Potato "Asterix": a universal variety of Dutch selection

Potato "Asterix": a universal variety of Dutch selection

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Asterix potatoes are a relatively new sort of tableware. The average late ripening period of this variety makes it possible to obtain a high yield of marketable tubers in 110-120 days.

“Asterix” stands out against other elite Dutch potato varieties, not only with excellent taste, but also with very long shelf life of the harvested crop. From potatoes of this variety very tasty french fries and chips are obtained.

Grade description

Asterix potato originator is HZPC Holland B.V. The bushes of the plant are formed erect and quite high. Leaves are medium to large in size, intermediate to open. Corolla has a reddish-purple color.

The tubers are elongated-oval, with a smooth skin, red color and have small eyes. The average weight of one potato tuber varies from 70 to 115 grams. The pulp is yellow in color, with a starch content of up to 17%. The marketability of the harvest reaches 71-91%.

Advantages and disadvantages

The medium-late table variety Asterix has the following advantages:

  • excellent taste of potatoes;
  • high commercial quality of potato tubers;
  • increased resistance to defeat by a golden nematode, cancer and fusarium;
  • increased resistance to drought;
  • in small areas correctly planted elite tubers produce about 2-2.5 kg of crop from each bush;
  • the variety compares favorably with remarkable keeping quality;
  • lack of tendency to form dark spots as a result of shock or mechanical damage.

This variety is described as one of the best for frying and cooking. Potatoes do not change color during cooking and do not boil. The total yield, depending on agricultural technology and climatic features, can vary from 22 to 28 t / ha. The originator characterizes the variety description by characterizing the Asterix potato as medium-susceptible to late blight tops, stably yielding and suitable for processing on crisp.

The best varieties of potatoes

Dates and features of landing

Potatoes of this variety are recommended to be planted in areas after cultivation of perennial herbs, as well as various winter and leguminous crops or flax. Sowing is recommended to be carried out in the last decade of April and up to the last days of May.

The standard planting plan is 0.7 x 0.35 m. The depth of the tuber should not be less than 7 cm and more than 10 cm. It is quite easy to grow the Asterix potato variety, as this Dutch selection does not need special care.

  1. This variety is very responsive to fertilizer application, especially manure, which, along with other organic fertilizers on various types of soil, increases productivity by about 40-100%.
  2. A necessary measure for the care of potatoes is feeding, which is usually carried out three times during the season. It is worth remembering that the Asterix potato does not respond well to a saturation of the soil with nitrogen.
  3. The first harrowing should be done five days after planting the seed, and then twice more such an event is carried out before emergence and twice after that, which helps to fight weeds and improves soil aeration.
  4. For proper development, it is enough to perform three waterings: after emergence, during budding and after flowering. This potato variety responds well to additional irrigation.
  5. Throughout the growing season, caring for potato plantings involves constantly maintaining the soil in the site in the most loose state and removing weeds.

Experienced gardeners know that if you carry out the correct and timely hilling of potatoes, then you can improve productivity by increasing it by almost 30%. Before loosening the row-spacing and the main hilling of potato plantings, it is advisable to feed the plants.

Granulated superphosphate is used to feed Asterix potatoes, thanks to which a powerful root system develops and tuber formation is accelerated. A glass of semi-liquid mullein and a couple of tablespoons of superphosphate granules should be added to a bucket of water.

If there is a threat of late spring frosts, then the seedlings are covered with soil and the so-called "head-up" hilling of potato seedlings is carried out. The main hilling should be done after the seedlings have reached a height of about 15-20 cm. After a couple of weeks, a second hilling takes place. During the procedure, it is very important not to damage the root system of the plant.

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Reviews of gardeners

Elite seed potatoes have long ceased to be a luxury. The acquisition of such planting material should be regarded as a necessity, which is due to the tendency of the culture to degenerate and accumulate a wide variety of diseases. Potato varieties "Asterix" refers to the Dutch selection popular among Russian gardeners. The variety is recommended for cultivation in the Middle Volga and Far Eastern regions, where it earned a lot of positive reviews.

The peculiarity of this variety is the presence of excellent taste. This mid-late variety is very much in demand for the production of chips. "Asterix" receives mostly good reviews and is rated as a very promising cultivar for cultivation in household plots.

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