Instructions for the use of the herbicide Lintur from weeds and processing rules

Instructions for the use of the herbicide Lintur from weeds and processing rules

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It is possible to reduce the time and effort spent on cleaning weeds today by using chemicals that effectively combat these plants. Among the effective drugs by gardeners, the herbicide Lintur stands out. It is designed to combat any weeds, including perennial ones. To learn how to properly use a pesticide, you need to read the instructions for use.

Composition and form of release of weed killer

The drug has 2 active ingredients:

  1. Dicamba 659 g / kg as sodium salt.
  2. Triasulfuron 41 g / kg, which belongs to the sulfonylurea class.

Dicamba is a growth regulator, and triasulfuron is able to inhibit the synthesis of amino acids required by weeds. These active elements pass through the root system and weed leaves. Due to the effect of the pesticide, the following are observed:

  • suspension of growth;
  • yellowness, necrosis of the leaf, stem;
  • the death of weeds.

The herbicide is produced in a 1 kg package containing water-dispersible granules. A measuring cup is included with each package.

Advantages of the herbicide

The advantages of the tool include:

  • protection of lawn grasses;
  • a wide range of effects - the drug is able to solve the problem of weeds that are difficult to eradicate. This includes Mary, schiritsa, chamomile, sow thistle;
  • due to the soil action, long-term protection is provided;
  • profitability;
  • harvesting is quick, since there is no need for additional cleaning from weeds;
  • Lintour has a low consumption rate;
  • one spraying with a product is enough;
  • the pesticide may not be combined with other agents;
  • the product can be used in the spring and autumn periods;
  • does not pose a danger to people, animals;
  • modern type of high quality herbicide in convenient packaging.

How does the drug work?

The herbicide is used to control the growth of a wide variety of annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds, including 2,4-D resistant types.

Lintur destroys both the aerial part and the roots of the weeds. The drug is less dependent on the weather during use.

Fast and effective action is observed due to the combination of 2 active elements.

Signs begin to appear on the 5-7th day, and absolute death comes after 20 days, based on the type of weeds and the weather. The protective barrier lasts about 8 weeks.

After herbicide spraying in the autumn period of the current year, you can sow any crop with the previous soil plowing to a depth of 15 cm. The pesticide has no contraindications for subsequent plants in the crop rotation.

Consumption rates for different plants

How much drug is required in each specific case can be found in the table.

CultureRequired consumption, kg / haTime and stage
Winter wheat, rye0,12-0,18In autumn, spring, during tillering
Winter barley0,12-0,18Autumn period, tillering
Spring crops0,12-0,18Spring time, tillering
Millet0,12-0,18Spring time, tillering period
Meadow timothy (sowing seeds)0,18Crops are cultivated in the year when the seeds are harvested (spring), at the stage of crop growth
Meadow timothy (cover, bare crops)0,18Crops are sprayed at the tillering stage or with the appearance of 1-2 leaves, when the sowing is bare
Red fescue, meadow bluegrass - cover, coverless sowing

Two-source reed, festulolium

0,18Crops are sprayed at the tillering stage of the cover plant or at the stage of 1-2 leaves, when the sowing is uncover
Lawn0,18Processing takes place 4 days after mowing from May to June or from August to September

How to prepare a working mixture?

To process 100 sq. m of lawn, you will need a 1.5-gram bag. To prepare the solution, the tank is filled with water by ΒΌ. After that, the required dose is measured with the help of a measuring cup and poured into the tank. The mixture is mixed well, then the rest of the water is poured into the tank.

Stirring is continued during the treatment of the site to ensure homogeneity of the working solution. When the sprayer tank is filled, the filling hose is always positioned above the water level. This is to avoid suction back.

The mixture used must be applied within 24 hours.

How to use the product correctly?

The instructions for use prescribe the following rules for the use of the herbicide:

  1. Processing is carried out when the weather is dry and calm and not earlier than 2-3 days after the lawn is mowed.
  2. Cereals must be sprayed from the degree of 4 leaves to the end of the tillering stage of the plant, inclusive.
  3. Spraying is carried out in the mornings and evenings, when the wind speed is not more than 5 m / s, so that the pesticide does not drift onto the plants growing nearby.
  4. It is recommended to spray the plants 2 times a season. The first time you need to do this at the end of spring, the next - at the end of summer. The optimum air temperature is 15-25 degrees.

It is not necessary to spray the crops with the product if frosts are foreseen or after frosts. Also do not use on crops under stress, do not process lawns where leguminous grasses are sown, do not feed mowed grass as forage for animals.

It is important that the working solution does not get on neighboring plants. Also, do not spray lawns less than 6 months old.

Safety rules for use

The pesticide from weeds of selective action belongs to the drugs of the 3rd hazard class, which means that it practically does not pose a danger to humans and insects.

However, using the drug, you need to follow the rules:

  1. Use personal protective equipment for skin, eyes, respiratory organs - long-sleeved clothing, rubber gloves, respirator, mask, goggles.
  2. It is forbidden to smoke, drink, eat.
  3. Treat plots only when the weather is calm.
  4. After spraying, wash your hands using detergent.
  5. The oral cavity is rinsed with clean water.
  6. If Lintur splashes on the skin, rinse it with warm water and detergent. If the drug gets on the eye area, rinse them with plenty of water without closing.
  7. Ingestion of the herbicide requires the use of activated charcoal, and you should also try to provoke vomiting.

Compatibility with other herbicides

The pesticide is compatible with other herbicides, but a compatibility test is required in every situation. Good compatibility Lintura is fixed with Alto Super, Karate, Aktara. Tank solutions are often prepared from these media. The drug has no compatibility with the growth regulator.

How to store the drug?

Storage of the drug should take place in a dry room. The temperature range of preservation is from -10 to +35 degrees. The shelf life is 3 years.

Are there any analogues?

Of similar products for processing crops, there are:

  • Antisapa;
  • Roundup Max;
  • Fusilade Forte;
  • Astera;
  • Gezagard;
  • Hurricane Forte.

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