Characteristics and description of the Tretyakovsky tomato variety, its yield

Characteristics and description of the Tretyakovsky tomato variety, its yield

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For tomato lovers, there are a huge variety of varieties on the market with a wide variety of characteristics. They differ in size, color, ripening time and other parameters. Therefore, an admirer of this vegetable needs to know which species is suitable for their areas, regions. So let's take a look at one of the most popular varieties of tomatoes - the Tretyakov Tomato.


Of the incredible number of varieties, the Tretyakovsky f1 tomato is popular. It is a first generation hybrid that is characterized by vitality, growth and a large harvest. This type of tomato is more hardy than ordinary varieties, less susceptible to disease and pest attacks, but, unfortunately, does not produce full-fledged seeds. The entire second generation of F1 hybrids grows motley, variegated, and practically fruitless. There is simply no way to collect seeds from them, and there is no need for such offspring.

But the first generation of tomatoes will delight you with their color, taste and juiciness. The tomato of this variety was bred in 1999 and is intended for open ground and greenhouses.

The record harvest from one bush was 5.5 kg of fruits.


Tomato seeds are planted for seedlings in pots when about 65 days remain before planting in the ground. Each gardener must calculate this date himself, since it is different for different regions. We must not forget that before planting seeds in the ground, they must be treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate and the floating seeds must be planted in the ground. But some people prefer to germinate them first in order to get better seedlings. To do this, they are placed in a wet cloth. Both those and other gardeners are right. However, in the second option, it is immediately clear which seeds are live, and in the first option, the probability that you guessed right with live seeds is lower.

The first weeks (up to 3 weeks on average), the seedlings form a root system, so growth is very slow. During this period, you should not get carried away with watering, and feeding can be done only once.

As soon as the first leaf appears, the plant will grow. This is where you should pay special attention to temperature and sunlight. The alarm should be beaten, if the plant begins to grow strongly upward, then it is hot. In order for the seedlings to be strong, not pampered, they must be in a cool place, from a non-sunny side, since they do not require strong sun. However, it is necessary to monitor the length of daylight hours, it should not be less than 12 hours.

In this case, the Tretyakovsky tomato will increase the green mass, and not grow the stem. At this time, it is necessary to increase watering and do not forget to feed the plants. If you do not follow these recommendations, tomatoes will take root for a long time and hurt during transplantation.

When the plant reaches a growth of about 10 cm (on average), and there will be not one, but as many as 5 leaves on the stem, it is necessary to monitor its formation. For example, to make sure that it does not overgrow, has comfortable conditions, sufficient lighting, watering with organic matter and always a moderate temperature in the place of cultivation. Watering a little more often, but not more than twice a week. A few days before the high-rise, it is required to start hardening tomatoes, at least 10 days.

Landing in the ground

When the seedlings grow, they can be planted in open ground or in a greenhouse. The fact that the tomatoes are ready for planting is indicated by their appearance. So it is believed that the height of the trunk should be up to 25 cm, the thickness - up to 7 cm, and the number of leaves at least 7-9 pieces. Usually, gardeners plant tomatoes in greenhouses somewhere in May. In open ground, planting is carried out in early June, when the temperature reaches 15, and preferably 25 degrees. In this case, the seedlings will take root better.

With proper planting, beautiful well-groomed bushes of Tretyakovsky tomatoes will appear on the beds. Outwardly, it looks more like an ornamental plant, its beauty is said "as in the Tretyakov Gallery."

The peculiarity of this type of bush is that it has fast and often growing shoots. Therefore, it constantly needs pinching and tying up the plant mass.

It is best to form a crown with several stems, but do not let it grow upward. Since this tomato is a hybrid, its length can reach eight meters, which is not necessary, so you need to pinch the main stem. In this case, the bush will grow wider. Therefore, you need to leave only 2 shoots from the bush, remove the others. Otherwise, the shadow created by the foliage will bring problems to other, neighboring plants.

Brief description of the species

The characteristic and description of the variety of this tomato suggests that it has powerful sprouts, with good foliage running along the entire stem. This species forms inflorescences at intervals, usually 3 leaves. The ovary on a tomato usually forms a bunch of 7 to 9 fruits.

This variety of tomatoes is unpretentious and can grow in the shade, forms many ovaries, and does not depend on the vagaries of the weather. Those who have planted this variety know that it is resistant to fungal diseases. But during the growth period, it requires enhanced feeding containing phosphorus and potassium. Refers to medium early varieties. Ripe fruits should be expected 100, maximum 110 days after planting the seeds.

During the ripening of fruits, Colorado beetles can attack the bushes, but most often in southern countries. In the middle lane, however, there are more problems due to the whitewater, sawfly, and also the moth.

Tomato variety Tretyakovsky has a rich color, raspberry hue. The shape is small, round, and the weight can reach 140 g.

Tomatoes of this variety are distinguished by their meatiness and taste. They are well stored, for quite a long time, and they tolerate transportation firmly. Its beautiful appearance attracts housewives, therefore it is popular for canning. Has a wonderful aroma and unforgettable taste. Juices and tomato sauces of this type of tomato will not only be tasty, but also have a high content of vitamins and trace elements, for example, carotene, as well as antioxidants, such as lycopene, selenium and others.

Features of tomatoes according to gardeners' reviews

Those who have planted this variety know that it has both advantages and disadvantages.


  • has excellent immunity, like many hybrids;
  • high productivity;
  • he treats the vagaries of the weather well, drops and lack of moisture are not terrible for him;
  • the bushes are compact, take up little space in the personal plot;
  • used for winter preparations and fresh salads.


  • due to the great popularity, it is difficult to find seeds, many fakes come across;
  • beginners have some difficulties in growing this variety, since rich foliage, long stems and heavy fruits require the installation of props;
  • it is necessary to pay special attention to watering and fertilize the plant on time;
  • seeds cannot be harvested for next year.

Those who planted the Tretyakovsky tomato variety know firsthand about its taste and excellent characteristics, high yield and unpretentious care.


Very good variety, with a large yield

Advantages: The seeds are of excellent quality. Almost all sprouted during germination.

Disadvantages: The garter was difficult to handle. The bushes have grown greatly.

I tried this tomato variety only this year and was satisfied. I sprouted seeds and planted them in the ground. I followed the advice from the internet and got healthy and strong bushes. I planted it in the ground. Unfortunately, I didn’t tie a few bushes together. So I had problems with the garter. Next year I will definitely pay attention to this and I hope the trunks will help themselves.

The harvest is excellent. The wife could not get enough of it. And she salted and made juices.

Tomatoes are just a miracle

Pluses: I was pleased with the germination and strong bushes.

Disadvantages: no

A friend recommended these tomatoes to me. But she bought seedlings from the market, and I did not like the somewhat frail bushes. Therefore, I found seeds on the Internet and grew the seedlings myself. It turned out to be strong, beautiful, just like from the Tretyakov Gallery. I planted everything in the ground and ended up with gorgeous tomatoes. Smooth, some delightfully crimson color. My daughter said that a huge raspberry appeared in our garden. The fruit was sweet and juicy. Highly recommend. You should only pay attention to the height of the bush. I overdid it a little and they were taller than me. But nothing next year I will correct the mistake and I will pluck the top.

Not tomatoes, but a work of art.

Advantages: large harvest

Disadvantages: Unfortunately, not all seeds came out of the bag

I bought seeds on the Internet. I carried out, as always, treatment with a weak solution of potassium permanganate and planted those that surfaced in cups. Alas, a few glasses remained empty. Mom said that it is still better to germinate, because you can immediately see who will grow and who is empty. I will definitely do so next season. I grew seedlings from the remaining seeds and planted them in the ground. While the tomatoes were growing, I noticed that there were practically no problems with the leaves. They did not turn yellow or dry. The harvest is amazing. Beautiful, juicy tomatoes. After collection, they were kept in the refrigerator for a long time. And in the winter they made me happy in jars. I recommend this variety to everyone.

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