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How to distinguish a rose from a dog rose.

How to distinguish a rose from a dog rose.

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I bought a hybrid tea rose in the nursery in the spring, sprouts in paraffin. Planted, sprouts went from the buds under paraffin ... I waited all summer (I wanted to look at the flowers - I bought it), but I did not wait for the flowers. The sprouts have grown up to a meter high and have no intention of tying the buds. It is embarrassing that the leaves have seven petals. I know that hybrid tea roses should have five petals per leaf. Maybe I'm wrong? But the suspicion that it was a dogrose was too painful for me. Rose bought Alyonushka.

I would be grateful for a detailed answer on how to distinguish a rose from a rosehip if there are no flowers.


There are several signs of differences between a rose and a wild rose. Naturally, when the bush blooms, it is very easy to recognize a rose, because a rose has many petals, unlike a rosehip flower. And the rose does not give fruit. It is difficult to recognize rose hips when it comes to plant cuttings. To understand what is growing in your garden, you need to carefully look at the bush. It will prompt the correct answer.

  • Rosehip produces shoots immediately green, while the rose shoots grow red, which then turn green.
  • The top leaf of the dog rose does not have a pair and leaves on the branch grow up to 7 pieces. Rose has no more than 3-5 leaves.
  • Rosehip leaves are leaves of green light shade, small and matte. Rose throws green, dark shade, hard and glossy leaves.
  • Rosehip spikes are small and often located. Rose grows large and at the same time rare thorns.

Quite often, rosehip sprouts are sold under the guise of a rose, so you should be especially careful when buying.