Instructions for the use of herbicide Asterix and consumption rates

Instructions for the use of herbicide Asterix and consumption rates

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Huge fields of grain plants die due to increased vegetation, since it is difficult to cope independently in large areas, therefore, one cannot do without chemicals. Herbicide "Asterix" is designed to protect cereals and maize from the harmful effects of dicotyledonous weeds.

Composition and release form of the drug "Asterix"

The drug belongs to the chemical class aryloxyalkanecarboxylic acids. The effective herbicide Asterix consists of two components:

  • 2,4-D (2-ethiohexyl ether) - 300 g / l;
  • florasulam - 6.25 g / l.

The most effective remedy for sowing spring wheat, winter and barley.

The drug is produced in the form of a suspension emulsion in a 5-liter package.


The drug has adequately proved itself among consumers due to a large number of positive aspects when using it:

  • high selectivity of components;
  • effective against a wide variety of weed vegetation;
  • suppressing the development of weeds and guaranteeing the absence of their populations in the future;
  • maximum speed of action;
  • the possibility of application regardless of the phase of plant development (can be used before the formation of the second internode in a cereal crop);
  • lack of consequences, contraindications and restrictions on crop rotation.

The active ingredients in the Asterix herbicide not only enhance weed control, but also prevent the emergence of stable populations.

Mechanism of action

Florasulam is a component of systemic action. Through the leaf plate, it enters the weed organism and acts as an inhibitor of many chain reactions, in particular, the enzyme acetolactate synthase, which is responsible for the formation of valine, leucine. After 3 weeks, necrosis of the vegetative organs of the plant, chlorosis, begins.

2,4-D is a substance that, after penetrating into weed cells, begins to aggravate the process of photosynthesis, provoking the hydrolytic breakdown of proteins. As a result, the assimilation of minerals in the body stops, water metabolism is disturbed, and the plant withers.

The mechanism of action of the selective herbicide applies exclusively to annual dicotyledonous plants, cereals are monocotyledonous crops and do not suffer during processing.

The growth of weeds stops within a day after treatment, the first manifestation of symptoms on the 4th day, after 2 weeks death occurs.

Consumption rates for different plants

If it is necessary to get rid of tall, well-developed weeds, it is recommended to use the maximum dosage of the drug. When processing plants from the Zlakovy family, which include spring and winter wheat, rye, barley, the rate of consumption of the working fluid is 200-300 liters per 1 hectare.

How to prepare a working solution?

It is impossible to prepare a solution in advance, it is worth doing this immediately before processing cultivated plants on a specially equipped site. Fill the tank halfway with water, add the required amount of the drug and mix thoroughly. Top up with water until the container is full, and then proceed to processing.

Instructions for use

Spray crops with a ready-made solution, it is advisable to carry out the procedure in the tillering phase of the culture, at the initial stage of weed growth.

The consumption of the working fluid is determined by the type of the treated plant.

Herbicide safety

Before processing, you need to notify the owners of nearby plantings and make sure that the drug will not harm them.

It is necessary to process cultivated plants in a special protective suit, excluding the ingress of the drug on the skin and mucous membranes. Otherwise, quickly wash off the substance, and if swallowed, induce vomiting. Take the victim to the doctor. After the procedure, thoroughly wash your face and hands, take a shower.


The drug poses a danger to pollinated insects, does not pose a threat to humans and other warm-blooded animals, but safety measures should be followed during processing.

Hazard class for humans is 2nd, for bees - 3rd.

Is it compatible with other products?

Herbicide "Asterix" is compatible with various pesticides, growth regulators, as well as complex mineral fertilizers. But first, it is necessary to check the compatibility of drugs using data banks on the physicochemical properties of substances and their mixtures.

Terms and conditions of storage

You can store the drug for 2 years in a warm, dry place away from children, animals, food.

Similar drugs

Based on the active ingredients, there are analogues of the Asterix herbicide, such as Assoluta, Ballerina, Prima, Primavera, Prima Donna, Prisance, Florax.

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