basement, cellar, left in the refrigerator. The main condition is the absence of light. They need to be harvested in hermetically sealed jars, tightened with tin or glass lids. In the second case, the mushrooms do not deteriorate, they can be placed on the table for consumption within 2 years, but they must be placed in containers very tightly so that air does not pass through.

Salted boletus mushrooms are stored in an oak barrel, in a can, in a saucepan, and in a jar. They are completely filled with solution and oppression is put. The temperature in the basement or cellar where these mushrooms are taken out should be within 5 ° C. Salting does not freeze on the balcony in winter, but deteriorates much faster than pickled boletus. If the liquid is covered with mold, the mushrooms must be thrown away, they cannot be eaten.

Powder from blackheads is placed in a glass jar, metal box, parchment packaging and left in a dark place at room temperature, preferably the air humidity does not exceed 70-75%.

For preserving mushrooms for the winter, you can use both hot and cold harvesting methods, but boletus mushrooms do not deteriorate longer, retain a pleasant smell and unmatched taste if not only mushrooms are sterilized, but also the jars in which they are folded.

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