Characteristics and description of the Scorpio tomato variety, its yield

Characteristics and description of the Scorpio tomato variety, its yield

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The Scorpio tomato was bred by Russian breeders and is an indeterminate type. Despite its alarming name, the vegetables of this variety are large with a unique taste. One such tomato can be used to make a bowl of salad.

Plant characteristic

The plant grows tall. The average height of the bush is 1.8 meters. The plant requires pinching and garter. To get a good harvest, the bush is formed into several stems. The best result is shown when the crop is formed into one stem. Leaves are large, dark green. The inflorescences of the culture are simple, 6-7 tomatoes are formed.

In care, the plant is unpretentious and does not require special care, the seedlings grow strong and powerful. The bush is medium early, and already on the 100th day you can get ready-made vegetables. Scorpio has a good immune system and is resistant to various types of diseases.

Description of fruits

Scorpion is a large-fruited variety. The average weight of a tomato is 400 grams, but there are representatives of 800 grams each. Vegetables are perfect for slicing fresh salads, making tomato juice and sauces, and preserving them in slices.

Tomatoes are quite juicy and covered with a thin, dense skin that protects the tomato from cracking. The vegetables are flat-round and slightly ribbed. The tomato has a balanced taste with a sweetish aftertaste. Vegetables vary in color. There are colors from bright red to pale pink. The color depends on how much sun hits the bush. The more sun, the richer the color turns out. Vegetables can be stored well and can be transported well. Due to their excellent taste and keeping quality, tomatoes of this variety are used commercially.

Pros and cons of Scorpio

The bush is a little sick and has good immunity. Large fruits, great for making fresh salads, tomato juice and sauces.

There is only one negative point - this is the need to tie the plant to a support and the need to form and stepchildren.

How is the care done?

Plants of this type have good immunity and if you take proper care of tomatoes, the bushes will not get sick. The Scorpio tomato is a large-fruited species that loves space, therefore, on average, 3 seedlings are planted per square meter. Care consists in regular watering, loosening the earth and periodic feeding. With proper care, you will get a wonderful harvest. The best fertility is achieved when the tomato is formed into one stem and when using drip irrigation.


Oleg, 42 years old

Happy with this variety. I have been looking for such vegetables for a long time so that they have large fruits, planted different varieties, but not a single vegetable was completely satisfied. I read the description and reviews on the Internet and decided to plant this species at home. I have been growing tomatoes for two years now and I am very pleased with the yield and taste characteristics. This is the best variety I have ever grown. Now I will grow constantly until I get bored I recommend.

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