The best, sweet and productive varieties of large-fruited tomatoes

The best, sweet and productive varieties of large-fruited tomatoes

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Today, almost every gardener among the cultivated tomato species has large-fruited tomatoes. Large tomatoes look more respectable, are in great demand during sale, and most often have the best taste. From the entire assortment of seeds, the most delicious tomatoes, tested for resistance to various diseases, giving a good harvest, are chosen. The best varieties of large-fruited tomatoes contain all these characteristics. Let's consider them in more detail.

Hybrid Azhur

A popular variety of large tomatoes today. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor planting. It belongs to the mid-early type of tomato, harvesting is possible after 105 days. The plant is medium-sized in height (up to 90 cm). The variety is characterized by excellent productivity, tomatoes with a dense skin weigh about 260 g. Heat-resistant, well tolerates changing climatic conditions.

The hybrid shows excellent resistance to pests and diseases. Mandatory requirements for care are early garter of plants, removal of stepchildren and extra ovaries for the formation of large fruits. This tomato requires strict adherence to lighting and irrigation rules.

Suitable for sterilization and fresh use.

Sprint Timer

The variety is grown in an open area. Belongs to the group of medium ripeness. Resistant to changes in air temperature. It can reach a height of 2 m. Fruits are very large, with an average weight of 700 grams, fleshy. These tomatoes taste sweet. They are eaten fresh and juiced. Has a high yield. Disease resistant. During cultivation, it is necessary to take care of strong supports due to the large weight of the tomato. When carrying out agricultural work, you need to take care of timely watering, tying plants, pinching for the correct formation of the bush.

Alabai hybrid

An early ripe kind of tomato, which is planted in closed and unprotected ground. Fruits weigh an average of 250 g. The yield of the hybrid is average. Possesses excellent taste properties. Used to make juices, pastes and sauces, eaten fresh.

Care is required the same as for other varieties of tomatoes: watering, removing stepchildren, garter.


Suitable for keeping outdoors, but in temperate climates, it is preferable to plant in a greenhouse or greenhouse. It is a mid-season variety with an average height. Fruits reach up to 700 grams in weight, sweet in taste, fleshy, used for harvesting, as well as for fresh consumption. Shows resistance to leading diseases of tomatoes. Requires removal of stepsons, tying a bush, installation of reliable supports.

American ribbed

Ripening period up to 125 days from germination to the beginning of fruit formation. It grows in medium height (up to 1.7 m), can be planted in open ground and film shelters. Tomatoes have an unusual appearance - round, slightly flattened, have a strong ribbing. Reach from 300 to 500 g of weight. It is recommended to make juices, tomato puree, various pastes.

Can be salted in large containers. Has a cumulative resistance to tomato diseases. This variety is very whimsical in the choice of dressings, which can affect the taste of the tomato.

It is imperative to install supports, tie up and remove side shoots.

Altai yellow

Gives a high yield, development duration up to 115 days. The bush can grow up to 2 m. It is grown under the film and in the open. The fruits are large, on average up to 600 g, fragrant, very tasty, sweet and fleshy. Suitable for making vegetable purees and juices. It is necessary to tie up and shape the plant by removing the stepsons. The variety is capricious in nutrition; with poor feeding, the amount of the crop falls.

Bull heart

In the southern regions of Russia, this variety is grown in the open field, and in the middle lane it is better to plant it in greenhouses. The stem can grow up to 170 cm tall. The yield of this variety of large tomatoes is high, the fruits are ready for harvest more than two months after germination. Tomatoes weigh an average of 400 grams, have a sweet-sour taste, juicy. Suitable for salad and raw. Requires a garter to the supports, removal of side branches, feeding with mineral fertilizers.


Among the different varieties of tomatoes with photos and descriptions in the media, there are many entertaining and spectacular. The Orange variety is their outstanding representative. The fruit is very similar in appearance to an orange. Their weight is on average 300 grams, they have a fleshy composition, sweet in taste, juicy. The variety is intended for growing in film shelters. Ripeness and productivity are average. Tall plants. Possesses endurance to most diseases. Requires a garter and support.

Grandma's secret

Presenting large varieties of tomatoes, one should not forget about the “Babushkin Secret” variety. The plant is suitable for any soil, gives a high yield, high (up to 170 cm). The variety is of medium ripeness, the fruits weigh on average 400 g, but sometimes they can grow up to a kilogram. Has a rich and sweet taste. It is necessary to form a plant, for this it is necessary to remove the stepsons and tie up the bush. Resistant to disease. Ideal for preparing fresh and canned salads.

King of Kings

The largest varieties of tomatoes include this type of tomato. This is a giant tomato. It has a high yield, the mass of a tomato can reach 1.5 kg. The pulp is strong, fleshy. The taste is sweet and sour. It is considered a representative of late ripeness. Suitable for cultivation in unprotected soil in the southern regions, and in closed - in the middle latitudes. The height of the bush can be up to 2 m. Suitable for cooking salads, mashed potatoes, juices, sauces. The plant must be tied up and stepson.

Honey saved

Fruits of bright yellow color and the same color of pulp, large, weighing up to 600 g, sweet in taste. Bred for cultivation in the open field, but can also be planted in a greenhouse. The bush grows up to 1.8 m in height, its formation should be a maximum of 2 shoots. It is imperative to remove the stepsons and install the supports. The variety is mid-season, with timely watering and sufficient fertilization, it shows high yielding qualities.


Large tomatoes can be tasty too. This is proved by the "Alsou" variety. Its fruits are juicy, very sweet, weighing an average of 400 grams. Tomatoes that ripen early on can weigh 1 kilogram. The plant is low (up to 1.5 meters), has an early ripening period. Can be grown in protected and unprotected soil. Accompanied by high yields.

Has excellent resistance to tomato diseases. When forming a bush, 2-3 shoots are left. Mandatory garter and side branches removal.

Lemon giant

Good large-fruited tomato varieties include those with unusual coloration. The lemon giant has a bright yellow hue. Fruits reach up to 700 g in weight, have a slightly sour sweet taste. Suitable for fresh use, as an ingredient in soup, various sauces. Belongs to varieties of medium maturity, grown in greenhouses. The bush can grow up to 2 m in height. The yield is small. It is recommended to remove the lower leaves and side branches, forming a bush in two stems.

Miracle of the earth

The bushes of this species grow high up to 2 m. In terms of ripening, it can be attributed to mid-season tomatoes. The fruits can reach an average of 700 grams, very juicy and sweet. Best grown indoors, but also suitable for outdoor planting. The harvest is very high.

Due to the large volume of ripening fruits, it is necessary to place supports under each stem. The variety is very drought tolerant.

Black elephant

Ripe tomatoes of this type acquire a dark brown color, their weight is usually no more than 300 g. They taste sweet, there is a slight sourness. Are intended for fresh consumption, preparation of salads, sauces. The plant is undersized, the yield is high. Designed for growing in greenhouses. Circumcision of stepsons and tying are required.


I grow this variety on my site. The pulp of the fruit is sugar, juicy, and has a bright aroma. Average weight 600 g. Due to their size, they are used for making salads, tomato juice, and various sauces. Ripening times are average and are 110-115 days. The plant grows up to 2 m in length, so support and removal of side shoots are imperative. Produces a high yield. Suitable for any soil, but it is preferable to plant in a greenhouse.

King of Siberia

Bred by breeders for growing in greenhouses in unfavorable climatic conditions. Fruits of orange color reach an average weight of up to 400 g, fleshy, suitable for dietary nutrition and for consumption by people with allergies. The bush reaches 1.5 m in length. The variety is mid-season in terms of ripening. The yield is high.

The Tsar Bell

Tomatoes give an excellent harvest, they belong to the group of medium ripeness. An adult plant can be up to 1 m high. Suitable for growing in open areas. Tomatoes gain weight on average up to 400 g, their flesh is juicy, sweet, fleshy. Recommended for baby and diet food. The formation of a bush and the tying of branches are required.


The bush can grow up to 70 cm. It was taken out for growing in the open field, but it can also be grown in greenhouses. Fruits can reach up to 1 kilogram in weight, their average weight is 400 g. The taste of the best large-fruited tomatoes is sweet and juicy. Suitable for cooking salads, gravy, sauces, juices. It is recommended to tie up, props and remove unnecessary branches.

So, the best varieties of large-fruited tomatoes are listed above. This does not mean at all that other representatives of this species will not be able to compete with them with proper care.

How to grow large tomatoes? It is necessary to create the shape of a bush, leaving 1-2 stems and removing side shoots, tying up each branch, installing supports, otherwise the plant may break under the weight of the fruit. It requires the removal of excess inflorescences and leaves, regular feeding, sufficient light, moderate watering, loosening the soil and weeding. Take actions to prevent the appearance of diseases and pests.

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