The easiest step-by-step recipe for making watermelon jam for the winter

The easiest step-by-step recipe for making watermelon jam for the winter

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There are many different recipes for making ripe watermelon jam. You can cook a delicacy not only from the pulp, but also with the addition of crusts. Jam is appreciated for its useful composition, pronounced aroma and unusual taste. Watermelon jam helps to eliminate toxins and toxins from the body, cleanses the kidneys and liver, maintains tone and improves immunity.

Features of cooking watermelon jam

If you want to cook watermelon jam, several features should be taken into account.

Among the nuances of cooking, the following can be distinguished:

  1. To avoid burning, you need to constantly stir the berry mass in a saucepan.
  2. For cooking, it is better to choose ripe fruits of late varieties. They contain more glucose and sucrose, which allows you to get a thicker consistency.
  3. During cooking, the berry mass forms a large amount of foam, therefore, a volumetric container should be used.

Pulp recipes

Most of the recipes involve the use of watermelon pulp. Due to its sweetness and vitamin composition, the finished product receives high taste characteristics and benefits. A delicacy made from pulp takes longer to cook than from rinds, but it has a more pronounced taste.

With lemon

To balance the taste of the jam, you can add lemon to it for a slightly sour taste.

There is a simple step-by-step recipe for cooking:

  • cut the pulp from the peels of the watermelon, mix with chopped lemons and 1/3 sugar, then leave to stand for 2 hours;
  • add the rest of the sugar and leave the ingredients in the refrigerator for about 8 hours;
  • boil the mixture over low heat until a thick consistency is formed;
  • put the finished product in sterilized jars.

With orange

Using an orange will saturate the jam with a light citrus aroma. To make such a jam, you need to mix the pulp of the watermelon with oranges peeled from the peel and film, add sugar to the components and boil for 15 minutes. The boiling procedure must be performed three times.

With apple

If you want to make the treat less sugary, it is recommended to add green apple slices.

After mixing them with the main ingredient, it remains to boil the mixture over low heat until thickened, stirring regularly and removing the foam from the surface.

With pectin

If you need to make a thicker variety of jam, you should use pectin. First, the pulp of the fruit must be boiled in sugar syrup, and the pectin-based thickener must be poured in 15-20 minutes before being cooked.

With spices

The use of spices will help to make the jam taste more varied. Cinnamon, cloves, mint, ginger are combined with watermelon.

You need to cook jam according to the following recipe:

  • over low heat, start cooking the berry pulp;
  • 10 minutes before the end of cooking, put chopped spices tied in gauze into a saucepan.

With gelatin

The combination of pulp with gelatin allows you to prepare a jelly-like dessert that can be used as a standalone dish or as an addition to baked goods.

For cooking, you need to drain the syrup from the partially boiled pulp and mix it with gelatin.

Bring the ingredients to a boil and keep them on a low rut for a minute.

Peel recipes

At home, you can also make jam using only watermelon rinds. There are several recipes using additional ingredients and various spices. Using this method allows you to use the pulp fresh, and prepare a separate dessert from the crusts.

A simple recipe

The easiest recipe contains several steps. For cooking you need:

  • peel the crusts from the top layer and cut off the remaining pulp;
  • leave the ingredient in hot water for 10 minutes, then drain and cool;
  • add sugar syrup to the crusts and boil three times for 30 minutes at intervals of 2-3 hours.

With soda

Peel the top skins, cut into cubes and add soda dissolved in a glass of hot water. Soak the watermelon rind for 4 hours, then drain the water. Fill the ingredient with sugar syrup, boil the mixture over low heat for 20 minutes. Leave the mass for 8-10 hours, then repeat the procedure twice with the same interval.

With orange and lemon

To make citrus-flavored peel jam, mix boiled and chopped peels with the pulp of lemons and oranges. Cover the resulting mixture with sugar, add water and boil until thickened, stirring occasionally and removing the foam.

How to cook with a multicooker

Using a multicooker for cooking, you need to follow the recipe step by step. It includes the following actions:

  • pour watermelon peels and leave for an hour;
  • transfer the ingredients to the multicooker bowl;
  • start the extinguishing mode for 20 minutes;
  • mix the mass thoroughly so that the sugar does not remain at the bottom;
  • continue cooking for another 40 minutes, waiting for a thick consistency to form.

How to make unripe watermelon jam

Even unripe watermelon can be used to make delicious jam. To do this, you need to cut the fruit into pieces, peel them and peel them. Pour the pulp with water, add 250 g of sugar and boil for 40 minutes. While cooking, prepare a syrup from lemon juice, a glass of water and 150 g of sugar. Pour the boiled pulp with hot syrup and continue cooking for half an hour.

To make the jam sweeter, you can gradually add sugar during cooking until the mass thickens.

How much jam is stored

The finished product can be left stored for the winter in the refrigerator or cellar. Subject to these conditions, it is recommended to store the delicacy for no more than a year. PWhen using pectin, the shelf life is 6-7 months.

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