Characteristics and description of varieties of cucumbers Artist F1 and Anzor F1

Characteristics and description of varieties of cucumbers Artist F1 and Anzor F1

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Every summer resident strives to get the earliest harvest possible. In this he is helped by ultra-early varieties of cucumbers, such as Anzor F1 and Artist F1.

Description of variety Anzor F1 10

Anzor refers not just to early, but to ultra-early varieties. Analogue of the variety Artist F1. Originally from the Netherlands. The first crop can be harvested 40 days after germination. On one node, 3 - 4 gherkins can form. The plant is very vigorous and has a strong root system. It tolerates not only a lack of light, but also a slight decrease in temperature.

Anzor F1 has an increased resistance to diseases, due to which it can be grown not only indoors, but also outdoors. Able to grow quickly after overcoming stressful conditions. The yield is stable and uniform throughout the entire fruiting period.

The fruits of the Anzor variety have a cylindrical shape, the color is medium green. The taste is excellent, the skin is thin and delicate, the seed chamber is small. Throughout the entire growth period, cucumbers do not turn yellow and do not overripe. It can be used both for fresh consumption and for various types of canning.

It perfectly tolerates transportation and storage, making it suitable for sale. For a long time, it can keep its presentation and not lose its taste.

Variety description Artist F1

It belongs to the ultra-early, it can begin fruiting as early as 40 days after the first shoots have appeared. The plant is parthenocarpic, therefore insects are not required for fruiting. Medium-sized bush, strong root system.

The shape of the cucumber is cylindrical, the color is dark green. The tubercles are moderately pronounced. The length of the fruit is no more than 10 centimeters, and the weight is about 100 grams. A distinctive feature is the pulp, which has an excellent aroma, density and juiciness. Up to 8 kg of fruit can be harvested from one square meter, which indicates a high yield of hybrids.


The description of the variety suggests that the fruits of the Artist and Anzor are devoid of bitterness. This ensures versatility of use. Vegetables can be successfully used both in conservation and for fresh consumption. Fruits of both varieties tolerate transportation well, do not lose marketability and taste. Thanks to this, they are used for implementation.

The cucumber variety Artist F1 has such significant advantages over competitors:

  • increased resistance to major diseases;
  • very early ripening of the crop;
  • high productivity;
  • excellent taste;
  • universal use;
  • the ability to grow both indoors and outdoors (including on a balcony, windowsill, greenhouse).


The Artist's cucumbers are planted in two ways. In the first method, the seedlings are grown in advance and then dived into the ground. In the second, the seeds are sown directly to the garden bed. With the seedling method, sowing should be started already in April. They do this in peat pots or in special cassettes for growing seedlings. The soil is prepared from the following components:

  • peat (2 parts);
  • humus (2 parts);
  • sawdust (1 part);
  • wood ash (40 g per 10 liters).

The resulting mixture is filled into containers, in each one is laid out on a pair of seeds of these varieties. Further care consists in timely watering, which is carried out as the soil dries out.

The characteristic suggests that cucumbers are thermophilic plants, react poorly to temperature changes. It is necessary to sow in open ground not earlier than the moment when the earth warms up to +15 ° С. As a rule, during this period, the threat of night frosts finally passes, and the daytime temperature is set at +22 ° C. The seeds are buried a couple of centimeters, and the distance between them is about 10 centimeters. Initially, it is recommended to cover the bed with agrofibre. The first shoots may appear within a week.

Care features

After the appearance of the second leaf, the cucumbers will need to be thinned out. For every 15 centimeters, only one strongest seedling is left. In order for the root system to develop better, it is necessary to periodically loosen the earth, to make hilling.

This procedure will help prevent water from entering the plant stems. It is this factor that contributes to the development of the main diseases of cucumbers.

Watering is carried out as the top layer of the soil dries up. Cucumber Artist F1 reduces the ovary in case of insufficient moisture, the yield drops. Malformed cucumbers with a bitter flesh may appear. It does not hurt to periodically apply organic fertilizers to help maintain the balance of nutrients in the soil.

Not the least role in the cultivation of cucumbers is played by the neighborhood in the beds with other crops. It is better to plant cucumbers nearby with such crops:

  • eggplant;
  • garlic;
  • beans;
  • cabbage;
  • salad;
  • beets, etc.

Tomatoes, radishes and radishes cause very conflicting opinions on this issue.

The cucumber Artist F1, the description and reviews of which beckons to plant it on its site, already has its fans. Summer residents not only grow this hybrid themselves for several years, but also recommend it to their friends and acquaintances. Plant care is the same as for other varieties, but you can get more harvest, and even with better characteristics. Most gardeners even sell the surplus of the harvested crop, receiving income from this.

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