Characteristics and description of the wild rose tomato variety, its yield

Characteristics and description of the wild rose tomato variety, its yield

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Summer residents who look after their health should like the Wild Rose tomatoes. The selenium they contain is beneficial for many diseases. It helps the body fight cancer cells and improves heart function. By using the pink tomato variety, summer residents protect themselves from cancer, stroke and heart attack.


Wild rose is an early ripe pink-fruited tomato variety, included in the state register in 1999. In the southern regions, tomatoes are ripened outdoors. Gardeners of Siberia and the Urals prefer to grow it in greenhouses.

Growth type Rosa is an indent variety with unlimited vigor. In greenhouses, the height is 2 meters or slightly lower. It is recommended to form a bush according to the 1 (2) stem scheme, removing stepchildren weekly. If this procedure is neglected, the bush will fatten to the detriment of fruiting.


The wild rose tomato is large-fruited with beautiful, slightly flattened, rounded fruits of large diameter. The color of a ripe tomato is pale pink. The skin is thin. Fruits are intended for salads and making sauces, ketchups, adjik.

Fruit weight is about 300 g. Productivity of 1 bush - 2 kg of tomato. Harvest per square meter - 6 kg. Tomatoes taste sweet and sour. The pulp is juicy. The characteristics and description of the wild rose tomato variety differ little from the description of other large tomatoes.


When selecting new varieties for the greenhouse (OG), you should pay attention to the valuable qualities of the Wild Rose tomato:

  1. The fruits are marketable, tasty.
  2. Heat resistance.
  3. Salinity resistance.
  4. Not afraid of the tobacco mosaic virus.
  5. Tomatoes ripen if plucked in a state of technical ripeness.
  6. You can use your seeds to breed the Rose.


These tomatoes do not yield large yields. One tomato bush yields no more than 2 kg of fruit per season. Not everyone can be satisfied with this indicator. There are gardeners' claims to the ripening time. In some regions, the growing season is longer than that declared by the manufacturer.


Nadia, Jelgava

I am absolutely delighted with the Rose. Its huge fruits are delicious: juicy, tender. They really delight me. Released the seeds. Next year I will plant mine. Formated in 1 stem, plantings are thickened. I collected 1.5 kg from each bush. Ripened later than other varieties.

Larisa, Yekaterinburg

Ripens late. The fruits are delicious and beautiful. Rose's yield is average. Sowed for seedlings until March 10. I planted it in the greenhouse on May 15. The tomatoes ripened at the end of August. In the future, I will plant one bush at a time, no more.

Katya, Moscow region

I really liked the wild rose. Pleased with the size. Not everyone grows tomatoes weighing 400 g, but mine did. The taste also did not disappoint and the tomatoes look good. Today is my first experience, I have never grown indents before. The beginning turned out to be good, I will continue.


The variety is propagated through seedlings. Seeds are sown in mid-March. Seeds can be soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate before planting. Sow first into shallow boxes (10-15 cm) later, when 2 leaves appear, dive into cups (300-400 ml).

Advice. Use Kornevin to form roots when picking.

Seedlings that have reached the age of 50 (60) days are ready for transplantation into place (greenhouse, soil). It is better to plant seedlings in the OG later (early June) so that you do not have to cover it. When planting, adhere to the classic scheme for indents - 2 (3) roots per 1 sq. m. Install the supports immediately. You can tie seedlings in a week.


If you do not follow the rules of caring for large-fruited tomatoes, you will not get a good harvest. Summer activities:

  • watering;
  • top dressing;
  • garter;
  • pinching.

It is better to form bushes in 1 stalk, but you can also in 2. To get early production, choose the first option. This method allows you to get larger fruits.

Watering, its intensity and frequency in the exhaust gas is determined by the weather, in the greenhouse - by the state of the soil. If dry, water once (2) times a week. To carry out top dressing, but without fanaticism. If the bushes begin to fatten, discard it.

For those who do not like chemistry, it is recommended to use Gumat-super. Consumption ⅓ h. L. funds for a bucket. First, dissolve in 1 liter of water (30 ° C), only then pour the solution into a bucket of water.


There is no need to plant 10 bushes to pamper your family with healthy pink fruits. Reviews of gardeners about the Wild Rose tomato are not unambiguous, you can check them in practice. For a family, it is enough to have 2-3 roots on the ridge.

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