TOP 18 delicious recipes for making zucchini jam for the winter

TOP 18 delicious recipes for making zucchini jam for the winter

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A variety of ingredients are used to make zucchini jam. To make a healthy and tasty dish, you can add citrus fruits, pineapples, apples to it. Spices and herbs are often used as additional ingredients - mint, ginger, cinnamon. Thanks to this, it is possible to obtain a tasty and aromatic product. To keep the workpiece longer, it should be placed in a cool place.

The specifics of cooking zucchini jam for the winter

When preparing a dish, it is worth considering small features that will improve its taste. It is best to use citrus fruits, which give the zucchini an unusual flavor. You can also add pineapples, apples and other interesting ingredients. They will improve the taste of the workpiece..

Selection and preparation of main ingredients

Zucchini tastes different at different stages of maturation. This affects the taste of the finished dish. Therefore, it is recommended to choose vegetables very carefully.

It is important that the zucchini is young and not very large. It is not recommended to use watery foods for the finished dish, as they will negatively affect the density. It is also not recommended to take overripe zucchini, as they taste different from young ones. The rest of the components can be anything.

How to properly prepare containers

For the preparation of squash jam, it is recommended to take containers for components, a kitchen board, a spoon, a spatula and a knife. You can also prepare banks in advance. In them, it is subsequently recommended to close the conservation.

How to cook squash jam at home?

To make a delicious dish, you need to choose the right recipe. There are many variations of this dish.

With lemon and orange "Lick your fingers"

To make such a jam, 1 lemon and 1 orange, 800 grams of sugar are taken for 1 kilogram of vegetables. First, the components should be covered with sugar, and then boiled several times.

Simple Banana Recipe

This is a simple and unusual recipe. In addition to 1 kilogram of vegetables, it contains the same amount of granulated sugar, bananas, 50 milliliters of water. It is recommended to cook the mass over low heat.


Delicious jam can be cooked without granulated sugar. This will require zucchini, oranges and lemons. It also contains ginger and zest. Put in the microwave for a quarter of an hour and eat.

In syrup

Making a delicious syrup product is easy enough. To do this, take in equal parts zucchini and granulated sugar. Also add 1 lemon and a couple of oranges. Cook in several stages.


When making this dish, you will get a beautiful amber jam. To do this, add lemon, a couple of oranges, sugar to 1 kilogram of vegetables. You will also need 2 small spoons of ground cinnamon and 1 spice stick.

With strawberry

Making such a dish is easy. To do this, mix half a kilogram of zucchini and strawberries. This amount will require 1.5 kilograms of sugar.

With physalis

This is the most original jam. Physalis has healing properties. To get rid of the wax bloom, it is worth pouring boiling water over the berries.

To prepare the composition for 1 kilogram of zucchini, it is recommended to take 500 grams of physalis and 1.5 kilograms of sugar. Cook in several stages. Add some cloves one last time.

With ginger and lime

To quickly make zucchini jam, add ginger and lime to the vegetable. At the same time, it is worth remembering the sense of proportion, since ginger has a burning taste. For 1 kilogram of zucchini, 800 grams of sugar are used.

With lemon

To make thick jam, you need to take 3 kilograms of zucchini, a couple of lemons, 5 grams of ground cinnamon. You will also need 2 kilograms of sugar.

With lemon and mint

You can cook this dish according to the classic recipe. That being said, adding mint will help give it a fresher flavor.

With pineapple juice

Zucchini go well with pineapple. When preparing a dish, it is worth observing the following proportions: for 1.5 kilograms of peeled zucchini, it is recommended to take 1.3 kilograms of sugar and a can of canned pineapples.

With lemon and ginger

Zucchini goes well with lemon. You can also add ginger to the composition. This jam has a piquant taste and has a healing effect on the body. To make a delicious blank, you should first study the step-by-step recipe.

With apples

This is a short cooking time. For it, you need to mix zucchini, apples and sugar in equal parts.

With dried apricots

To make a useful preparation, it is recommended to take 3 kilograms of zucchini, 500 grams of dried apricots, 3 kilograms of sugar and 1 lemon. Cook in several stages, stirring constantly.

With walnuts

This jam has a wonderful aroma and deep taste. For its manufacture, it is worth taking in equal parts zucchini and granulated sugar, 800 grams of dried apricots, 500 grams of nuts. You can also add other ingredients to the composition - lemons, pineapples, oranges or tangerines.

In the microwave

To make jam in the microwave, it is enough to put all the ingredients for 7 minutes and cook at maximum power. Then cut it in half, add a little sugar and cook for the same amount of time. Finally, cook for 5 minutes at 30% power.

Multicooker recipe

In a slow cooker, the jam should be cooked in the "Stew" mode, for 1.5 hours. If it turns out to be very thin, it is recommended to open the lid for 20 minutes

In a bread maker

To prepare a healthy product, place the bowl with the ingredients in the device and set the Jam program. The cooking time is 1 hour.

Jam storage rules

Zucchini jam is allowed to be kept in the refrigerator, cellar or other cool place. In this case, the temperature should not exceed +5 degrees. The higher the temperature, the shorter the shelf life of the product. It should be borne in mind that banks should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

The more sugar in the composition, the longer the product is allowed to be stored. If the zucchini is mixed with sugar in equal proportions, it is permissible not to use the jam for 2-3 years.

Zucchini jam is a tasty and healthy product that is very popular with housewives.

To prepare it, in addition to the main ingredient, you can use other products - citrus fruits, berries, spices.

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