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Chestnut is sick

Chestnut is sick

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Three years ago, they planted a chestnut on the site, so that it served as a small shelter from the sun. All these three years have grown perfectly, this year there were some problems with the bark, what could it be?


Nina, problems with bark can be different. Sorry you did not describe the problem in detail. Suspected chestnut bark problems:

  • Necrosis of the cortex (stem, phomopsis, septomix) the result of sunburn, severe frost or a fungal infection. The treatment is long, consists in spraying with fungicides or Bordeaux liquid. And also cut off the affected part of the bark and lubricate with garden var.
  • Pests (scale insect, bark beetle, barbel, etc.) is the result of damage to the cortex by the vital activity of beetles. The treatment consists of spraying with copper sulphate or Baleyton. In the form of prevention, spring whitewashing of the trunk.

Treat based on the cause of the problem. Try to carry out agricultural technical preventive work. A disease is better to prevent than to cure.