Characteristics and description of tomato Beef, what kind of variety it is, its yield

Characteristics and description of tomato Beef, what kind of variety it is, its yield

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Tomato Big Beef is suitable for lovers of American cuisine - a large-fruited variety of Dutch selection, multi-chamber with dense, juicy pulp looks great in slicing and on sandwiches. Despite the fact that it appeared in Russia relatively recently, summer residents grow it and other varieties of this type in greenhouses and open ground.

All about beef tomatoes

Agrofirm "Gavrish" is the main supplier of tomato seeds of the beef category. Not all gardeners know what it is - beef tomatoes and what is their charm.

This type of tomato has a peculiarity in the structure of the fruit - multi-chamber: ordinary tomatoes have 2 chambers, and beefs - 4. Large-fruited is a distinctive feature of beef tomatoes. Usually, their fruits reach large sizes, they can weigh more than 1 kg.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let's start with the disadvantages, the main two:

  • do not tolerate transportation;
  • lie a little, no more than 2 weeks, more often - 1.

The advantages of beefs are impressive:

  • large-fruited;
  • yield;
  • a large selection of varieties of different ripening periods, growth, colors;
  • persistent immunity to many infections and pests (fusarium, verticillosis, cladiosporosis, mosaic, bronze, rootworm nematodes);
  • good taste;
  • widespread use in cooking;
  • high content of nutrients in the pulp.

Interesting varieties

An example of large-fruited is the Porter tomato. Determinate variety with bright, beautiful fruits of enormous size. Weight 1.8 kg is the norm for this beef. Grown in seedlings. Sown for seedlings from March to mid-April. The fruits ripen early - after 80 days you can taste the first tomatoes.

Beef Brandy is an excellent decoration for dishes. Its fruits with an original ribbed shape are colored in a beautiful pink color. The pulp contains few seeds, aromatic and very sweet. Grown in a greenhouse. The main characteristic of this variety is its yield.

Correct agricultural technology allows you to get 25 kg of tomatoes per square meter. When planting, you need to follow the 70 * 45 cm scheme. The plant is tall (1.8 m) - this means that a garter is needed. It is recommended to form a bush into 1 stem. The stepsons are removed throughout the season.

Fans of pink-fruited tomatoes should pay attention to the F1 Master hybrid. Fruits are pink, leveled, round. The average fruit weight exceeds 200 g. The plant has an extended fruiting. The ovary forms evenly throughout the season, so the fruits ripen from mid-summer to autumn.

Big beef f1 is the largest and most famous tomato in the category of steak varieties. This is a mid-early (100 days), indeterminate (1.8-2 m) hybrid. Forms fruits very large, their average weight exceeds 300 g.

The pulp is distinguished by a good aroma and taste, which harmoniously combines sweetness and acidity. The first generation hybrid can be grown both outdoors and in polycarbonate or film greenhouses. The giant from Holland pleases gardeners with a harvest: 1 sq. m grow up to 10 kg of fruit.

What gardeners say

There are reviews about the varieties of this group, but not much, because beefs began to gain popularity among gardeners quite recently. The geography of using steak tomatoes is expanding every year.

Tatiana, Nikolaev:

“The Master is my favorite beef. Such a delicious miracle, I grow it outdoors without any problems. During the season I spend only two root dressings. The fruit tastes excellent, sweet, the pulp is tender, juicy. Tomatoes have a bizarre shape, but I even like it. The main thing for me is the taste, and the Master variety has an excellent one ”.

Svetlana, Belgorod:

“I would like to share my impressions of growing Big Beef F1. I bought the seeds from the company Search. Of the 10 pieces that were in the pack, all ascended. Seeds were sown without treatment. The description of the variety says that they are treated with a fungicide. It also says that they need potassium. I put banana peels in the holes. Grown like all tall tomatoes. From 5 to 8 fruits were formed in the brush. As for the taste, I can say that it is very dependent on the soil - its quality means a lot. Tomatoes are less sweet on sandy soil than on black soil. "

Growing features

Tomato beef requires good agricultural technology, like all large-fruited varieties.

Care rules to follow:

  1. A strict planting scheme - 2 plants per 1 sq. m.
  2. Throughout the season, carry out top dressing.
  3. Form a plant into 1 stem, pinch the stepsons every week.
  4. Regulate the number of ovaries in the brush (3-5 pcs.).

Tomato beef grows better on soils:

  • lungs;
  • fertile;
  • pH level = 6-7.

The size and taste of the fruit largely depend on the structure of the soil and its fertility. Feeding is no less important - they need to be carried out every month. During flowering and fruiting, the emphasis is on potash fertilizers. Potassium in supplementary food should be 2 times more than nitrogen - its excess is undesirable, tomatoes begin to fatten.

Ash is an excellent supplier of potassium. A handful of ash in the hole when planting, and your tomato is provided with the necessary mineral element for the entire season.

Watering is just as important as fertilizing. In the greenhouse, water every 3 days, in the open field, according to the weather. Water abundantly. Ventilate the greenhouse after each watering. To retain moisture, the soil can be mulched. A good mulch is dry lawn grass.


The fruits are usually used for making summer salads and various sandwiches. Due to their large size, it is convenient to stuff them with cheese, cottage cheese, meat. Juicy pulp is an excellent raw material for making sauces and ketchups. Large tomatoes can be cut and preserved. Suitable for making winter salads and tomato paste.


For any gardener, a steak tomato variety will become a summer hit: large fruits will decorate the table both on holidays and on weekdays, and their photo will be a page on social networks.

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