Instructions for use of Follimag for rabbits, dosage and analogues

Instructions for use of Follimag for rabbits, dosage and analogues

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Many farmers and amateur private traders know about Follimag for adult rabbits. This is a veterinary drug, an analogue of the Dutch drug Folligon, with all the proper properties. Rabbits do not have an individually calculated dose, so you need to focus on the calculated dose for fur animals. The drug is produced in the Russian Federation by CJSC Mosagrogen.

Composition and release form of the drug

The main component of "Follimag" is gonadotropic hormone freed from impurities, which is extracted from the blood serum of pregnant mares. Pharmacological affiliation - hormones, antihormones. The drug is made from PMSG (fertile mare serum hormone) with auxiliary components.

The medicinal substance looks like a porous mass of milky or beige color. It dissolves without residue in saline (sodium chloride), water for injection. A cloudy suspension may form at the bottom, which is the norm. The drug "Follimag" is produced in sterile flasks of colorless glass with a volume of 500-1000 IU. Closed with a sealed soft cork lid with an aluminum sheath.

Principle of operation

The horse serum hormone is thoroughly refined. This operation completely removes low molecular weight proteins. As a result, the hormone acquires luteinizing (regulating reproductive function), follicle-stimulating activity.

It is important that the veterinary drug has no cross-species specificity. The drug "Follimag" starts the process of formation, an increase in the number of eggs in female rabbits. In males, it increases the work of interstitial (increasing the rhythm of contractions) cells in the testes, synthesizes testosterone. As a result, the sexual heat of male rabbits increases, a sufficient amount of seminal fluid is produced for effective mating.

In what cases are used

The gonadotropic hormone found in Follimag stimulates sexual desire in rabbits and increases fertility in animals. Also, a veterinary drug is used to treat decreased ovarian function. It is not worth prescribing hormones to overweight rabbits, otherwise uterine disease may develop, in which infertility occurs in females.

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If pregnancy occurs, then often there is a miscarriage or the birth of dead rabbits.

Instructions for use for rabbits

For use in veterinary medicine, there is an instruction for diluting the drug: add physiological solution or water for injection to the substance - 3 cubes. During the rut, rabbits are injected with subcutaneous injections of the drug. The injection site is the inner thigh. The dose is calculated for each animal - 50-60 IU. This stimulates the onset of sexual desire in individuals of both sexes, an increase in fertility in females, and the production of highly active sperm in a male rabbit.

Contraindications and side effects

The veterinary drug "Follimag" is harmless to rabbits and humans, meat products can be consumed without restrictions. Eliminate the use of the drug if flakes and sediment are present at the bottom of the bubble. Also, do not inject the substance:

  • weakened animals (after an illness, with short breaks between the lambing of a rabbit);
  • small, not sexually mature individuals;
  • in diseases of an infectious genesis.

Today, no negative effects have been identified when using "Follimag", and there are no data on overdose. Necessary requirements - adhere to the recommended dosages, maintain the interval between injections. If signs of anaphylactic shock suddenly appear, then the animal urgently needs to inject adrenaline (0.1% solution) subcutaneously at the rate of 3-5 milliliters per 1 kilogram of weight.

Terms and conditions of storage

The unopened medicine should be stored only in a dark and dry place. The temperature should be monitored where the drug is stored. Values ​​should not exceed 12 degrees Celsius. The diluted medicine should be kept on the top shelf of the refrigerator, no more than 10 hours. If the requirements are met, a closed bottle can be stored for 2 years.


Veterinary pharmacies offer substitutes similar in effect to Follimag:

  1. "Surfagon".
  2. Fertagil.
  3. "Magestrofan".
  4. Estrofan.

The lyophilisate (dried substance) of this drug must be dissolved, applied according to the rules prescribed in the instructions. Unused "Follimag" is allowed to be disposed of together with household waste.

Sexual pathogens such as "Follimag" for rabbits should not be thoughtlessly used; it is necessary to study the specific situation separately. Special cases require the intervention of a veterinarian. Sometimes disease, animal fatigue, or other serious causes can cause rabbits to refuse to mate. Haste and wrong actions can lead to the death of the animal.

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