Instructions for using the tool Lightning from the Colorado potato beetle

Instructions for using the tool Lightning from the Colorado potato beetle

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The leaves and tops of potatoes, the tubers of which are boiled, baked, fried, put in salads and soups, destroys the striped pest. To get rid of it, the bushes are sprayed using a special remedy for the Colorado potato beetle.

The drug Lightning copes with both larvae and adults. The insecticide is not quickly addictive to the insect, which quickly adapts to different conditions and chemicals. Most of the poisons on the body of this pest cease to act after repeated use.

Description of the tool

Alpha-cypermethrin is the active component of the preparation Lightning. This synthetic substance paralyzes pests by destroying their nervous system. When the insecticide gets on the plant, it is absorbed into the leaves. When the Colorado potato beetle eats green mass, the drug enters the insect's body, activates the channels of cell membranes, as a result of which nerve conduction is affected, the muscular system stops performing its functions.

An adult, having tasted Lightning, dies in 20 minutes, the larvae can last a day. The insecticide is packaged in different containers:

  • in vials of 10 milliliters;
  • in ampoules (2 ml);
  • in cans (5L).

An annotation is attached to each package of the product. The owner of the garden or field selects the required amount of the preparation for processing potatoes.

Lightning is combined with pesticides used to spray crops, but not mixed with products that contain a high percentage of acids and alkalis, since the effect of the insecticide deteriorates.

The secret to efficiency

After eating the leaves, into which alpha-cypermethrin has been absorbed, the muscles of the Colorado potato beetle paralyze, it stops moving and falls to the ground in just a few minutes. After processing the site with Lightning, which belongs to the third class of danger, pests appear on the bushes no earlier than 3 weeks later. Compared to other products, the insecticide has clear advantages:

  1. Acts quickly and for a long time.
  2. Does not lose effectiveness after rain.
  3. Withstands heat normally.
  4. It is consumed sparingly.

The disadvantages of the drug Lightning include high toxicity for beneficial insects that pollinate plants. Through repeated use, pests are able to develop resistance to the basic substance present in the chemical. To prevent this from happening, you need to change the funds.

What insects does it act against?

The insecticide protects garden trees, shrubs, vegetables and grain crops from ticks, caterpillars, fights against aphids, bark beetles, sawflies.

When spraying cabbage with Lightning, they die:

  • cruciferous fleas;
  • mole;
  • scoop;
  • runaway.

One treatment for such a vegetable crop is enough for a month. The insecticide destroys the moth, leafworm, spider mites on apple trees, gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries, and grapes. The tool is effective in the fight against weevils, rape flower beetles. To protect against the Colorado potato beetle, lightning is sprayed with tomatoes and eggplants.

Instructions for use

Before using an insecticide, you need to carefully study the annotation, since the consumption rates for the destruction of different pests are different. Potatoes are sprayed at the time of the greatest accumulation of Colorado beetles. Beets are treated from weevils when shoots appear, locusts are fought during the period of development and growth of larvae.

It is better for owners of small plots to purchase insecticide in ampoules, two are enough to spray a hundred of potatoes, one piece dissolves in a bucket of water. For ticks and moths, apple trees are treated at the rate of 0.5 liters of emulsion per hectare of plantations. To destroy the leafworm and aphids on fruit bushes, 0.3 liters of Lightning are bred.

It is better to start spraying in the morning or in the evening, when the air temperature does not exceed 25 degrees, there is no strong wind. A spray bottle is included with the package, which helps to distribute the prepared solution.


Before processing plants, it is necessary to put on overalls, socks, a hat, protect your eyes with glasses, your face with a mask, and the respiratory tract with a respirator. If the insecticide enters the human body,

  1. Dizziness occurs.
  2. The body temperature rises sharply.
  3. Tormented by nausea and weakness.

The Lightning agent poses a danger to bees, therefore it is advisable to spray it before the flowers appear on the potatoes. You need to store the insecticide without opening the package. The prepared solution is used immediately.

When spraying plants with poisonous agents, do not smoke, eat food. In case of drug poisoning, you must drink a large amount of water. This will help induce vomiting. Then take activated charcoal.


A drug that has a mechanism of action similar to Lightning is Karate. The tool contains an active ingredient - lambda cyhalothrim, belongs to pyrethroids.

Tanrek destroys pests of flower crops, copes with locusts, whiteflies, Colorado potato beetles, blocking their nervous system. This insecticide is used when pyrethroids cease to act on pests.

Mospilan is produced on the basis of acetamiprid in Russia. The tool fights weevils, destroys the larvae of thrips, bedbugs, Colorado potato beetle.

To protect potato fields and beds from insects, farmers and summer residents cultivate the bushes with Regent, Fastak, Bi-58 are used to combat various types of pests.

Lightning is one of the most effective chemical insecticides.

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