What can be planted with cucumbers in a greenhouse, what plants are compatible with

What can be planted with cucumbers in a greenhouse, what plants are compatible with

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For those who do not know what can be planted in a greenhouse with cucumbers, you need to familiarize yourself with the requirements for growing these plants. In the neighborhood, you should not plant those crops with cucumbers that will take food and strength from them, or block the light. It is desirable that neighboring crops need the same care, nutrition, and watering. This will save time and avoid confusion in many cultures.

Usually different vegetables are planted together in a greenhouse because of the small space in the garden. In this way, variety can be achieved in the garden. Knowing that it is possible to grow in a greenhouse with cucumbers, summer residents plant shrubs. If you do not make mistakes in these plantings, you can get a pretty decent harvest.

What conditions does a cucumber plant like?

Cucumbers are greenhouse plants. Summer residents grow mainly cucumbers in a polycarbonate greenhouse. The question of what other crops can be planted in a greenhouse next to them depends on what conditions cucumber prefer.

Cucumbers love warmth very much. Good lighting is also preferred. The variability of weather conditions and fluctuations in temperature are mostly frightening. The greenhouse should be humid enough, they prefer a humid climate. Frequent watering for cucumbers in the greenhouse is required. Cucumbers also grow well only on fertile soil, which periodically needs to be loosened and fertilized. Humus and manure have a good effect on them, but an excess of nitrogen worsens fruiting.

Therefore, only those plants that have similar needs can be planted next to them, so that it is easier to care for them.... This is the only way to achieve a good harvest. It is worth noting that not all cultures get along well with cucumber. Some only prevent them from growing.

What can be planted with a cucumber

The future healthy harvest depends on which plants to plant next to the cucumbers. Cucumbers in the same greenhouse grow well with bell peppers. They both need high enough humidity, warmth, and a long day of light. Eggplant cucumbers will be good neighbors. In a greenhouse, they are warm and comfortable together, and they do not interfere with each other.

You can plant zucchini in a greenhouse for cucumber. They also prefer warm, humid conditions. But it is better to plant hybrids with them that are normally related to constant ventilation, since zucchini need a constant flow of fresh air for growth and development. It is also very important to plant them at a distance so that the zucchini leaves do not block the light.

Novice gardeners often ask if melon can be planted with cucumber. Yes, because they are also very fond of heat, moisture, and together they will give wonderful fruits.

Radishes, carrots, onions, sunflowers also grow well with green bushes, but only the conditions of the greenhouse are not very suitable for them. These plants are mainly planted outdoors in plantations.

You can plant cabbage with white heads in a greenhouse with a cucumber. She also loves moisture, light and warmth. And it will also need to be watered abundantly.

Corn, beans and peas will help increase your neighbor's fruiting, and increase soil conditions. You can plant parsley or several dill bushes to increase the fruiting of cucumbers, scare away harmful insects. But this is the only greenery with which you can grow a cucumber.

Unfavorable neighborhood

It is strictly forbidden to plant cucumbers in a greenhouse next to fragrant herbs. They attract unwanted insects, take away nutrients from cucumber, and also give the fruit an unnecessary flavor. These herbs include basil, cilantro, oregano, mint, patchouli, rosemary, and others.

Gardeners have always had a controversial question whether it is possible to grow cucumbers with tomatoes together. They must have different conditions for growth. Cucumbers like the temperature to be warmer and more watering. They will interfere with each other, and because of this, the necessary harvest will not be obtained. They can be grown in the same greenhouse sometimes and only in extreme cases, but so that they are far from each other, separated by a bed. And plant tomatoes next to a door or window.

It is also not recommended to plant them with potatoes, otherwise all the juices will go into its tubers. And the fruits of cucumbers will wither and die. Radishes and turnips don't go well with cucumbers. They will give the fruit an unnecessary bitter taste, or reduce the yield.

Plant watermelons away from cucumbers. They have a predisposition to the same diseases. If a cucumber gets sick, you won't be able to grow a watermelon either. And besides, watermelons do not like airing at all. They have different conditions for development. Here with melons and squash is a completely different matter.

When planting vegetables in a greenhouse, you need to remember simple rules. Then the harvest will be as it should be, the fruits are tasty and healthy.

How to solve the problem if the greenhouse is the only one

If there is one greenhouse, and it is planned to plant a lot of crops, then sometimes an unfavorable neighborhood cannot be avoided by cucumbers. Therefore, you can plant cucumbers with different plants, but only by making special partitions so that they do not touch each other. By allocating zones and creating partitions, you will grow many different crops in one greenhouse, which will not interfere with each other at all.

There is also an option like this: you can make multi-storey beds, as well as hang pots with various seedlings at the top of the greenhouse. Thus, they will not touch the cucumbers at all.

For example, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers can be planted in the same greenhouse. Strong-smelling herbs such as basil or mint should be removed through the garden bed.

This approach is very good if there is a lot of space in the greenhouse for fantasies to roam. Various structures are being built to highlight zones, but such that they do not block the light and air intake. They should be lightweight, not bulky. You should also create a sufficient number of vents in the greenhouse so that all plants receive air during ventilation. And it is better to plant cucumbers away from these vents, and be able to cover them during this procedure. After all, they are so afraid of drafts.

If you do not know what to plant in the greenhouse along with cucumbers, then you need to study the literature about the garden and the vegetable garden, about care, about plants. Choosing the right neighbor will help you get an excellent harvest of all crops.

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