How long to keep piglets near the sow and when to wean

How long to keep piglets near the sow and when to wean

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In pig breeding, the feeding of suckling pigs and their weaning are of great importance for their further development. Consider the optimal timing of weaning piglets, at what age to take the babies from the sow, how to wean them correctly. How to prepare, the weaning process itself, how the animals might react and how to care for the piglets after beating the mother.

At what age is it customary to beat off piglets from a sow

In pig breeding, weaning of 2 types is practiced: early and late. The choice of one or the other depends on the future use of the piglets. Early weaning is carried out until the brood is 2 months old; it is practiced on large farms with significant livestock. Early beating of offspring allows the sow to recover faster, you can get more than 2 farrowings per year, the animal consumes less feed, because it does not spend it on milk production, and the digestive tract of piglets develops much faster due to the introduction of solid feed.

Late weaning is also common in households - at 2.5 months. Advantages: strong piglets with good immunity.

Weaning piglets

The weaning process, or separation from the mother, is always stressful for babies. If taken away incorrectly, babies will start to get sick, lose their appetite, which will immediately affect their development. The weaning process does not start abruptly, first they carry out preparation: they gradually feed the babies with solid food and gradually reduce the length of time when it is necessary to keep the piglets with the mother.

Preparatory stage

3-day-old babies are watered with boiled water so that they get used to it, and useful microflora is produced in the stomachs, which is necessary for the digestion of solid feed. Weekly babies are given a liquid porridge made from oatmeal, boiled in water or milk. At 1.5 weeks, pigs can eat finely chopped hay, at 2 weeks - grass and chopped root vegetables.

At the same time, it is necessary to reduce the time that the piglets spend with their mother. The pig begins to be removed from the pen, where the brood is located, first for 1-2 hours, and then the time is increased. By the age of 2 months, the pigs are brought to brood only at the time of feeding.

Weaning process

The sow is fed less succulent feed in the week before weaning to reduce milk secretion. At this time, the number of offspring feeding is reduced from 6 to 1 per day. After weaning, the brood is kept in the native pen for another 1-1.5 weeks to reduce stress and its consequences on the animals.

Moving young animals, sorting and vaccinations can be done no earlier than 1.5 weeks after weaning.

Pig behavior

Piglets can get nervous, screaming, until they get used to being without a pig. They may eat poorly or refuse food altogether. This behavior is normal, after a while the kids will calm down. As for sows, they rarely experience the stress of separation from offspring, their behavior remains almost unchanged, and their appetite is not lost.

Further care of the animal

Weaning piglets should be monitored for the first 2-3 weeks after weaning. Stress can stimulate your appetite. In this case, you need to reduce the daily diet by 20%. This will eliminate overeating and problems with the digestive tract. Within 1-1.5 weeks, the amount of feed is gradually brought back to normal. The number of feed distributions - 5 times a day, in equal portions.

They are given finely chopped grass, crushed grain, grated vegetables and root vegetables. Everything is mixed in a mash. Add salt, a little chalk, vitamins, food additives. If the diet and feeding regime are selected correctly, piglets should gain 350-400 g of weight gain per day.

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After weaning, animals can be regrouped according to their level of physical development. You can make up groups of 20-25 pieces. Small animals are also united in groups and transferred to intensive feeding.

After getting used, young animals can be vaccinated, soldered from helminths. Vaccination and deworming will reduce the likelihood of illness and death of young animals. The conditions for keeping piglets are warm, dry, well-lit and ventilated. It is necessary to clean the litter every day, clean up in the feeders, change the water to fresh. The health of the piglets and their further productivity depend on the cleanliness in the pen.

The time of weaning piglets from a sow has long been determined in pig breeding. They take babies at least 2 months of age so that they have time to develop and not get sick. It is important to properly prepare for this process, as well as properly care for weaners after it.

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