Features of planting daffodils in the fall

Features of planting daffodils in the fall

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Daffodils and tulips are the most popular flower cultures among summer residents. Unlike tulips, daffodils for a while turned out to be almost unclaimed and only relatively recently began to be used again as decoration of flower beds and flower beds in homesteads and summer cottages of our country, especially in the Moscow region. Planting daffodils in the fall is carried out in central Russia, due to some features of climatic and weather conditions.

Basic information

Daffodils are characterized by dense bulbs, as well as ribbon-shaped leaves of different widths. The flowers of this plant are located at the top of a leafless stem. Perianths are petal-shaped and have the shape of a tubular funnel, which passes in the upper part into the limb, consisting of six equal sections.

The crown crown has the appearance of a bell or saucer. It can be solid or lobed. Six stamens are arranged in two rows at the top of the tubule. There is a lower trihedral ovary, and the ovules are arranged in several rows. The columns are threadlike, the stigma is dull.

It should be remembered that all plants of this described species are poisonous, due to the presence of narcissin alkaloid.

The term for planting daffodils is selected depending on when the snow is falling in the region and how deep the soil freezes. It should be remembered that daffodils planted in spring begin to bloom much later than those planted in autumn.

How to plant daffodils in autumn

You can plant daffodil planting material in the form of bulbs at different times. They vary depending on climatic conditions in the growing region. Most gardeners prefer autumn planting of bulbs.

If you decide to cultivate daffodils, you should first familiarize yourself with some of the features of this plant.

  • Unlike famous bulbs such as tulips, daffodils do not need to be excavated and transplanted annually.
  • It is most correct to plant the bulbs of daffodils in the ground in the fall, because during this period they root well and form flower buds.
  • So that daffodils, planting or transplanting of which was carried out in the autumn, bloomed earlier in the spring, you should not plant the bulbs at too great a depth.
  • The best time for the autumn planting of daffodil bulbs is September, although this procedure is permissible in the last days of August. In this case, you should dig the bulbs to a sufficient depth.

You can plant plants in almost any pattern, but remember that when the bulbs are planted with a minimum interval, after a couple of years, the daffodils will need planting or transplanting.

How to plant daffodils in autumn

Features of agricultural technology in the cultivation of daffodils

It is best to plant daffodils on flower beds having loamy soils and medium shade. When planting bulbs in accordance with the requirements of agricultural technology, daffodils can grow for about five years in one place without transplanting.

Planting daffodils in the climatic conditions of the Moscow Region is desirable in late September, which will allow the bulbs to take root well before the first frost. A month before planting, the soil must be dug up and fertilized. If necessary, the soil should be lightened by introducing a mixture of sand and peat. Acidic soils need to be alkalized with chalk or dolomite flour.

At the vegetation stage, plants need additional watering, the frequency of which may vary depending on the amount of natural precipitation. Top dressing should be carried out when seedlings appear, as well as at the stage of budding and flowering. In Siberia and on the territory of the Non-Chernozem zone, plants need to be sheltered for the winter period. To this end, peat, straw or other natural heat insulators can be used.

When it is necessary to distill daffodils, the plants are dug up one and a half months after flowering, and the bulbs are washed and cleaned of the stem part and leaves. Next, you need to disinfect the material in a special solution and dry in room conditions. Time, as well as temperature indicators during storage of the bulbs, depend on the necessary timing of distillation.

Depth and landing method

When planting daffodils, it is recommended to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • digging the soil to a depth of one bayonet shovel;
  • manure is applied no later than one year before the planting of daffodils;
  • the depth of planting of bulbs of daffodils is entirely dependent on the size of the bulbs, as well as the type of planting soil;
  • if necessary, to propagate an interesting variety, it is advisable to plant the bulbs of the plant in an ordinary way, with their placement at a distance of 20 centimeters from each other.

In our country, varieties of onion flowers that are sufficiently resistant to natural factors and unresponsive to diseases are popular and marketed. When choosing planting material, preference should be given to zoned varieties of daffodils.

We also suggest that you learn about the rules for spring planting of daffodils.

Tips & Tricks

When carrying out sparse plantings with a distance between bulbs of more than 15 centimeters, a significant number of children are formed on the plant, which allows you to quickly reproduce the desired variety.

The method of planting daffodils depends not only on the planting area, but also on the ability to care for cultivated plants. Ordinary and tape planting methods involve deepening the bulbs by about 10 centimeters. In the future, the depth can be adjusted upwards as a result of the earthing up of the ridge.

Daffodils: a choice of planting material

When planning to grow any flowers on the plot, including daffodils, you need to learn as much as possible about their features. Compliance with the requirements of agricultural technology when planting and growing daffodils is the key to obtaining many beautiful flowers in the season.