Instructions for use of the drug Intermag vegetable garden for cucumbers

Instructions for use of the drug Intermag vegetable garden for cucumbers

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Intermag vegetable garden cucumbers is a complex fertilizer of a concentrated form, intended for feeding garden species. The Russian-made product belongs to the category of mineral micronutrient fertilizers intended for a wide range of horticultural crops, including cucumbers.

The composition contains a large amount of elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. The use of the product for leaf and root and top dressing of cucumber varieties prevents the deficiency of micro- and macroelements throughout the growing season. The substance can be used for the treatment of cucumbers grown in open and closed ground.

The use of the drug allows to ensure correct growth and improves the quality characteristics of the crop, increases the protective qualities of the plant against diseases of cucumber crops and their main diseases. Thanks to the biologically active form of microfertilizer release, cucumbers receive up to 100% of the necessary nutrition.

What are the benefits of the product?

Intermag has been used for a long time in horticulture as an improvement in the cultivation of various varieties of cucumbers and other crops. Among the indisputable advantages of Intermag are the following qualities:

  • the content of a high concentration of trace elements necessary for the plant;
  • increasing the germination property of planting material;
  • higher performance indicators among peers;
  • improvement of fruit ovary;
  • the possibility of increasing the immune properties of horticultural crops;
  • the ability to improve yields and shelf life of fruits;
  • the quality of preservation of soil properties after the passage of rains;
  • formation of resistance to unfavorable weather conditions;
  • lack of chlorine content.

The drug is relatively safe and biologically harmless, according to the current classification, it belongs to the 3rd hazard class for humans and animals. The product is safe for horticultural crops, since it does not have phytotoxicity, does not accumulate in the fruits of horticultural crops and, after processing, does not leave chemical burns on the leaf plates of cucumbers.

Features of using the tool

The working solution is prepared immediately before use; it is impossible to prepare the working fluid in advance. The instruction of Intermag vegetable garden cucumbers is information available for perception in the form of a table, with the help of which even a novice gardener can easily determine the doses of substances necessary for dilution and the volume of the required solution.

The working volume of the liquid is prepared in accordance with the type of cultivated garden culture and the area of ​​planting.

The processing of bushes of cucumber crops is carried out using a hand or knapsack sprayer. The essence of the preparation is to fill the container with water by 2/3 of the recommended volume, slowly add the drug and then add the liquid to the desired value. After thorough mixing and complete dissolution of the chemical agent, the solution can be used to treat plants by spraying or watering the bushes of the garden culture.

Work is carried out in the morning or evening, choosing for this weather without wind. When spraying, the entire territory of the plantings is sequentially treated, evenly wetting the entire surface of the leaf plates. It is most effective to carry out work involving a combination of spraying and watering procedures, which is most effective in the early stages of development of cucumber crops.

The optimal period of use is considered to be the period from May to August. When diluting the drug, you need to pay attention to the shelf life of the drug, which is 3 years. The duration of the validity period is calculated from the date of manufacture of the product. The drug must be stored in a dry place inaccessible to children and adults. The permissible storage temperature is considered to be from -10 to +30 C.

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