Description of the tomato variety Shaggy Kate, its characteristics and productivity

Description of the tomato variety Shaggy Kate, its characteristics and productivity

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Summer residents grow the crop for good, but some are fans of non-standard species. Tomato Furry Kate is one. The hue of its fruit, at the stage of maturity, reaches blue.

Variety criteria

To create a complete picture, the summer resident is looking for a description of the tomato. This helps to grow the culture correctly and avoid planning mistakes.


  • Determinant.
  • Height from 0.7 cm to 1 m.
  • 4-7 tomatoes in 1 brush.
  • Ripens within 115-125 days.

A peculiarity of the variety is that the fruits are pubescent, the leaves and the stem are also fluffy.


  • Rounded shape.
  • Weight up to 80 g.
  • The color is red. Gradually, the shoulders darken, staining almost the entire fruit.
  • The taste is sweetish.
  • Contains a large amount of anthocyanins.
  • Stores well and transfers transportation.

There is a second variety with this name. It is distinguished by yellow fruits, a bush height of 70 cm, and the fact that it does not require formation and garter. The characteristic of the yellow Shaggy Keith indicates that it is a late variety.

How to grow a crop correctly?

It is not enough just to put the seeds in the holes; painstaking work is required to take care of the plant. It is recommended to grow in seedlings. So the plant bears fruit earlier.

Planting material is sown 2 months before transfer to the ground. Each person calculates the term individually. Since the climate in each region is different.

It is necessary to look after the seedlings, because the future harvest depends on it:

  1. Light is needed for seedlings 14 hours a day.
  2. The humidity and temperature of the air must also be optimal for the growth of the seedlings.
  3. Water as needed, without overdrying or overmoistening the soil.
  4. Top dressing with growth stimulants and complex fertilizers.

4 plants are placed in the ground per 1m2... A garter is required to the supports and the formation of 3 stems. Further care consists in timely watering, it is advisable to organize a drip.

Loosening and hilling will provide oxygen access to the roots. Mulching will help retain moisture and prevent weeds and pests.

Application and yield

The use of tomatoes is wide. The fruits are used for any purpose, canning, pickling, drying, making salads fresh and in winter, and much more. Housewives decorate the festive table with the fruits of the Shaggy Keith.

The yield is high, following the manufacturer's recommendations for plant formation, excellent results are achieved.

Plant immunity

The best protection is the right prevention. Plants treated on time will give a good harvest. Before the appearance of flowers, they are treated with chemicals, after which they use folk remedies. The shaggy kate requires preventive treatment for diseases.

Why is the view attractive?

The fluffy bush on the site attracts a lot of attention, and its unusual fruits are the subject of controversy. Summer residents, wanting to decorate the garden and the table, grow such varieties to amaze friends and loved ones.

In addition, the plant is useful, very productive and has the ability to preserve the presentation of the fruit after long transportation and storage. The versatility of the use of fruits is also not ignored.

The opinion of summer residents regarding the Shaggy Keith

After reading the detailed characteristics, the gardener is looking for reviews from those who have already grown the variety on their site. They contain comments, personal opinions, tips and tricks.

Asel: “I liked everything, taste, yield and exotic appearance. Looks like a peach. "

Vladimir: “I have been growing since 2015, very fluffy. There are two varieties - yellow and red. I like both, the second is tastier. I will grow in the future. "

Elena: “The yield is average, the bush is small. But it's worth growing for the looks. "

The exoticism on the site attracts the attention of others. And if it is also useful, then its value increases significantly.

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