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Whole branches dry on a tomato over night. On different bushes

Whole branches dry on a tomato over night. On different bushes

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On completely normal-looking tomato bushes, leaves that have dried to parchment or whole twigs or several pieces of leaves are formed. Not withered, but dried up. As if they were specially dried for a herbarium. Regardless of their location. twigs can be lower and in the middle and on the top of the bush. Leaves also with the edge and in the center. At the same time, the branches become very fragile - you push them - they fall off immediately or easily break without effort. some bushes were already almost bald when they died and had to be torn out. On other branches, I cut 2-4 leaves and they continue to grow. Tomatoes are “balcony”. They grow on a glazed balcony, all living conditions, no access to pests. Yes, they wilt mostly during the night. The leaves crumble easily. I hope for help. thanks


Without a photo and description of how the leaves began to dry (from the edge, from the center, spots), it is difficult to understand the reason. I can only assume that we are talking about a sunburn. If you carry out the correct agricultural technique, but at the same time tomatoes are grown on the windowsill in the immediate vicinity of the glass windows, a sunburn cannot be avoided. In this case, glass enhances the action of ultraviolet rays. Solution: darken the glass.

If there are small yellowish grains on the surface of the soil, then you have saline soil, this problem is quite common in purchased soil. Solution: transplant planting in a new soil, if this is not possible, remove the top layer and fill in a new one. Water regularly, filtered or melt water.