Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Banana legs

Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Banana legs

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The Banana Legs tomato is advised for courageous gardeners who like to experiment in their summer cottage. This unusual variety appeared in 1988, thanks to the work of American breeders.

"Banana legs" are distinguished by a relatively high yield, have a very unusual look and taste for a tomato, and are also perfectly stored in almost any conditions.

Characteristics of the variety

A detailed description of the variety can be found in modern gardening literature. Banana Legs Tomatoes are a determinant, that is, they have limited growth. This variety is considered mid-season and high-yielding. On the open ground, the bush usually grows up to 60-80 centimeters, and in greenhouses its height can reach one and a half meters. The highest yield was recorded on bushes with 3-5 stems. Tomatoes of this variety grow in clusters of 8-10 pieces each.

One bush gives an average of 4 to 6 kilograms of tomato. The fruits are bright yellow, if you look closely at them, you can see horizontal stripes. The maximum weight of one tomato is 100 g and the length does not exceed 10 cm.

Features of the variety

"Banana legs" are significantly different in appearance from ordinary tomatoes. They are yellow in color, and resemble oblong plums in shape. They have a shiny and thick skin. There are relatively few seeds. The taste is sweetish, with a citrus tinge.

Banana Legs are ideal for homemade preparations. These tomatoes make excellent salads, sauces and lecho. The dense skin helps the fruit retain its shape for a long time, both fresh and preserved. In addition, the bright and rich yellow-golden color will make these tomatoes an excellent decoration for any dish.

Pros of Banana Feet:

  • Interesting shape and non-standard color;
  • Unusual taste with a lemon shade;
  • Good productivity;
  • Easy care;
  • Disease resistance;
  • Relative unpretentiousness to climatic conditions;
  • Long shelf life.

As for the disadvantages of the variety, here gardeners are unanimous in their opinion about their complete absence. Therefore, when planting "Banana Legs" tomatoes on your plot, you absolutely do not risk being disappointed.

Growing features

Breeders claim that the variety in question can be grown without seedlings. However, according to gardeners' reviews, the seedling method is much more effective. In addition, it makes sense to plant the seeds of "Banana Legs" directly into the ground only in a greenhouse.

Seeds for seedlings, as a rule, are sown 60-70 days before the intended planting in the ground. When planting seedlings on a garden plot, 1 sq. no more than 4 plants are placed per meter.

It is recommended to dive in the three-leaf phase. An important stage of care is feeding the plant with high-quality mineral fertilizers. Due to the fact that a large number of tomatoes grow on one bush, you should take care of strong supports in advance. In addition, do not forget about regular pinching, abundant watering with warm water and loosening the soil.

Reviews of gardeners about "Banana Legs" tomatoes

  • My whole family is absolutely delighted with this variety. We plant it every year. The taste is incredible, one might say exquisite. We enjoy eating these tomatoes, both fresh and canned. Unmatched workpieces are obtained. (Alexandra Semenovna, Moscow)
  • The secret to the amazing taste of these tomatoes is as much sunshine as possible. And, of course, no one canceled regular watering. Mineral fertilizers, by the way, also do not hurt. You will not regret the cost of labor on the garden plot. These delicious tomatoes are worth it. (Olga, Krasnodar)
  • The key to a rich harvest of "Banana Legs" is competent pinching. If only 1-2 stems are kept, the tomatoes will be small and sour. You need to leave 3-5 stalks. Then the fruits will be large, bright and very rich in taste. (Alexander, Yekaterinburg)
  • Not a variety, but just a dream! Delicious tomatoes that do not require any special storage conditions. And pickled they are fantastic. Recomend for everybody! (Varvara Petrovna, Tver)
  • Not so long ago, they abandoned ordinary tomatoes in favor of Banana Legs. They are tastier, more beautiful, and more unpretentious, and are better stored. In general, they win in all respects. (Vladislav, Moscow).

Better to plant once ...

Despite the fact that the taste of the Banana Legs tomatoes is somewhat exotic for our country (still, tomatoes with a citrus flavor), we see that the opinions about the variety are extremely positive. Therefore, if you are interested in these unusual tomatoes, we recommend growing several bushes in your summer cottage in order to understand whether the Banana Legs variety is suitable for you personally.

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