TOP 13 interesting recipes for preparing strawberries for the winter

TOP 13 interesting recipes for preparing strawberries for the winter

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Fresh strawberries are considered a delicacy. It is popular with children and adults because of its delicate aroma, sweet and sour taste, lack of dense skin and bones. Strawberries are not shelf-stable, and their fruits quickly disappear. At the height of the summer season, many housewives begin to make preparations from strawberry berries for the winter.

Fruits can be stored for a long time in canned, dried, frozen form. In the cold winter time, you can get a jar of fragrant jam, jam or compote, nourish the body with useful substances, strengthen the immune system and remember the fine summer days.

Features of harvesting strawberries for the winter

Strawberries are harvested in different ways: they are dried, frozen, jam, jam, marmalade, marshmallow, compotes, juices are made. During heat treatment, part of the medicinal properties of berries is lost, therefore, strawberries are most useful fresh.

The fruits are widely used for culinary purposes, especially for making desserts. The berry goes well with yoghurts, salads, pastries, wine, tincture, balm are made from it. To enjoy your strawberries for a long time, you only need to store them properly.

Selection and preparation of berries

Store-bought berries are not suitable for canning, since they are grown in greenhouse conditions, with artificial lighting. The most useful are fruits grown in natural conditions, under the sun's rays.

To make the berries grow clean, they are lined with agrofibre, film or mulch. Strawberries do not tolerate thorough water procedures, therefore, after picking wild berries, they are washed carefully, immersed in a bowl of water. The fruit should be ripe, but not overripe or green, as overripe specimens will spread during cooking, turning into porridge.

Procurement methods

The technology for preserving berries for the winter is distinguished by its diversity. Below are the best strawberry harvesting recipes.


To make jam, you will need the following products:

  • 1 kg of strawberries;
  • 1.5 kg of sugar;
  • 0.5-1 tsp citric acid.

Cooking technology:

  • The fruits are washed, leaves, stalks are removed, and dried.
  • After mixing the berries with sugar, they are left for 5 hours to release the juice. Then put the pan on fire, bring to a boil, stirring gently.
  • After removing from heat, the mixture is cooled for half an hour, then boiled again. The manipulation is carried out several times.
  • To avoid sugaring, citric acid is added to the liquid.

The finished mixture is poured into sterilized bottles.

In addition to the classic recipe, there are non-standard options for making jam.

Without cooking

Such a dish contains the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients, since no heat treatment is carried out. Berries must be freshly picked, unwashed. The container is pre-sterilized and dried. The fruits are crushed using a meat grinder, blender, combine, then covered with sugar and left for 3 hours. After the juice is released, the liquid is poured into bottles, rolled up, placed in a permanent storage location.

In a frying pan

Fried jam in a skillet is a rather unusual delicacy. This is another way to give a popular berry a special aroma and taste.


  • 0.5 cups of sugar;
  • 1 tsp citric acid;
  • 1-1.5 cups strawberries

How to cook:

  • The products are washed, cleaned of tails. The pan is heated, the fruits are poured into it, covered with sugar.
  • Gently mixing the fruits, the jam is "fried" on medium heat until the juice is released.
  • After dyeing sugar red, the mixture is boiled for 5-10 minutes, after which the heating is reduced, the foam is removed.
  • Citric acid is added to the cooled mass, stirred.

After distributing the liquid over the sterilized container, the conservation is sealed, turned over, and sent for storage.

With rose petals

The dessert has a floral and berry aroma and a delicate sweet taste. For cooking you will need:

  • granulated sugar 400-500 g;
  • water 1 glass;
  • strawberries 100 g;
  • citric acid 0.5 tsp;
  • rose petals 150 g.

Step-by-step cooking:

  • Medium berries are sorted out, washed, peeled from the stalks, dried, poured into a bowl, mixed with sugar.
  • The mixture should be infused for 5 hours. At this time, there is a washing, drying, crushing of rose petals.
  • The petals are mixed with citric acid, grind, leave for 20 minutes.
  • Water, granulated sugar are poured into a metal pan, the syrup is boiled, mixed with the rest of the citric acid.
  • Crushed petals, berries are added to the syrup, boiled, boiled for 5-8 minutes, cooled.
  • The cooled mixture is boiled again.

The procedure is repeated several times, after which the liquid is poured into the jars and sealed.


Berries to be frozen must not be damaged. After sorting the fruits, they are washed, laid out on a napkin, and dried. Then they get rid of the stalks. Having laid out the berries on a kitchen board, they are sent to the freezer for several hours, after which they are folded into one bag and sent back to the freezer.

The advantage of freezing is the preservation of the integrity of strawberries, after defrosting it can be used to decorate cakes, desserts, muffins, pancakes. At the same time, the shape and taste of the product are not lost.


You can dry strawberries in a variety of ways. The most common is drying in the oven, microwave, dryer. Each of the methods should be considered separately:

  1. On air. The chopped berries are laid out on a sheet of newspaper, a few more sheets are placed under the bottom. Place the fruits on the board in a cool, well-ventilated area outside. The berry will produce abundant juice, so the newspapers should be changed periodically, the berries should be turned over. After 4-5 days, the fruits will dry out, become similar to chips.
  2. In the oven. Washed, peeled berries are crushed in layers, squares, straws. At the beginning of work, the oven is preheated at 60 aboutC. The baking sheet is covered with parchment on which the berries are laid. Drying is carried out at a temperature of 90 aboutC. After wrinkling and drying the fruits, the temperature is reduced by 30 aboutC, stand until the strawberries stop sticking to your hands.
  3. In the dryer. The washed, peeled, chopped, dried berries are laid out on the bottom of the container, the temperature is set to 60 aboutC, close the lid. Periodically, the berries are checked, turned over.
  4. Fast drying in the microwave. The drying plate should be flat, put a napkin on top of the berries. Having picked up the right regimen, the berries are dried for 3-5 minutes. After that, remove the napkin, dry for another 4 minutes. Turn the food over, check the readiness.

With each drying method, the berries retain the lion's share of their nutrients.


To prepare the marshmallow, a homogeneous berry mixture is needed. The products are ground in a meat grinder, blender. You can improve the taste of the workpiece with sugar, lemon, orange peel, mint, vanillin. The process of drying the marshmallow in the oven lasts 7-10 hours at 65-70 aboutC. You can dry the marshmallow in several ways:

  1. Sugarless. Diet marshmallow provides for the presence of 2 kg of strawberries, 1 tbsp. vegetable oil. Washed, peeled fruits are crushed. Spread the berry gruel on a baking sheet, after drying, roll it up with a sausage.
  2. With preliminary boiling. For 1 kg of berries, 1 glass of granulated sugar, the juice of half a lemon, 1 glass of water are taken. All components are mixed with a blender and boiled. The gruel is poured onto a tray and dried.
  3. Pastila with gelatin and egg white. For 100 g of fruit, take 200 g of granulated sugar, 3 egg whites, 100 ml of water, 2 tbsp. honey, 10 g of gelatin. Gelatin is mixed with water, left to swell. Strawberries must be mashed, whipped whites. Syrup from water, sugar, honey is boiled in a saucepan, mixed with proteins, gelatin, lemon juice, boiled, berry gruel is added. The contents of the pan are poured into a mold, placed in the refrigerator for half a day, after which they are taken out, cut into cubes, and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

The last method of making marshmallow is similar to strawberry marmalade.


You can make jam with the following ingredients:

  • strawberries 1 kg;
  • sugar 1.2 kg;
  • citric acid 1 tsp.

The procedure for making jam is similar to making jam, the only difference is the cooking time. Jam is boiled longer so that the berries are boiled in their own juice.


When preparing compote, it is important to keep the berries intact.


  • fruits 5 kg;
  • sugar 2 kg;
  • water 1 l.

Washed, peeled specimens are covered with sugar, insisted for half a day. Then the juice is drained, boiled, berries are poured in, and corked.

Strawberries in syrup

You can prepare berries in your own juice as an independent dish or filling for a cake, pie, dessert. The washed fruits are sprinkled with granulated sugar, placed in the refrigerator for 12 hours. The berries are individually transferred to a sterilized container, poured with the remaining syrup, sterilized, rolled up with lids.

Strawberries mashed with sugar

Making a strawberry dessert for the winter is simple, just wash, peel, dry strawberries, chop, mix with sugar. The mass is placed in a bottle, sterilized, and corked.

Strawberry marmalade

For marmalade you will need:

  • 1 glass of berries;
  • 1 cup of sugar;
  • 1-2 tbsp. honey;
  • 0.5 tsp citric acid;
  • 100 g icing sugar.

How to do:

  • citric acid is mixed with 100 ml of water, the berries are crushed, boiled;
  • after boiling, sugar is introduced, boiled for 3 minutes, covered with the remaining sugar;
  • mix the mass with a solution of water and citric acid, stir, pour into a mold.

After cooling, the marmalade is placed in a refrigerator for 12 hours. The finished dessert is taken out of the mold, cut into pieces, and rolled in powdered sugar.


Strawberries are most valuable when fresh. The berry contains useful substances such as vitamins, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, iron, fiber, organic acids. These mineral compounds help to strengthen the immune system and the cardiovascular system. The berry improves the excretion of excess moisture from the body, helps to normalize blood pressure, and speeds up metabolism.

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