Description of a large-fruited tomato variety Kievlyanka and its yield

Description of a large-fruited tomato variety Kievlyanka and its yield

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In the beds of Russian gardeners, tomatoes have long occupied a worthy place. Tomato from Kiev is one of the favorite varieties among vegetable growers. Giant fruits and unpretentiousness brought the plant to the number of the most popular species of the Solanaceae family.

Variety information

The variety of Ukrainian selection bears fruit stably in greenhouses and open field conditions. Characteristics and appearance of the plant:

  • Medium late, berries begin to ripen after 130 days;
  • Indeterminate;
  • Tall, the growth of a tomato in a greenhouse can reach two meters;
  • Average foliage of the bushes;
  • Leaves are light green;
  • Large-fruited;
  • High productivity;
  • Unpretentious;
  • Not prone to cracking;
  • Resistant to most nightshade diseases;
  • The number of ovaries in a brush is up to 6;
  • Delivers transportation, without loss of presentation;
  • Good keeping quality.

Reviews of summer residents and farmers confirm the successful cultivation of the plant outside the homeland. In Russia, it is preferable to grow the plant in a greenhouse shelter or greenhouse. Technical data and description of fruits:

  • heart-cuboid shape;
  • the maximum berry weight is 1 kilogram;
  • juicy;
  • sweet taste;
  • crimson-pink color when mature;
  • fleshy;
  • the inside with small voids;
  • average density.

The tomato is suitable for processing. Tomato paste, ketchup, sauces and mashed potatoes are obtained from the Kievlyanka variety. It is one of the varieties of salad designation. Not suitable for canning or curling.

Growing recommendations

Like most tomatoes, a seedling planting method is preferable for the plant. Strong seedlings are the key to a good harvest. Tips for growing seedlings:

  • prepare a container with universal soil for tomatoes;
  • sow seeds to a depth of 1-2 centimeters;
  • after sowing, moisten the soil, use a spray bottle;
  • cover the container with seedlings with foil;
  • after the sprouts appear, transplant the tomatoes in separate containers, for example, peat pots;
  • maintain a temperature regime in the room not lower than plus 22 degrees;
  • the first shoots require a lot of light, at least 12 hours of sunlight;
  • regular watering;
  • hardening before planting.

IMPORTANT! The tomato shows the best yield when forming a bush of 1-2 stems.

The plant prefers space; more than 4 bushes should not be placed on one square meter of land. Care rules include:

  • Feeding with complex mineral fertilizer, up to 6 times per season;
  • Watering as needed;
  • Loosening the earth;
  • Weed cleaning;
  • Tying to the trellis with synthetic fabrics;
  • Support installation;
  • Frequent ventilation of the greenhouse.

Gardeners' opinion

Good day. For lovers of large-fruited tomatoes, I recommend the Kievlyanka variety. The tomato shows a high yield in the northwest region, provided that it is grown in greenhouse conditions. We managed to obtain individual berries weighing 800 grams. The fruits are not watery, juicy, sweet. I advise!

Ekaterina Neganova, 55 years old.

Good afternoon! Tomato variety Kievlyanka pleased with large fruits weighing up to 1 kilogram. For cultivation, in a temperate climate, you will need a spacious, high greenhouse. The plant loves feeding and abundant watering.

Vasilis Vershkova, 34 years old

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