Description and characteristics of the apple variety Apple Spas, history and features of cultivation

Description and characteristics of the apple variety Apple Spas, history and features of cultivation

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Triploid varieties have three complete sets of chromosomes. Therefore, they differ from their counterparts in stamina and yield. Apple trees Apple Spas belong to these types of fruit crops. Summer residents tend to plant such trees, the maintenance of which is minimal, and the yield is consistently high.

Breeding history of the species

The variety was born in Krasnodar by crossing two apple varieties:

  • Tetraploid papirovka;
  • Redfrey.

Yablochnyi spas took the best characteristics from the parent varieties. The approbation of the species and further research took place in Orel.

The authors are officially recognized:

  • E. N. Sedov;
  • Z. M. Serova;
  • V. V. Zhdanov;
  • G. A. Sedysheva;
  • L. I. Dutova;
  • T. Ragulina.

Its name is spoken of in different ways, one source claims that apples ripen by August 19, just in time for the Orthodox holiday, Yablochny Spas. Another source says that the apples of the variety were consecrated on August 19.

The apple variety conquered summer residents with its endurance and other qualities.

Advantages and disadvantages

The presence of good and bad properties is inherent in every plant. The apple tree Apple spas has an impressive number of advantages for which summer residents appreciate it.


  • Early maturity.
  • The ability to bear fruit in adverse weather conditions.
  • Stable high yield.
  • Excellent taste characteristics.
  • Versatility of use.
  • High immunity.
  • Resistant to heat and drought.
  • Frost resistance.
  • Undemanding care.


  • Demanding formation.

The variety is relatively young, some summer residents are wary of it. And those who have already planted leave only positive feedback.

Description of the variety

How to properly grow a variety and avoid mistakes in planting and care. A detailed description of the species will help to deal with these issues.

Barrel height

With proper care, a tree grows up to 15 m. But experienced summer residents say that 7 m is enough for a fruit plant. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out annual pruning.

Crown diameter

The side branches grow up to 2 m, respectively, the diameter of the Apple Savior is 4 m.

Root system

The developed root goes deep into the ground and is firmly anchored in the ground due to the large number of lateral roots.

Annual growth

Young shoots and old branches add 60 cm in length each year. Experienced summer residents are advised to cut off half of the growth, since it inhibits the development of the entire tree.


Under favorable growing conditions and observing the rules of planting and care, summer residents get 50 kg of apples from one tree. The weight of one fruit ranges from 200 to 220 g.

The tree begins to bear fruit at the age of 4-5 years, the yield becomes higher every year.

Tree lifespan

The variety was bred relatively recently, but producers provide promising data. Apple Spas is capable of producing crops for 70 years.


Evaluation of these qualities will allow the summer resident to make the final decision about whether the variety is suitable for the family's needs or not.

Tasting assessment

Experts rate the palatability of the fruit at 4.3 points. The smell of apples is standard, the taste is sweet-sour or sweet, depending on the place of cultivation and the composition of the soil.

Winter hardiness

Apple-tree Yablochny spas can withstand temperatures down to -25 ⁰С. In this case, small damage to the branches is found. But in the spring, the plant leaves and continues to grow and bear fruit.

Disease resistance

One of the advantages of the variety is its high immunity. The tree is resistant to scab and other common diseases. Compliance with planting rules, timely implementation of agricultural techniques increases the resistance of plants.

Pollinating varieties

The variety is self-fertile, but cannot pollinate itself on its own. To increase yields, several species are planted, which bloom simultaneously with the Apple Spas.

Ripening time and yield

Ripening occurs at the end of August and the beginning of September. Specific dates depend on the region of cultivation and climatic characteristics. The yield is high.

Growing regions

Due to its high winter hardiness, the Apple Spas apple tree is grown in Siberia and the Urals. But most of all, the characteristics of the variety are suitable for growing in the central zone of Russia.

Growing technology

Compliance with the planting requirements will allow the summer resident to receive the declared harvest in the future. You don't need to do anything special, you just need to follow the recommendations.


Gardeners recommend planting summer varieties in spring. The term is chosen based on the climatic characteristics of the region of residence. It is advisable to plant it before the start of sap flow in plants.

Seat selection

The site should be sunny, protected from drafts and flooding. The occurrence of groundwater is also of great importance, it should not be higher than 1.20 m from the earth's surface.

It is advisable to find a place on a slope or a small hill.The right location will help the tree grow and develop as expected.

Tillage and fertilization

In order for the tree to take root well and subsequently develop normally, it is necessary to make during planting:

  • rotted manure;
  • compost;
  • potassium chloride;
  • double superphosphate.

All these components are introduced before digging up the site. Then a hole is dug and the seedlings are planted.

Landing scheme

In order for the trees not to interfere with each other, a distance of 1-1.2 m is left between the seedlings. 4-4.5 m between the rows.

Care features

Correct landing is half of the success, the other half is for the implementation of competent care. Compliance with the rules and regulations will help you get the cherished kilograms of fruit.


Immediately after planting, 2 buckets of water are poured under one plant. Then watered as the top layer of the soil dries up. Mature plants need water during the following periods:

  • before the kidneys open;
  • during the flowering period;
  • when setting fruit;
  • during ripening;
  • after harvest.

It is advisable to install a drip irrigation system. In its absence, the plant is watered into a recess made near the trunk.


There are two types of pruning: sanitary and shaping. The first type is carried out during the growing season; dry, diseased and deformed branches are removed. Formative pruning allows you to grow a tree of the desired height and density, the gardener has the right to choose the amount and maximum length himself. It is held in early spring or autumn.

Top dressing

In the first 2 years, the plant does not need any fertilizers. Then add:

  • ammonium nitrate;
  • potassium chloride;
  • double superphosphate;
  • organics;

It is necessary to adhere to the norms, otherwise the tree will begin to grow green mass, and the volume of the harvest will decrease.

Protection from pests and diseases

The high immunity of the apple tree Apple Spas allows not to carry out preventive treatments. If foci of disease occur, the affected areas are immediately removed, and the tree is treated with special chemicals. But only before flowering, then such processing becomes dangerous to human life. They use folk methods of struggle.


Gardeners use several ways to propagate an apple tree:

  1. Cuttings. They are harvested in advance, kept for several hours in a preparation that stimulates root growth. Then they are planted in the ground, waiting for them to take root. Then transferred to a permanent place.
  2. Vaccination. A high-quality rootstock is needed to be grafted onto.
  3. Seeds. This method is the longest. At the same time, the grown planting material does not retain its maternal characteristics.

Growing your own trees is easy, you just need to decide on the breeding method.


Apples ripen by the end of August, they must be removed immediately. It is undesirable to keep on the tree for a long time, they overripe and lose their taste.

How to store apples

Summer varieties of apples are not subject to long storage. It is advisable to use it within 1.5 months. It is not difficult to grow the apple variety Apple Spas, the result will delight the summer resident.

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