Description of the tomato variety Bison orange and its characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Bison orange and its characteristics

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Among the brightest representatives of national breeding, it is worth noting the Orange Bison tomato. The variety was created as a salad specimen, but no less good for preparations for the winter. And its fruits of a rich orange color, so similar to small pumpkins, will become an ornament both on the garden and on the table.

Features of the variety

Orange Bison is a determinant medium-late ripening variety. The variety was bred specifically for cultivation in greenhouse conditions, but in central Russia it takes root well, and bears fruit no less well, and in the open field. Begins to bear fruit in 120-130 days after the first shoots.

Description of the variety:

  • a tall plant for the determinant type, the bushes grow up to 160 cm,
  • low leafy plants,
  • increased productivity.

Description of fruits:

  • flat-round, slightly ribbed, shaped like a pumpkin,
  • rich bright orange color,
  • the skin is dense and smooth,
  • when cut, the pulp is sugar, dense, orange,
  • the fruits are large, the weight of one tomato can reach 900 grams,
  • rich taste, with a sweetish aftertaste and aroma.

The characteristic and description of the variety shows that tomatoes are well stored and perfectly tolerate transportation, are resistant to mechanical damage.

Tomatoes can be eaten fresh, but they also make great sauces. For whole-fruited conservation, the fruits of this variety are somewhat large.


The time of sowing seeds for seedlings depends on climatic conditions and the further habitat of tomatoes: in a greenhouse or in open ground. It is important to observe the timing of planting seedlings. Overexposed, late planted bushes will bear fruit worse and may be less resistant to disease and pests.

  • Before sowing, it is recommended to soak the seeds for a couple of days, wrapping them in a cloth. This will allow you to count more friendly shoots.
  • Seedlings must be provided with warmth and light. The optimum temperature for emerging seedlings is 15-17 degrees, after a couple of weeks, when the shoots grow up, the temperature should be increased to 20-22 degrees.
  • It is not worth pouring seedlings, regular and moderate watering is enough.
  • After the appearance of the first true leaves, the plants should be cut into separate containers.

Top dressing of seedlings is another important element of growing tomatoes. Feeding should be done every two to three weeks. If the seedlings are not provided with the necessary nutrients, they will begin to stretch and become weak, which will certainly affect the amount of the crop.

For a faster and more painless adaptation after transplantation, the plants need to be hardened in the fresh air. The main thing is not to leave the sprouts in a draft and not overexpose in the cold.

"Bison Orange" is very fond of sunlight. Reviews of those who have already planted tomatoes of this variety assure: the more plants are in the sun, the sweeter the harvest will be. Therefore, it is more profitable to plant it on the sunny side.

After the bushes are planted for permanent residence, they should be tied up immediately. And it is advisable to choose an additional support that is more reliable, since in the future, you will have to tie up the brushes so that they do not break under the weight of the fruit.

To grow healthy, strong tomato plants, it is required to form bushes with a maximum of two trunks and the indispensable removal of stepchildren.

You cannot do without the usual procedures that are necessary for the normal development of all varieties of tomatoes: regular watering and loosening of the soil, with periodic hilling.

According to vegetable growers, "Orange Bison" is a very tasty tomato, which is famous for its high yield and visual attractiveness of the fruits, but also a minus in growing this variety is noticed - often, wooden supports do not support the total weight of the fruit.

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